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I was a few minutes late getting out the door this morning. I looked at the time on the puter and realized this and jumped up quickly.... bus pass, check. purse...check. Keys... check. I stepped through the door and realized.... no shoes! LOL! Naturally, I went back in and put my shoes on.

It occurred to me later that i have had recurring dreams where I am not wearing my shoes while out and about, i could be on the bus or shopping or walking along the street and i am in sock feet wondering if anyone has noticed. I nearly had that dream come true this morning!

I dreamed about finding a dime the other day.

I used to have dreams that featured my teeth becoming loose or falling out. I don't have them anymore, since I could afford to go to the dentist regularly and had all the work done and kept up to date. I used to have dreams that featured nuclear war. They stopped when the Berlin Wall came down. Aren't dreams funny things?

Weekend was fine. Caught up on house stuff on Saturday, went to my sister's for a birthday bbq for my niece on Sunday. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend, Monday is Canada Day. There will be events going on all weekend, i must go see what's happening on the waterfront. The weekend after that,  Mom and I are visiting a cousin in the Valley and it's my sister's birthday on the Sunday. I've volunteered to make I've booked off the first Friday in August to make that another long weekend as we have a civic holiday on the Monday. Think I'll rent a car and go visit my friend in Moncton, NB for an overnighter.  on another weekend, the Rush concert is yet another weekend in July. I love summer!


Aug. 22nd, 2008 02:15 pm
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The 78th Highlanders were given Freedom of the City at noon today. I wish i'd have known about it yesterday because i could have brought my digicam. All i had was the phone cam so the pics aren't all that great even with some processing and tweaking. For your perusal.


Aug. 22nd, 2008 11:00 am
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I've had my eye on the latest version of Paintshop Pro, thinking i might order it from eBay because it's 100$ in the shops and on Amazon. Lo and behold, in today's Best Buy (electronics store) flyer, it's on sale for $59.99 so i ordered it online and can pick it up in store over the weekend. Yay! I just hope it works on my computer. I've got all the required specs but when i tried to install v. 9 on my home computer, it kept crashing on me but it wasn't a strictly legal copy. Still, that copy works fine on my work puter. Anyway, i'll see how it goes. I've been looking at it online and it looks very nice. Paintshop is very good and has more than anything i'd need so why spend huge amounts of money on Adobe Photoshop?

Going to be nice weather this weekend. Finally!

The 78th Highlanders from the Halifax Citadel are being given Freedom of the City at the Parade Square at noon. Think i'll go over and watch. Too bad i didn't bring my camera. I have my phone and it'll have to do but it's not the best resolution. For something like this i would have liked to have had my proper camera. Ah well. It'll be nice to see anyway.
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My friend Denise and i have been going to see the local Shakespeare by the Sea company perform in Point Pleasant Park for years. We don't get there every year but we've gone to quite a few. They perform in a little clearing that's sheltered so it isn't too breezy but since it is quite near the mouth of the harbour, it can get a bit chilly at night once the sun goes down but it can also be blazing hot in the afternoon performances. This summer they're doing a version of Cinderella as their family show (yes, i know that's not Shakey), and Midsummer Night's Dream which we've seen several times before. They've done that before a few times as well. I guess it must be quite popular. I like it but it's not on my top list. As a percentage, I probably haven't seen all that many Shakespeare plays done live either in the park or on stage, maybe about a dozen, and have seen quite a few various versions on screen.

Anyway, the third play they are doing this summer is Othello. I know the story more or less but I'd never seen it all before. The company bagged two very excellent actors for the lead characters of Othello and Iago, just superb, especially Jeremy Webb as Iago. He had very impressive skills, body language and seemed very comfortable with the dialogue. Troy Adams played the Moor and again, did a very good job. Just excellent but Iago was the star for me. The rest of the lead players weren't too bad either but paled in comparison because the other two were so good. The play is put on in front of the ruins of Cambridge battery, an old remnant of a fort that used to be there guarding the harbour. the camp chairs are lined up on either side of a center "stage" and actors sometimes use the walls as towers and upper floors of houses. There are minimal sets, just some boxes and benches that get moved around. I notice the company has a good set of lights for after sundown. I haven't gone in the evening for quite awhile so that was new as were the two porta-potties. There probably could have been some better fight scenes, which seemed a bit rushed whenever they were on but that was really my only complaint. They use modern dress for the most part. Old Canadian military combat uniforms for the soldier scenes, the women in floaty skirts and lacy tops.

When i first started going, they were suggesting a 5 dollar donation. It's now a 15 dollar donation and if you donate more than 20, you'll get a tax receipt becasue they're a non profit organization. They held a raffle last year and it raised a good amount for them so they're doing it again this year, a trip for two to London with tickets to the Globe theatre, air fare, two nights in a hotel and $500 spending. It's well worth the entry fee though. These are all professionals. It's not an amateur hour or school play. It's a bit dark coming out of the park, though. No lights on the path and it's uphill-ish most of the way back to the parking lot but there was a full moon so it wasn't too bad and lots of people walking along. A few smart people brought flashlights.

With the performance, and a nice pub meal before hand, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. One of the two nice days this week. Back to the rain tomorrow.

Friday Five

Aug. 8th, 2008 11:05 am
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There hasn't been a [ profile] fridayfiver Friday Five post all summer so i went back to their archives to grab one. Just because.

1. Describe the condition of your keyboard:
This one at work is grubby and the keys feel ... not sticky but they don't type smoothly nor quietly and it's annoying me. I did have a new one but it had keys where i wasn't expecting them and it threw me right off my game. I think someone's ordered me a new one and i think it might be cordless but we'll see. I also like the programmable buttons which that other new one didn't have.

2. Can you sing, or are you always out of key?
I'm somewhat on key. I have a pretty limited range and not a very strong singing voice.

3. What keys do you carry with you?
keys to the building, mailbox and apartment on one keychain, same plus my mom's house and car keys on the spare. I think there might be a desk drawer key as well.

4. What is the key to personal happiness?
You've got to be happy with who you are.

5. What gets you keyed up?
Being late or the possibility of it always makes me anxious.

The Busker festival is on now. I wasn't going to go but my favourite Busker band, Oka, is going to be there so i might nip down to the waterfront after work and see if i can catch them and maybe take a few photos as well while i'm there. I don't mind the Buskers but what i really hate is the begging spiel after the performance. Yes, i know they are only getting paid by contribution and it's fine to remind people of that. But they've started nagging, harassing and suggesting how much you could be donating in recent years and that really REALLY puts me off.

I also thought that i'd take photos because Flickr has an August 8/08 event and you can post photos taken today to the Flickr888 group.
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Whereas i would have stayed home today doing laundry and changing the sheets on the bed, which i probably still will do, instead, Mom and i went down to her sister's and then went to a few shops on the way back for groceries. The first place was called "M&M's meat shop" and is a freezer type place where all the foods are frozen. You can get individually wrapped pieces of stuffed chicken, you can get pasta bowls with various toppings and sauces, you can get full size meals like lasagnas or just individual portions. Pasta, soups, various types of fish and meat with and without sauces, ready made meat and veg on skewers for the barbie, that sort of thing. Also large bags of frozen veg, fruit, chips, and you can get bags of frozen mashed potatoes and another one of pre-chopped onion. Lots of interesting things to try. I got a couple of the pasta bowls that you microwave, a packet of four frozen Quesidillas, all of that for taking for lunches at work. Got some frozen fruit for smoothies, and a couple of the stuffed chicken pieces and some oven chips.

Next stop, Dave's fruit and veg market. Wow what a great place! With the prices of that stuff in the big grocery store, i really didn't expect it to be that much cheaper but i got a large grocery bag stuffed full and it was only about 22 dollars. Big cauliflower, some broccoli, bananas, plums, yellow beans, mushrooms and a bag of Australian green apple licorice!!

Off to the regular grocery store and i still spent a packet! I keep seeing things that cost 3 or 4 or 5 dollars like a block of cheese or two, some meat. I needed a water filter for my jug, that was 6.99. I needed orange juice and at least they had it on 2 for 6.00 and it was the Tropicana brand so that's good too. Big tub of ice cream was 6 dollars and so on. I haven't had any ice cream all summer, just frozen yogurt so i was due a treat.

Yesterday was the Annual General Meeting for our Ping committee. We're registered as a Non Profit Society so we have to have one every year. We got a couple of new directors to fill vacant positions. It also looks like our Celeb event, should we get to put it on again next year, will be at the end of March. We piggy back on a Toronto exhibition that features the star and this year in Toronto the event was, as always, the weekend after ours and on the Saturday, their biggest day for it, they had a huge snow storm and the promoter didn't make very much at all. I think that's why he's shifting the date back a month, to avoid that problem. Still can get snow at the end of March/early April but not as likely. We don't know yet who the guest will be. Last year we didn't find out until Mid November.

Was busy last week at work, I expect the first few days this week will be too. Next weekend is a holiday weekend. Hope the weather's nice.
I decided not to write the certification exams for that course i took.
That is all.
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What a capital day I've had today. I left the house at 11:30 this morning and didn't get back until the 5:30 bus. Today was the annual Halifax Highland Games and this year, instead of the Wanderer's Grounds in Halifax, they were held in Dartmouth on the Common behind Bicentennial school, overlooking the harbour. The day was hot but with a breeze. No humidity and the clouds in the sky were puffy and streaky and totally awesome.

There was an "avenue" of tents set up to feature the various clans. They had some booths for promotions, for selling jewelry, accessories, tshirts, hats, gifts and things like accessories you would use for dance and piping. There were a few food booths and a beer tent of course. The heavy events were on one end where a ball field is. The other side was where the pipe and drum bands would compete. At the end was a stage for the opening ceremonies and for the highland dancing competitions. They did have some plastic chairs around and people brought their own too of course. The skirl of the pipes punctuated the whole day. Just before the opening ceremonies, the 78th Highlander Drill Team from the Citadel did a demonstration. Then the massed bands approached the stage. Fantastic! Ok, if you don't like bagpipes, this wouldn't have been the day for you but i love em! From there, and after listening to a few short speeches, i had a wander round the booths and grounds. One of the booths produced a mate of mine, Celeste, and later another mate, her best friend Audrey. They belong to one of the clans and travel around the Maritimes for the games all summer. (Next weekend is the Canadian Championships at Antigonish, NS) They're two of my Corrie group friends. If i hadn't had a place to go and sit in the shade now and then and some great company to chat too, I probably wouldn't have stayed as long as i did. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my arms though i remembered my face but Audrey had some SPF60 so thanks, luv, you saved my arms and face! I'm a bit burned but that was probably from the hour and a half before i put anything on them.

I wandered back and forth, watching the heavy events, with men that had arms like tree trunks tossing stones on chains, stones on long stickes ("hammers") and tossing the 19 foot logs "cabers". That's the "glamour" event. By the end of the day those guys must have been exhausted doing all that all day in the sun. In case you're wondering, they wear bicycle shorts under their kilts lol Some of them had some pretty impressive ink on their arms and bodies too. :))) I Love tattoos, especially on arms like tree trunks! (as long as they aren't completely covered, then it's a bit excessive, I find) Some of the competitors were pretty big as you would expect, but some of them were not really. A couple were wiry fellows but they were pretty strong and showed themselves up very well. Some of the things they do are flinging stones that are attached to a handle on a short chain. There's two different weights for those. There is a heavy stone that they have to carry a distance i think though i didn't see that today. There is a stone on the end of a 4 foot piece of wood, though it's silicone now because the wood can snap. That gets thrown around their head and flung. Two weights there, and the lighter can be thrown up to 100 feet or more. Another 56 pound stone on a handle has to be thrown up over their heads and over a bar. It started at 12 feet high and ended at 16 feet. They raised it another 3 inches but that 3 inches flummoxed the three guys that were left in that competition.

Then of course, the glamour event, the caber toss. They have to lift and balance a 19 - 20 foot pole against their shoulder, then they run with it and have to toss it up and over. It's supposed to land on it's end and flip over and ideally land perfectly straight from the thrower (tosser?) at "12 o'clock". That's a perfect throw. They will call out the "clock" if it flips over but if it doesn't, it's gauged in degrees of angle (i.e. 75 degrees). the men have three tries at each event and are marked on the distance/height etc. I didn't stay to the very end, as i'd had enough sun for the day. I walked over to the grocery store to get a cooked chicken and some (uncooked) eggs :) and came home on the bus. I've sorted my photos and am uploading some video clips to Flickr. Some photos to Facebook and probably one or two of the vids.

A few highlights behind the cut
Tossers )
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I decided to walk through one of the old cemeteries in the centre of the city, Camp Hill cemetery. It's not the oldest one, but it has graves and memorials going back to the early 19th century. Many of the headstones are worn and mossed up and you can't read them. Some are crooked, some have been vandalized and knocked over and broken, sadly. There are some famous Haligonians buried there including Alexander Keith who founded a local brewery that makes what is probably the most popular beer here, Keith's India Pale Ale. I saw another large memorial to a man that was a politician though i'd not heard of him. There were family plots lined with stone and there were headstones that looked like they had sunken into the ground, only the tops of them seen but perhaps they were just small headstones for children and infants. There are lots of shady trees in the cemetery as well and some very large and old ones as well, which gnarled trunks or wide stretched branches shading large areas.

From there, i walked across the road to the Public Gardens, which is always a treat on a sunny day. The flowers were blazing with colour. I never get tired of taking a few photos in the Gardens.
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It's gorgeous out there! I intended to go over to Halifax to look for some good walking shoes that my orthotics would fit in properly and called Mom to see if she'd like to go too. Of course she would! We started out at Winsby's and i found a pair of Rockports that the orthotics fit in nicely. They are casual enough that i can wear them in the gym but also to work and will look a bit more dressy than trainers (sneakers) and they're black with white stitching and sole. Looks nice, no?
We then went to lunch at Gatsby's. Mom had a lovely homemade soup and i had brunch, Eggs benny and they decorated the plate with the fruit quite nicely, too!

After that was a mandatory stroll through the Public Gardens. We'd sit on park benches in the shade when the sun got too warm and we'd watch the ducks and people. The Gardens are one of my favourite places in Halifax. I saw two things today there that i'd not seen before. Passing by the large pond, i saw what i thought at first might have been a dead duck floating in the water but i realized it was a turtle! Then later, we passed a tree with low hanging branches and under it was this huge big old grey goose!!! We also saw a pure white duck, something else i hadn't seen but wasn't sure if it was a duck or a goose. Probably a duck but a little boy was reaching out to it and we told him not to get his hand too close, in case it was a goose. He said to his dad "but a goose doesn't have teeth!" (no but they can snap that little finger off with that deadly beak!)
The Old Grey Goose

On the way back to the car, another obligatory stop at the Daily Grind news stand to browse the magazines. I was going to go to the gym but my orthotics have give me a blister in one arch. Am only supposed to wear them a few hours a day which is all i did today but I'm not entirely sure they fit in my shoes properly and what with all the walking, i guess that's the problem. Anyway even the exercise bike would have bothered it so i'm leaving it for today. We'll see how it is tomorrow, i can always put my other old ones in if a bandaid over the blister will do the trick. All the photos from the Gardens and a few assorted others, including a cartoon on the wall of the booth in the cafe and a window display in a framing store (that also carries prints and ornaments) with a Parisian and music theme)
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The day started out overcast and foggy but it cleared off so Tracey and I headed over to Woodside. We went down behind a community centre for a clear and unobstructed view of the harbour. Excellent spot! As the afternoon went on, the weather got nicer but it was still a hazy day. As a result i had to do some processing on the photos to take the haze out but they're not bad. They just could be a bit better if i hadn't had to do that. Oh well, it's not like i'm entering any competitions where they're going to look for technical perfection! I've put my favourites on Flickr, the set has the on shore photos first and then the Parade of Sail, in total there are 56 photos. I think i got most of the ships named correctly. For those of you that are gluttons for punishment, I put larger collections here, under the two Tall Ships links. I won't be insulted if you skip it. :) This is my favourite, the Pride of Baltimore.
Pride Of Baltimore
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Tarangini rigging
Just a taste of the Tall Ships festival. I spent all afternoon on the waterfront, though did waste almost an hour between waiting for a shuttle and being transported the longggggg way around on the FRED (Free Rides Everywhere Downtown) bus, which does a little tourist route instead of the shuttle which would have gone straight to the far end of the "strip". Except i waited forever for it and FRED came first. Anyway, I got a view of pretty much all the ships and boats although three of them had the dock blocked off and you could only get closer for photos if you had bought a day pass. That sucked. I got photos but not ones i might have. I didn't see the point of spending 18 dollars for a day pass to go on all the ships. Could have got it half price if i'd bought it a couple of months ago but who knew what the weather was going to be like? As it happened, we lucked out on another brilliant day. Hot but with a bit of a breeze.

I'm not going to link to the pics i have uploaded just yet, i want to sort them and label them and there will be more from the Parade of Sail on Monday anyway.

The waterfront was busy, busy, busy! Throngs of people but the crowds were moving fairly well. A few bottleneck spots that i mostly avoided by going around parking lots or buildings. There were lots of tents and stalls with food and merchandise for sale. Some of the ships were selling stuff too. There were two big play areas set up for kids, one in Halifax and one on the Dartmouth side where there were two or three schooner sized vessels. There were a couple of music venues, where you could get alcohol too. Volunteers in bright blue tshirts and police in heavy kevlar vests patrolled the crowds, each amenable to answering questions and giving directions. Parents were keeping a close eye or hand on their kids and everyone had cameras, of course! There were a few figureheads painted up that would be sold for charity. A large set up for a firefighter's competition. I would have stayed around to watch but i didn't know when it was and i was getting footsore and hot and sticky by then. Still, had a chance to gawp at the firemen wandering around in sleeveless tshirts and shorts. :D

I think my favourite ship this year was the Pride of Baltimore. She's been here before but i had a better look at her this time and my she's yar! (as Katherine Hepburn says in The Philadephia Story) There were crew members up in the rigging to that everyone was stopping to watch. The photo here is from the Tarangini, which is a ship from India. This year's theme was Pirates and I came across two of my friends all dressed up in pirate/wench clothes and saw two women done up like green glitzy mermaid! Very cool! Lots of the boats and ships had various types of Pirate flags flying, vendors and crew and members of the general public even wore pirate outfits. Little kids had temporary tattoos, pirate hats and foam eyepatches.

I finally had enough. Man do you ever dehydrate walking about in the sun! (Yes i had sunscreen on!) I did have water and some diet coke but i could suck the bathtub dry tonight. I probably took about 100 photos between last night and today that i kept and I'm going to put most of them on Fotopic and a few of my favourites on Flickr and when they're all organized, i'll put up links to them both. I'd rather wait until Monday when i have the parade of sail photos done too and just link to them all at once.
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Met up with [ profile] wyndancyr after work yesterday and we strolled the waterfront, braving the crowds and taking photos of the Tall Ships docked. We didn't see all of them but quite a few and decided the Dutch Urania was our favourite because it had the cutest sailors (so far). Today i'm going to go back again and see the rest of them from the far end of the waterfront and back to the main section. Two of the big ships had "entrance" gates to the area so we couldn't get closer to them. I think that was because they were getting ready to film a suppertime news show, Live at Five. Hopefully the dock will be open today and i can get closer. It's the Picton Castle and Prince William ships and both are large Class A ships. The official photos of the ships are on the website. We wandered and finally had a meal in Tug's Pub where i heard all about their recent trip to London. Loads of adventures! The service was a bit slow but they were quite busy as was pretty much every eatery within earshot of the harbour and the story look just about that long to tell anyway :) We left about 8 and made our way back. Crowds were a lot heavier then and i expect it will be pretty bad today too but i'll stick it out as long as i can. I didn't get home until after 9 but it was a lovely evening. The weather is overcast right now but it seems to be showing signs of getting nicer. It's warm anyway, and that's a plus. There will be photos but i will collect them all together first and put them in some sort of order.
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I think my arthritis is turning into rust. This grey sky, fog and drizzle thing is really getting on my last nerve. We get one sunny day here and there, just enough to tease you. Then it goes away again for a few more. The Tall Ships arrive today. If it's like this on Monday you won't be able to see them even if they did sail out. Which they won't if the fog is as heavy as it has been part of today. Actually i can just see to the mast of a ship docked by the Marriott, it's got a bright flag flying. Couldn't even see that far this morning. Can't actually see the harbour though, that's fogged in. I'll bring my camera tomorrow on the off chance that it's cleared up a bit. Even if it isn't sunny, i'll probably go down after work for a first look-see. Saturday is *supposed* to be nice (ish) so that will be the main day for ship-viewing. Trouble is, lately, it changes by the hour. I have taken Monday off to see them sail so it bloody well better be viewable. Preferably sunny but i'll take what i can get.

I remembered what was on for July 21. That's the Pride parade. Haven't decided if i'll go again this year yet or not. Might do. It was nice last year. One great thing about having the rainbow as your emblem, the parades are very bright! I was going to say "colourful" but they are that anyway :) Our parade, well the one i saw last year, isn't as wild and wooly as the ones you see in Toronto or Montreal though i think in past years they have pushed the envelope. And then come under criticism because many people take their kids and are not best pleased to be seeing a lot of extra skin being flashed.


Jul. 7th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Not only are we lucky to be living by the ocean, but our cities have many lakes. Dartmouth has 22 of them and Lake Banook hosts world class canoeing racing regularly. Today was the 10th annual Dragon Boat festival on Lake Banook. These long narrow boats are painted with a sort of dragon skin pattern and have a dragon head on the front. One person sits and keeps the beat for the team of about 20 or so. The teams are mostly all sponsored by corporations and the proceeds go to charity, Amateur Sport Nova Scotia in this case. Dragon boat racing is a very old Chinese tradition. The day started out looking a bit dismal but it cleared up around noon so i made my way out. Caught a free shuttle bus from the ferry terminal and walked up to where the crowds where. The last time i went, they had displays on the shore and some entertainment but there didn't seem to be any of that this time unless i missed it. I knew my nephew, Justin, was going to participate in the morning and as luck would have it, they had proceeded to a semi final heat and i got there in time to see the race! They came in fourth so i don't think they were going to go again but they'd been hanging around and having a few drinks and some food and enjoying the day. I didn't stay too long, just spoke to him for a few minutes and continued on my way. I walked all along that side of the lake to a park called Graham's Grove (where we had our photos taken in March) and stopped there for an ice cream break. I then walked around the end of the lake on the path which is part of the Trans Canada Trail. That ultimately takes me out to near the Mall and i caught a bus to a grocery store, got a few things and came home. The weather held off as far as rain goes but the sun has come in and out all day.

Dragon Boat East, July 7, 2007

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First off....the photos from Bo and the Thunderbirds

Thought i would go down to the same venue and check out the displays and things but when i got there, there was hardly anyone there and i didn't think it was worth the entrance fee to look at a few bikes. There was music but the place was pretty quiet for crowds. I went into the little market but there weren't many stands left for fruit and veg so i bought a Lamb kebab roti which was hot and spicy and wonderful though a lot more expensive than the entrance fee to the blues festival grounds lol Still, i enjoyed it sitting on the Dartmouth waterfront.
Had a browse in the library and got a few things and headed to the grocery store for a few more and to pick up my dvd's from Amazon at the post office. (That would be the 1960's box set for Corrie episodes. Yes, i know, i'm obsessed.) I'm going to have a cuppa and some cookies and watch the history dvd i got at the library and then read some.
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Paraphrased from Jay Leno, Mel Gibson is probably the only person that's going to be in more trouble for talking while drunk than he is for driving while drunk.

Phyllis Diller is still alive, she's 89 and wants to be a national spokesperson for a disabled veteran's memorial. Go Phyllis!

Robin Williams, who has had his drinking under control for a number of years, has started drinking again but is apparently taking action and getting help before it gets out of hand. Mel Gibson's situation probably scared the crap out of him! There, but for the grace of..

Apparently the McCartney divorce is getting messy. You may or may not remember over last winter, the McC's came to Canada for a photo op on the ice floes of Newfoundland to bring attention to the seal hunt. We will ignore the fact that they wore nice bright orange outfits so as to show up nicely against the white snow and ice and the fact that the cute fuzzy white baby seals that they had their photos taken with are illegal to hunt anyway. We shall also refrain from any philosophical discussions on the issue. That night on Larry King, the McC's got into a slanging match with the premier of Newfoundland. Or rather, Mrs. did. She made a right tit of herself, showing her ignorance and being very rude and interrupty when the Premier pointed out various facts and figures that she didn't want to hear. Poor Paul just sat there and looked embarassed for the most part once she got on a roll. Was it any coincidence that it wasn't a month later that we all discovered they were separated and getting a divorce? I think not. Looks to me like he'd had his fill.

Bo Diddley is 77 and apparently not too impressed that many other artists over the years have taken some of his more famous guitar riffs and incorporated them into their stuff. (Think about "Magic Bus" by the Who, "I Want Candy", "Willie and the Hand Jive", and even U2's "Desire") and he has actually tried to go after them legally over the years but not had much luck.

It's supposed to rain a lot tomorrow. Hope it's done by tomorrow night but i think there's a bit marquee tent at the outdoor venue where Bo is playing so i suppose we shall all squeeze in there if need be. The stage is covered so unless it rains sideways, always a possibility, the performers will be dry. There's a motorcycle lifestyle show on Sat. and Sun. Looks like it will cost $6 to get onto the grounds in the daytime for things like that. Might be worth going to see the antique and custom bikes and stuff. Apparently there is a BBQ competition and a hot wing eating contest. I think it will be worth checking out! Expect photos if i go.
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What a stunning day out there! It's warm, sunny, with a lovely breeze and no humidity! So much of a breeze, in fact, that my very lightweight skirt threatened to blow up a little higher than was decent but if it did, i'd be ok. I have on Bike shorts under it! HA! I went to the Parade Square for a barbequed Polish Sausage, the first one this summer. Sat and read a book for a half hour in the sunshine and now i think i'm ready for a cuppa. I must get a few groceries after work, too.
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Had lunch with [ profile] sammantha as planned and with my nephew Justin, unplanned. He was in the food court on his lunch break at the same time we were :) He's been a busy lad this morning at the hotel and made a mittful of tips with it. He's going to be in the Pride parade this Saturday with a bunch of his friends if he can get the time off he requested and sis and i were planning to go watch. We may head over early so we can check out that Encampment thing i wrote about earlier. The parade will be going right along that same area of the city. Talk about contrasts, re-enactments of Victorian and Revolutionary military drills etc, alongside of a Gay Pride parade. :)

I no sooner got off the elevator on my floor when i realized I LEFT MY PURSE UNDER THE TABLE!!! Panic!!!! Back down to the food court and i was rushing. Someone told me they found my purse and took it to security, some woman i've never seen before but she must have seen me there earlier or figured as i was rushing to the food court, that was my purse they'd taken away. She said "they" not "I" so i guess it wasn't her that took it. Anyway, it was in the mall security office and i only had to tell them a couple of things that were inside it to claim it. You try remembering what's in your purse! My mind went blank for a second! oh ... um... (colour of) wallet, a book.... That was enough for them. Phew!

LJers [ profile] teaone and [ profile] hello_city are in the maternity hospital today waiting for [ profile] teaone to go forth and multiply. Sprog is just about ready to pop. THey've been making voice posts to LJ this morning! THAT'S dedication! As of an hour ago, she was 9cm dilated and i expect by now they're in the delivery room welcoming baby Marshall! Anxiously awaiting further news.
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The groundhog that forecast the season change every Feb 2, Wiarton Willie, age 8, has died. They just had a big memorial service for him and scattered his ashes in some bay somewhere. Does anyone else think this is a bit (if you'll pardon the expression) overkill?

Oprah announces she's not gay. Huh? Seems there have been a few rumours that she and her best friend Gail King are gay because they are so close. It's called "best friends", people. Get over yourselves.

A phrase you don't see too often "Christie Brinkly, 52 year old supermodel"... Does she still model? I'm sure i've seen her in some print ads but i wouldn't call her a supermodel anymore.

In Vancouver, three teenage boys were vandalizing cars so the cops were called. They scatter, the cops take up the chase on foot. One kid encounters a *moving* train at an intersection (granted, it won't have been moving very fast, coming through the city like that, more like creeping than moving). What does he do? Give himself up? Try to change direction? NoooOOooo.... he thinks he can time it just right and roll under the train. The funeral will be later this week. Stupid git. That's one for the Darwin Awards, i suspect.

In local events, the Halifax Citadel is having the 100th anniversary of the changeover from British to Canadian military control. All week there are going to be re-enactments at the base of the hill and a Changing of the Guard on Sunday to which you would have to get tickets. There is a "Grand Encampment" set up including a historic village and there will be demonstrations and drills ongoing at the Citadel and the Garrison Grounds all week. I must try to catch some of that. There are actually some real British sailors going to take part as well since the HMS Scott is in port. I think i shall bring my camera with me to work this week and check out the encampment after work one day.

Pride parade is this Saturday in Halifax as well. It starts at noon. The route is on the website followed by a concert on the Halifax Commons which isn't far from the Garrison Grounds if you fancy checking out the Encampment.

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Jul. 16th, 2006 04:53 pm
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I called up Mom and asked if she wanted to go to historic Scott Manor House out in Bedford. Her plans for today included housework so... no contest and off we went. I knew about the house but [ profile] blueberrymoon tweaked my memory of it a few weeks ago. It's only open in July and August daily in the afternoon. I went to the website to check directions and discovered they were having a demonstration of "Old English" dancing from the 1850's era. Perfect timing!

The house dates back to 1767 and was built just after Halifax was founded. There was Fort Sackville right next to it, built to defend the land approach to the city. the house was used as a residence right up until 1992. A lot of restoration has been done over the years of course but there are still some original bits. The oldest part is in the "attic" which has higher ceilings than the rest of the house. It has the original wide pine floorboards and handmade nails and sawmill cut wood. Apparently these were very expensive and would have cost more than the wood itself. There are hand hewn beams there and in the kitchen. The fireplace in the kitchen also has a little bread oven. There are a few antiques and artifacts from Fort Sackville as well as some old furniture and appliances, crockery and a lot of old photos from the Bedford area, from various eras.

The dancing was nice too, outside of the house which is actually the back of the house but is now the main approach. There's an addition on the back and the veranda is not original either. The chimneys are actually loose stone type and have remained upright even through the Halifax Explosion. The house was built by one of the original settlers of Halifax who came over in 1749 though the house was built a little later.

The tea room is nice and served oatcakes, tea and lemonade and berries on ice cream in season. Of course we had to have that!

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