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 First of all, Graham became a permanent resident of Canada one year ago today! Thank you Facebook for reminding me. He's been living in Canada since early April last year but the paperwork finally got approved in July and we drove to the US border to exit and return to get the papers stamped. Don't ask me why,  you just have to do that, cross a border into Canada. If he'd still been living in the UK, he could have done it at the airport when flying in. If already living here, driving 6 hours to the nearest US border, crossing and coming back is the next best thing. We made an overnight trip of it in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Pretty town. 

This was the Tall Ships weekend and though we didn't get as much covered as I thought we might, we did get to the waterfront twice to see the ships docked and got to see the Parade of Sail yesterday. Also went to a movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets on Saturday as well. It was pretty good but not great, for me, though G. loved it. We listened to a review on YouTube and the reviewer talked about there being no chemistry between the lead couple and I have to agree there. I also thought the lead male looked about 14 and didn't strike me as a great fit for the "General" or Commander (I forget his actual title) part. Lots of very good special effects, which we saw in 3D. 
The next movie we will probably try to see is Dunkirk. It wasn't initially on my list but the trailer does look good. I did have a moment when I saw it because I thought how much my dad would have loved it. He loved war movies. He was always interested in reading "real life" stories from WWII and worked with a man that was a POW in a German camp during the war. "Tough as a boiled owl" he'd say, when describing the man. Dunkirk is about the evacuation of several hundred thousand soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk while they were under attack. Even fishermen from local villages along the Channel helped to get the men out. 

Anyway. Tall Ships. Yes. So after the movie we walked down to the waterfront and had a bit of a wander though didn't see that many. We had started at the wrong end! It was warm and humid and overcast and sticky, though so walking was not fun. Met up with my sister and her hubby and we decided to meet up later at a pub on the other side of the harbour. The wait was far too long for a ferry so we took the shuttle bus, a special shuttle the Transit people put on to go from ferry terminal to ferry terminal, express. Perfect. the pub is across the street from the ferry terminal and we managed to get a table for four. Half the tables in there were sporting Reserved signs though I noticed they weren't occupied until nearly an hour after the time on the table sign said.Captain Jack Sparrow put in an appearance, too, likely from the Dartmouth Waterfront pirate shenanigans put on for kids. We waited over an hour for our food, though, which was frustrating. I've been there before and they weren't that bad even though I'd been in when it was busy before. 

Sunday we didn't do anything but Monday we headed back to the Halifax Waterfront and saw the rest of the ships. It was hot and sunny and not always easy to keep going. Lots of crowds. It was a bit disappointing because there weren't as many of the really huge class A ships this year, just a couple. In other years we have seen 4 or 5 or 6 and they are immensely impressive under full sails. 

Yesterday was the Parade of Sail. We'd picked our location and managed to find a shady spot and even had a place to sit, a lucky break though we had to give up our shade after awhile so someone could put their mother's wheelchair in the shade. I didn't mind sitting in the sun and there was a bit of a breeze. G. did get a bit of a sunburn but I had put on the sunscreen so I've escaped the red skin. 

And so the Tall Ships have come and gone for another few years. Last time was 2012. G. enjoyed it. He's never been here in the summer when they've been. 

If you're still with me, My photos are here, which are in a larger album with pics from prior year's Tall Ships
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Really looking forward to Cheap Trick tonight. Only drawback is that it's standing room only so there won't be seats at all, I don't think. Ah never mind. It's going to be a blast! I did get earplugs. Mellencamp wasn't overly loud but this gig is in a room, albeit a large room but not a stadium large or small. I kind of think the sound will be louder and they're not a quiet band :) It's not a case of "if it's too loud, you're too old", it's a case of protecting my hearing. I'll judge and see if the plugs are needed. It just takes the edge off. I guess that's how you know you *are* getting old, though, thinking about things like that. Graham fully admits if he took better care back in the days when he was on stage in a metal band, he wouldn't be wearing a hearing aid now but you don't think of those things when you're in your 20s and anyway, it wasn't very "Rawk" to be wearing earplugs while performing. ;) I bet people wouldn't think twice about it now but then earplugs are small and nearly invisible if you get the clear silicone ones that i've seen.

Weather has been really nice this week. Warm, a little breeze, low humidity. And naturally i'm spending my days in the office in the AC. I really should go out into the park at lunch to get a bit of sun and vitamin D. I just get into such a routine. I may do that today, maybe even treat myself to chips from the chip truck. The Grand Parade in front of City Hall is a nice place to sit. There are lots of benches and there's a wall along one side. You can also sit around the war memorial and, i think, there's a little platform around the flagpole. At least there always used to be. There's always the grass but i don't get on the ground because it's hard to get up these days. I like sitting on the wall, personally. There's a historic old church at the other end of it, St. Paul's. Been here since the city was founded in 1749. It's quite nice inside, always open during the day for tourists to go have a look and they have a guide sometimes if you get there at the right times. Here's a couple of photos, one looking down the Parade square to the church and one inside the church.

Grand Parade St. Paul's, 1749

Tall Ships is next weekend and i have Friday off so i think i'll do my tour of the waterfront then. It'll be busy but even worse on the weekend. I will miss the parade of sail this year as i have some minor day surgery on Monday, the day of the sailing. I never get tired of watching them sail but as i will miss it, this year i shall pray for rain ;)) I did buy a $5.00 pass to go on board the docked ships this time. I thought it might make some opportunities for photos. I may also go up to the Citadel because they're doing a free shuttle up there from the waterfront and the theme of the festival is the War of 1812 and there will be various military costumed things going on related to that. If i even get myself out of bed early enough i may go over early-ish in the morning before the worst of the crowds but not the crack of dawn like my cousin plans to do.

There are sailing cruises as well on one of the sailboats. That's something that's nice to do as well if the weather is good. We did that through work last time but it turned out to be so foggy you could hardly see shore. It's neat to see the ships from the water side but better if you can actually see them though the photos *were* interesting...see?
Yes it was pretty foggy that day
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Texting to 911 in an emergency?? Ok, the argument that someone with speech or hearing problems may make use of it sort of makes sense but how many people with those conditions would have a mobile phone? Some i suppose. But if you need to call 911, and you've got a mobile phone, why would you text? It would take a heck of a lot longer. Apparently it's being tested in a few areas but I'm not so sure it's really workable.

Movies coming up that i think i'd like to see: Brave,   Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, (Batman) Dark Knight Rises (maybe)

Movies to avoid like the plague: Rock of Ages, also seen referred to as Mock of Ages. Tom frigging Cruise in a horribly miscast roll, smugging and smirking his way through it. And that's just a short few seconds on the trailer.
Also i've seen the new Spiderman trailer. Not my thing.

I wasn't sure about the Hobbit,  coming out at Christmas, but reading the synopsis, maybe I might like it. Any other movies to recommend or avoid?

The Tall Ships are here this summer over a weekend in July. I have an EDO on the Friday which is good and will check them out and maybe on Saturday too though Friday through the day may possibly be less crowded. The festival incorporates the commemoration of the War of 1812 so there will be military demos from the Citadel on the waterfront as well and I think the Citadel has some special exhibits for that too. I really love the ships though I think i'll be missing the Parade of Sail this time because i have day surgery scheduled that day. Bummer. (nothing too serious, don't worry). I'll still get a chance to take pictures of them docked and I might buy a pass to go on board the ships as well this time. I don't think there's as many as there was last time but still close to two dozen. Sadly, the Bluenose II won't be there because she's in the middle of a refit. I say "refit" but it sounds like she's pretty much being rebuilt, so much is being replaced.
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It was a clear, hot sunny day. Hardly a cloud in the sky. I bet the temps got up near 30, i didn't check to see. There was a bit of a breeze and no humidity so it was bearable down by the water. Tracey and I went to the Dartmouth waterfront by the library. See, last couple of times, the ships came almost all that way down so we figured we'd have a great view. The parade map said they would as well. Therefore, it didn't bode well when the first ship, the Bluenose, came down one side (the side were we went last time!) and then crossed over and turned around about half way down the harbour, quite a way from where we were. You still had an excellent view, mind you, but if you didn't have a really good zoom lens on your camera, you weren't going to get close up pictures and we could hear a lot of complaining. I didn't mind so much because i do have a decent zoom and besides, we went out on the pier and i was lucky enough to have a park bench to sit on! I was comfy and i enjoyed the afternoon immensely. My Flickr set for all the Tall ships is here and the Parade of sail pics starts about half way down, just past a few videos. I have to add a few videos to that set as well from today. Anyone that's on Facebook, there will be an album there as well, with about half the number of Parade of Sail pics. It's usually the other way around!
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It's a historic day, the 40th anniversary of the first foot on the moon. One small step and all that. I don't remember clearly but i do remember Mom and Dad getting us up out of bed to watch on tv. I don't remember what i thought or felt but i'm glad i can say that i did see it as it happened. It would have been pretty cool to have a moon base built but other things have got in the way over the years. Still a space program, with shuttles and a space station so that's something. They've sent a probe to Mars too. I guess it won't be in my lifetime that people from our planet live on another one but maybe someday.

The Tall Ships parade of sail is today. My mate Tracey and i are going to stake out a spot on the waterfront later for the noon start. It's sunny!!!!! It actually was yesterday and i could have gone down to the waterfront yet again last evening with my nephew and mom but i wanted to rest my feet for today.  Sunscreen ... check. Lunch packed... check. Frozen juice in the pack  so it gets a chance to thaw a bit....check. All batteries recharged... check.
Gotta find a hat. Got a blouse to cover my shoulders if it gets too hot and burny.

Ahoy Matey

Jul. 18th, 2009 05:16 pm
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Cruise was on even though it was so foggy you could barely see the shore! I did take some pics and did a bit of processing on them so you can actually make out what's there and near the end of the cruise we were closer to shore so you can see a bit better.

I got over there a bit early and walked around a little, took a couple of photos but then... disaster! My batteries died. Now, on the way over, the batteries that were in the camera died but i had what i thought were fresh ones so i was ok. Only they weren't fresh or had lost their charge at some point. I went into the big gift shop on the waterfront. They had batteries but there were two customers in front of me. One was waffling between two wall hangings and haggling because both of them had tiny little nicks on the frame and the staff was saying they don't do discounts for that because they'll still be able to sell them to someone else. She waffled and ummed and then they had to wrap what she wanted because there was no box... and.... and... well, you get the picture. The lady in front of me had some breakable items too so that was another wrap job and i had to be to the quay for the departure very soon. Off i went to try a couple of the other small gift shops and one of the shops in the small mall. NOBODY had freaking batteries. During the TALL SHIPS festival!!!! I thought i might get one or two photos out of the batteries i had. I did ask a few people on board but they didn't and i asked one of the crew and no, they didn't sell them. Five minutes later she came over and said she'd found some below deck and gave them to me!! What a nice thing to do! I thought i'd have to be careful to preserve them because i thought they'd get used up quicker but they did a fine job.

About 3/4 way through, on the way back to dockside, four people were allowed to fire off one of the small cannons. They asked me and i said Oh yes!! The onlookers didn't use my camera but one lady was taking pictures and another was taking video so if it turns out ok, i'll have that. The lady next to me that fired off the next gun squealed... It seemed like after her gun went off, there was a lot of bits and pieces floating through the air. I don't know if it was something inside the gun... though i don't think so because i didn't notice mine did that, but it wasn't an actual cannon ball either. Anyway she thought she'd shot a seagull and was horrified. Looking over the side at the water, you can see why she thought that. All the debris, that might have been from a cardboard box or something, was grey and white and the right colour for Seagull bits and feathers. I don't know what it was but it hadn't been alive, we determined that.

So yes, we didn't have great views and they didn't put up the sail but there was munchies and a bar. The crew were all dressed like pirates, too, with the captain and mate looking the best. We had a good time anyway though right after we fired off the guns, the heavens opened up and everyone squeezed into the small area below deck. It only lasted about 10 minutes tops. We went back up on the deck and though it was still spitting and raining just a little, it wasn't so bad and we were heading in to dock a bit early anyway. Nice thing was, they gave everyone 2 for 1 vouchers to return later in the summer when the weather was better. :) Nice gesture, eh?

Since the rain was off and on, i came home. Mom dropped over later so i had a chance of telling her all about it. She found the seagull story very funny!
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My mate Tracey and i headed downtown to see some of the Tall ships docked. I wanted to get some photos at dusk and after dark for a change so we got there about 8 p.m. or so. We had to park on level 5 of a parking garage but there was a lift. (Except when we got back, it was out of order! Gah! Tracey graciously didn't make me climb up but she had to to get the car! ) We walked along the boardwalk from around the Bishop's Landing area and south to the container piers where some of the really large Class A ships were docked. That's only about half of the waterfront but we didn't get down to the lower half as it started to shower a bit. We saw some lovely boats and ships but most of the Class A ones were closed off to access tonight, though would be viewable tomorrow. Frustrating because they had lights along all the masts and riggings and it would have been a great photo. We did see a Russian one, though, and it was lit up as well. Just as we were going round the corner, the fireworks started, back where we were to begin with. Aggh! However, we could see most of them over the buildings with the lights from the top of one of the Class A ships peeking over top of Pier 20's building. I balanced my camera on a fence and used the fireworks "scene" setting and i think i got some decent pics. Not all, but some. I think what i'll do is wait until the end of the weekend and just post all the pics at once. Or i'll do some on Sunday and do the Parade of Sail on Monday night. Weather is going to be iffy on the weekend, some sun, some cloud, some showers. Hope it's ok for the sailboat cruise on Saturday!
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Ok, next trip up.... Graham's next visit to Canada.
Plane ticket booked... Check (arrival Oct. 29, depart Nov. 15)
Aeroplan tickets booked for Montreal...Check (depart Nov. 2, return Nov. 7)
Hotel booked for Montreal...Check (staying in a suite hotel with a kitchen).
Montreal guide book bought...Check

To Do: Rent a car for Nov. 7 to when he leaves, returning car the day after.
Ongoing: Sacrifices to the weather gods

Really looking forward to the Tall Ships this weekend. They arrive on Thursday and I'm thinking i might go down to see them later in the evening, at dusk and after dark for some pics that are different from my usual ship pics. Not a late night, just to see them lit up. Probably will go see them after work on Friday and then Saturday is the cruise on the sailboat, Liana's Ransom at noon. I'm taking Monday off to go see the Parade of Sail and heard from my mate Tracey and she's taking the day off too so we discussed where we might go to get a good vantage point. We were both of the same frame of mind in our potential location, the Dartmouth waterfront at Alderney Gate. The ships generally go down that far or a bit more towards the bridge before turning to return so it might be a good spot. Get there early so we can get a good spot to sit.

She also mentioned an outdoor concert that's happening here on the first weekend in August, it's called Halifax Rockfest and is sponsored by, of all people, the military! Along with other corporate sponsors of course. The headliner is a "supergroup" called Chicken Foot. No i haven't heard of them either but the base player is from Van Halen and the lead singer is Sammy Hagar, the drummer is from Red Hot Chili Peppers and the lead guitarist is no less than Joe Satriani, an ace guitarist. Second on the list is Canadian rock act, Our Lady Peace and they're a pretty good rockin band as well. Perennial openers, Sloan, of course and The Trews. All kicking rock acts though, for me at least, Halifax band, Sloan is a bit run of the mill but they're not bad and they've done well enough, have cds out and songs on the radio. Sounds like it would be a pretty heavy gig. At 75 dollars a ticket for entry, not really so bad. Do I want to go to another all day outdoor thing? Maybe. I think it would be a good show
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Liana's Ransom and the RoyalisteThey start arriving on the 16th and the Parade of Sail is Monday 20th. I'm taking the day off to go watch it and hoping the weather is going to cooperate. There was an email at work offering a cruise on one of the ships, the left one in this photo. HRM social committee has booked it for an employee cruise for $25 for noon on the Saturday. I am SO signing up for that! Music, door prizes and a 1.5 hour harbour cruise! W00t! She's called Liana's Ransom, a two masted schooner, and i think might be based in Halifax. Anyway, i'm excited about that!

Down the country yesterday to my aunt and uncle's cottage. Saw bits of blue sky now and then but mostly we were huddled on the deck wrapped in jackets! A few photos over on Facebook. We went down to wish my uncle a Happy Birthday though the actual day is today. It's also my dad's birthday (twins) so there were lots of stories to tell.

This weekend is the Highland Games and Scottish Festival. Haven't decided yet if i'll go or not but if the weather is as nice as last year i probably will. Might not stay as long as i did last year though. I wanted to see the caber tossing but it was nearly 6 o'clock by the time that happened. If i go, i might get there later in the afternoon instead of noon but going at noon, you get the opening ceremonies and the massed pipe bands which is very cool if you like bagpipes. Which i do. Play it by ear.
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The day started out overcast and foggy but it cleared off so Tracey and I headed over to Woodside. We went down behind a community centre for a clear and unobstructed view of the harbour. Excellent spot! As the afternoon went on, the weather got nicer but it was still a hazy day. As a result i had to do some processing on the photos to take the haze out but they're not bad. They just could be a bit better if i hadn't had to do that. Oh well, it's not like i'm entering any competitions where they're going to look for technical perfection! I've put my favourites on Flickr, the set has the on shore photos first and then the Parade of Sail, in total there are 56 photos. I think i got most of the ships named correctly. For those of you that are gluttons for punishment, I put larger collections here, under the two Tall Ships links. I won't be insulted if you skip it. :) This is my favourite, the Pride of Baltimore.
Pride Of Baltimore
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It's foggy at the moment but it's still early. It's supposed to clear off by this afternoon so i'm crossing my bits. In the meantime, i'll post these links to the Tall Ships onshore pics in case the sail past doesn't happen. Full set (about 60) or if you prefer, just the highlights (about 30).
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Weather was overcast much of today, it's foggy now. While that could provide some interesting photo opportunities, i passed. I just hope the rain stays away for the parade of sail tomorrow. I'll be disappointed if it's cancelled due to rain. It's expected to be showery so i don't know if it will go or not and i have no idea where to call or listen tomorrow to find out if it's on or not. (i don't have a radio) I could go and try and wait and see i guess. I can always take my gym clothes and go work out if the parade of sail doesn't happy. Got a doctor's appointment at 3 and was planning to watch the sail from the Woodside Ferry terminal which is handy the office. At least i got over to see them twice anyway.

I didn't do much today, though i did take the bed apart to get at the bedframe to tighten up the screws. One was loose somewhere and was making that metal on metal scraping sound when i moved around in bed. Really annoying. I think i got it all tightened up. I'd hate to think i went through all that palaver for nothing! Got some laundry done, sheets changed, just bits and pieces done.

Another taste of Tall Ships for you. This is the Royaliste, out of San Francisco, which was moored on the Dartmouth side and done up like a pirate ship with the crew in fancy dress and everything.

Royaliste (San Francisco)
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Tarangini rigging
Just a taste of the Tall Ships festival. I spent all afternoon on the waterfront, though did waste almost an hour between waiting for a shuttle and being transported the longggggg way around on the FRED (Free Rides Everywhere Downtown) bus, which does a little tourist route instead of the shuttle which would have gone straight to the far end of the "strip". Except i waited forever for it and FRED came first. Anyway, I got a view of pretty much all the ships and boats although three of them had the dock blocked off and you could only get closer for photos if you had bought a day pass. That sucked. I got photos but not ones i might have. I didn't see the point of spending 18 dollars for a day pass to go on all the ships. Could have got it half price if i'd bought it a couple of months ago but who knew what the weather was going to be like? As it happened, we lucked out on another brilliant day. Hot but with a bit of a breeze.

I'm not going to link to the pics i have uploaded just yet, i want to sort them and label them and there will be more from the Parade of Sail on Monday anyway.

The waterfront was busy, busy, busy! Throngs of people but the crowds were moving fairly well. A few bottleneck spots that i mostly avoided by going around parking lots or buildings. There were lots of tents and stalls with food and merchandise for sale. Some of the ships were selling stuff too. There were two big play areas set up for kids, one in Halifax and one on the Dartmouth side where there were two or three schooner sized vessels. There were a couple of music venues, where you could get alcohol too. Volunteers in bright blue tshirts and police in heavy kevlar vests patrolled the crowds, each amenable to answering questions and giving directions. Parents were keeping a close eye or hand on their kids and everyone had cameras, of course! There were a few figureheads painted up that would be sold for charity. A large set up for a firefighter's competition. I would have stayed around to watch but i didn't know when it was and i was getting footsore and hot and sticky by then. Still, had a chance to gawp at the firemen wandering around in sleeveless tshirts and shorts. :D

I think my favourite ship this year was the Pride of Baltimore. She's been here before but i had a better look at her this time and my she's yar! (as Katherine Hepburn says in The Philadephia Story) There were crew members up in the rigging to that everyone was stopping to watch. The photo here is from the Tarangini, which is a ship from India. This year's theme was Pirates and I came across two of my friends all dressed up in pirate/wench clothes and saw two women done up like green glitzy mermaid! Very cool! Lots of the boats and ships had various types of Pirate flags flying, vendors and crew and members of the general public even wore pirate outfits. Little kids had temporary tattoos, pirate hats and foam eyepatches.

I finally had enough. Man do you ever dehydrate walking about in the sun! (Yes i had sunscreen on!) I did have water and some diet coke but i could suck the bathtub dry tonight. I probably took about 100 photos between last night and today that i kept and I'm going to put most of them on Fotopic and a few of my favourites on Flickr and when they're all organized, i'll put up links to them both. I'd rather wait until Monday when i have the parade of sail photos done too and just link to them all at once.
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Met up with [ profile] wyndancyr after work yesterday and we strolled the waterfront, braving the crowds and taking photos of the Tall Ships docked. We didn't see all of them but quite a few and decided the Dutch Urania was our favourite because it had the cutest sailors (so far). Today i'm going to go back again and see the rest of them from the far end of the waterfront and back to the main section. Two of the big ships had "entrance" gates to the area so we couldn't get closer to them. I think that was because they were getting ready to film a suppertime news show, Live at Five. Hopefully the dock will be open today and i can get closer. It's the Picton Castle and Prince William ships and both are large Class A ships. The official photos of the ships are on the website. We wandered and finally had a meal in Tug's Pub where i heard all about their recent trip to London. Loads of adventures! The service was a bit slow but they were quite busy as was pretty much every eatery within earshot of the harbour and the story look just about that long to tell anyway :) We left about 8 and made our way back. Crowds were a lot heavier then and i expect it will be pretty bad today too but i'll stick it out as long as i can. I didn't get home until after 9 but it was a lovely evening. The weather is overcast right now but it seems to be showing signs of getting nicer. It's warm anyway, and that's a plus. There will be photos but i will collect them all together first and put them in some sort of order.
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There's actually a partial blue sky up there this morning. May not last long but i think it will at least be warm and decent to see the ships after work and tomorrow. Coming across the bridge this morning, you could see the blue sky yet across the water was a blanket of cloud/fog sitting low. You could just see the tip of George's island and the stacks of the refinery peeking above it and the top half of a tugboat was eerily making it's way up the harbour. That's all burned off now though, but it was odd looking at the time. Problem is you just can't take a decent photo from the moving, bouncing bus. Great pic in this morning's paper which doesn't seem to be online. Shows the Picton Castle through the fog, you can just make out the ship and it probably wasn't taken from that far away either.

The replica of the Bounty was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, standing in for a couple of different ships including one of the British ships and one of the Pirate ships in Tortuga. I think it was also used for one of the ships destroyed by the Kraken. Obviously not *the* one destroyed. She was also used for a hardcore porn film! The Bounty was built for the movie of the same name starring Marlon Brando in the early 60s though it was built a bit bigger scale than the original so there would be room for the cameras on board. The Picton Castle was the ship used for the reality show Pirate Master that's currently airing here. "you are *so* off the poopdeck" *snort*

Two elephants escaped a circus in Newmarket, Ontario yesterday. The electric fence failed and they figured it out and decided to go for a walk. Can you imagine the police dispatch calltaker's face? You saw what? two elephants... snacking on a tree. Yes? And you were sober? *really* (linky)

Ten Penny Ale, a locally made brew by Moosehead Breweries, is being discontinued. No great loss, i says. I know it's had a few fans over the years but damn few and as a result, i guess you could say one good thing about it. It was always the coldest beer in the fridge. It was horrible stuff. Just brutal. Another Moosehead product, Alpine, was nearly as bad. I don't know if they still make that either.

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