Jan. 12th, 2011 10:35 am
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Halifax is in waiting for it's first proper storm of the season. Ah but the weather says there could be a bit of rain along the coast too. Does that mean we'll get snow and then rain and it'll amount to nothing? Inland will get the snow for sure and whatever it ends up being, it'll be a mess. Supposed to start this afternoon so it'll be a pain in the arse going home. My trainer has already emailed to say "we'll see" regarding the weather so i emailed back and suggested we just reschedule. I had planned to make an appointment to get my hair done on Saturday over here anyway so i can do both if he wants to reschedule and stay home today.

2011 tea tasting
Vanilla Oolong Apparently full of antioxidants so it was good for me! The vanilla made it smell all homey and nice. I drank it black because it seemed more of a "green" type tea than a black blend, at least when it was brewed. It might have done ok with a little milk, i don't know. Rating 7/10

2011 books:
3. Hello, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea - Chelsea Handler
Yes another ebook finished. I had a few on the go and was switching back and forth depending on what i wanted to read at the time. Chelsea Handler is a stand up comedian with Jewish and Mormon roots. This book is a series of anecdotes from her life apparently. Some of them are quite funny but others are really not to my taste at all. I'd say they were in poor taste but lots of comedians do schtick that's in poor taste or even offensive so i hesitate to say one or two topics offended me. It's a personal taste, though. Your mileage may vary but i think it was enough to possibly put me off trying any more of her books though, as i said, some of it was chuckle-worthy.
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My friend gave me a box of 25 samples of different teas. All loose teas, of various types... black, green, herbal etc. Each had enough for one cup in a tea ball so i thought i'd jot down my impressions for each one i tried:

2011 Tea testing:
1. Dragon Pearls: It's a green tea, apparently a very old type blend. It's leaves rolled into little balls so that was different for a start. I found it fragrant and perfumy, not overwhelmingly so, though but a lovely scent and i see now through that link there's jasmine in it so that's why i was thinking it was like a sort of musky oriental perfume. Tasted nice, but i'm not sure it's something i'd enjoy all the time. Rating on a scale of 10, 6.5

Tea for me

Jan. 28th, 2008 07:55 am
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Yeesh the driving is crap out there this morning. It snowed a bit overnight and now it's coming down as a bit of rain, some ice pellets (ouch) and a few flurries but mostly rain and pellets. Even the bus had to be very careful braking at intersections. Oddly though it's not slippery walking which is good because i didn't wear boots. The radio said it was raining in the city so i thought that's what was hitting my window. It is going to turn to rain though. Typical nasty winter weather here.

I didn't stop off for a tea when i got here and i'm out of milk in our fridge so i think i'll go get both now. I keep tea here and milk in our little kitchen. Now, we have a lady on our floor that sells Avon and in this brochure there's a tea press type infuser teapot. I'm tempted. It might be nice to have here at the office. I could even make pots of loose tea with it. There's a new shop not far from here on Barrington street that sells all different types of loose teas which i think i'd be more likely to try if i had this. Right. I think i've convinced meself.

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