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 Catching up on some books. A few good ones this past few weeks. Heading into a month where the Goodreads Canadian lit group is reading classic Canadian books so I have a few lined up including at least one Margaret Atwood, possibly two, Margaret Laurence and a MIchael Ondaatje (he's the one that wrote English Patient though I'm not reading that one) I will be reading a few paper backs that I won in Goodreads giveaways, too, for reviews. 

I must email my former trainer. He offered to give me a free catch up lesson if I put in a number of workouts myself. I thought he said 12 but he thinks he said 20. Anyway, I'm now more than 12 but probably less than 20 and I think he's ok with that. Helps with the motivation. I am supposed to go to the gym today and I see it raining out. Very tempted to not go but I'll try to keep with the program and go. It's not snow, after all, just rain. 

We've been watching this French mini series called 'Beyond the Door' and if you can catch it, you might like it. It's kind of creepy and weird but compelling too. A woman inherits a house from a man that actually died 30 years before. His body was in the house all that time. He left instructions in his will to open the house on a specific date. When they did,they found his body/skeleton and she was designated the legacy of the house. She didn't know him at all. On her first night in the house, she hears something behind the wall, knocks a hole through and goes through and gets lost in a warren of rooms where she finds a man who's been in the house a very long time along with some scary "Others". We've got two episodes watched and need to see the last one to see how it all comes out and if she finds her way out or not. I would hope it addresses how the old man decided to will her the house! I have a bit of an idea but we'll see. Subtitles, btw. 

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Went bouncing around Dartmouth Crossing with Mom this afternoon. It really did feel a bit pinballish since we (I) kept getting into the wrong lanes or not able to find way out of parking lots that were very large with few "out" lanes. Anyway, we made it out alive.

Got caught up on Ashes to Ashes though not paying attention as closely as i should. I think it's a lot better than it was the first season and Alex's wardrobe is far less distracting and annoying. Nice to see some references to Sam Tyler from Life on Mars in one of the eps. Nice bit of continuity there.


The fella that plays Chris, Marshall Lancaster, had a short role on Corrie a couple of years ago as a slimeball called Slug, one of Becky's former boyfriends. He's going to make a comeback and looks like he's cleaned up quite a bit from a few photos i've seen. Should be interesting.

I've also just seen the UK series Boy Meets Girl, though i didn't see the first part. We watched parts 2 and 3 when i was over there and i downloaded the ending. I really liked it. Good performances by the two main characters. Marshall Lancaster was in that too as was another former Corrie actress whose character name, Fiona, was the same as the one she played on Corrie.

Corrie get together tomorrow. Large crowd expected.
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*sigh* Another loud couple of people on the bus this morning, discussing, i think, car racing and the drivers and gossiping about the drivers' wives apparently. The man had a really gravelling voice, like Canadian comic character Red Green. Mercifully, the woman got off halfway through my commute so it was quieter after that. It's not like they were shouting, but their voices were fairly loud and most people talk quite softly on the bus, especially in the morning (unless they're on their mobiles and then their voice goes up about 40 decibels, unnecessarily. Why is that, i wonder? I find the voice i hear on the mobile is louder than my home phone so wouldn't it stand to reason that the person on the other end can hear me clearly, too? It's not that noisy on the bus and your mouth is very near the microphone on the phone. 

Downloaded and watched the first episode of Season 2, Ashes to Ashes. The general consensus was that Ashes wasn't quite as good as Life on Mars and i agree but judging from last night's episode, it looks like this season will be better. I really enjoyed last night's and it brought up some good, intriguing stuff that will carry through the season, i should imagine. On top of that, DI Alex is no longer dressing like a hooker and looks like a proper detective in normal clothes. Much more credible.

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