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Mom and i went to the Metro Centre yesterday to see a touring production of Mamma Mia and we really enjoyed it! This was my early Christmas present to her. I've never seen it on stage before so i don't know if the set is similar to a permanent stage but it was minimalist, with two pieces of "walls" that spin around depending on whether you are outside the taverna or inside, with appropriate other ephemera like tables and chairs or a bed to indicate where you are.  The stage lighting was nice too. The show and plot were as expected and having seen the film, there were only a couple of songs/scenes that were different. It was nice that the three men cast in the father roles could actually sing! The three in the movie were not really very good and even the "best of them" Pierce Brosnan looked as if it was a struggle for him. Meryl Streep wasn't tooooo bad but the actress in this production was wonderful. There's always a difference in the acting style for stage, having broader gestures and the like but it was fun!

Another difference is that all the actors are, i believe, wired for microphones and it always gives me the feeling that they are not really saying the words, but are mouthing or gesturing to a pre recorded audio track which they are not doing of course. But sitting far enough away that you can't see if they're speaking in tandem with the words you're hearing so that's probably why it had that somewhat artificial feeling. I'm not being picky, it was just a strange sensation and i've noticed it in proper permanent theatre productions too. They're all wired into the sound system now rather than having to project and strain so it must be easier on their voices in the long run.

anyway, it was fun and bouncy and very enjoyable as far as the play went. I'm not really very comfortable in the seats in the Metro Centre as there's not much leg room and my knees or shins are pressing against the backs of the seats in front of me.

The rest of the weekend was fine. We did a bit of shopping on Saturday and treated ourselves to Chinese food for lunch at Fan's in Dartmouth and the food there is always top. This weekend i'm going to get my Christmas tree put up. That's always a chore because i always get the lights plugged into the wrong spots but at least i don't have to struggle to put the lights on or off the tree anymore. They're all wired onto it already. Also this weekend is the annual Christmas Daddies telethon where quite a lot of money is raised to bring Christmas to underprivileged kids in the Maritime provinces. The telethon features lots of local entertainment, school groups etc. Some of it's good, some not so good but it's all fun and all part of the tradition. People donate their time and money to help out and that's the main thing.
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When i finally decided i was going to go out, i had to rush to make sure i'd catch the bus or i'd have had to wait another hour. Way too hot to walk too far since i was planning on staying in the sun a lot anyway. Need to pace myself. Sunscreen slapped on, sunglasses at the ready and off i went to Point Pleasant Park to see a performance by Shakespeare by the Sea, Much Ado About Nothing. I haven't been for a couple of summers. My friend Denise and i always went but we haven't managed it in a few years. As always it was a great performance, full of energy though i don't know how they managed it because it was very, very hot. At the intermission, the troup carried over two canopies and placed them over the audience. There wasn't a large crowd today, probably because it was too warm. I was glad of the shade by that time. The cast always puts on a rousing and enthusiastic show, at the crumbling walls of Cambridge Battery in Point Pleasant Park, a large natural park on the tip of the peninsula by the mouth of Halifax Harbour. Thus the name, Shakespeare By The Sea. Their founder and director died over the winter so this year was a bit of a regroup. They are only putting on two plays, this one and a non-Shakey one, a take on the Wizard of Oz, starting later and running through August.

Doing the play in the open air in a clearing of the park by an old fortification is very atmospheric. They tend not to use traditional dress, but a mixture of both for this year's play. One year the Gap sponsored them and donated clothes to use so they did one of the plays in modern dress. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth! They suggest a 10 dollar donation and will rent camp chairs for $2 if you don't bring your own. Even if you arent' a Shakespeare fan, you can get the gist of the action and the mostly young troupe can't help but raise a smile. I really enjoyed the actors that played Beatrice and Benedick, they were probably in their early 30's and had more experience i think. There was a movie made of this play about 10 years ago and these two were played by Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson. I liked the SBTS actors better! Emma just wasn't brash enough and Kenny was the same as he is in all his Shakespeare roles. :)

Anyway, I couldn't take pictures of the performance because it isn't allowed. Something about actor union rules. Fair enough. I did take pics of the set and a few from the park here. Afterwards i walked through the park down to the waterfront and along the road back to the parking lot. Should i get an ice cream? I though i might have a wait for the bus and figured that was a good pass time. But the bus was right there so i guess fate intervened. by the time i got home i was hot and sticky and needed a nice cool shower. It's not too warm in the apartment, actually. Well it's warm but certainly not unbearable and i don't even have the fan on yet though i probalby will do in a minute.

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