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Here's a link to a photo of particular interest to [ profile] girfan  who really enjoys the Tour de France. That site, How to be a Retronaut, is quite interesting. They feature photos, postcards, views and video from the near to distant past from all over. You might see scans from a mail order catalogue from the 1920s or 1970s, or you might see postcards from Russia in the time of the Tsars, maybe photos taken of Suffragettes or yearbook photos of really bad hair from the 60s and 70s. It's all really interesting and worth checking daily.  Examples:

Illustrations from a Soviet version of The Hobbit, published in 1976
Reenacting your childhood family photos
Evolution of the Batmobile
A version of London if New York City "invaded" circa 1905-07
Even whimsical Star Wars Travel posters

My niece called me last night on my mobile and again, i cut her off. For some reason, i've never quite figured out how to answer the damn thing without cutting off the caller since i got the new phone last summer. Goes to show you how often i use it for incoming calls! See to use it from the external keys, you have to hit the OK button to unlock the keys first. Every time i try to answer it, i seem to hit OK and then it comes up with two choices, Quiet or Ignore, neither of which i want to do to most incoming calls. Then i end up cutting off the caller. So this morning i looked up my user manual for it and tried it out. Seems when a call is incoming, you don't have to unlock the keys first! I can just press the answer key straight off and it answers the call! Sheesh! My last  phone was a slidey one and i answered it by opening the phone. Simple. My first phone was a flip phone. Unflip, hit any key, sorted. I think this one, with the slide out keyboard, can also be set to answer with any key but i think using the proper answer key is probably better for me.

I don't use the phone for a lot of different things. Very basic Pay as you Go features without extra plans. I don't text a lot so it wasn't worth 5 dollars a month for the 250 texts and free incoming texts. Most of the bastard mobile companies over here now charge you for incoming texts as well as outgoing ones (15 or 20 cents per I think) and that included picture messaging (50 cents) but i still wasn't breaking even so i just pay per use now. Overall it's cheaper for me. I only make quick outgoing calls to make appointments or check if  someone's home or ask a question, i don't use it for conversation as a rule. People rarely call me and then just to find out where i am because i'm obviously not home, they've checked there first. Even so, i still like having it and i do use it to send text messages to a few people and send updates to twitter and facebook and the occasional photo to FB. I do like the 3mp camera on it. It's not too bad though i can still tell it's a camera phone pic because the lens is obviously not going to be the quality you get on a proper camera but it's ok and with a little photoshop help to smooth out the rough spots it's just fine for the average photo.

The other thing the mobile companies here do for PayGo is insist you top up every month whether you've used up the credit or not. Unused credit rolls over. None of this putting 20 dollars on it and not topping up for 3 or 4 months because you only use the phone for emergencies. Not in Canada anyway. all the companies have got on board with that. Greedy pigs. The cheapest way for it, for me who doesn't use the phone much, is the $100 voucher that gives you 365 days before you have to top up again. With tax, that's $115 and just over 10 a month rather than the usual minimum $15 + tax a month if you don't use the higher amount top up voucher. Last year i still had to put an extra 20 on it before expiry because i was experimenting with the web browser and that's bloody expensive if you don't use a data plan. The web browser is next to useless on this phone. I think there's a bug in the OS because it won't let me enter login forms. The fields just disappear. So i can't log in to LJ or FB or anything else on the phone's browser. Possibly there's a firmware fix but i'm not that bothered really. Web browsing on a non-smart phone is a pain in the arse really and not worth the aggravation.
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Came across some photo galleries at the Telegraph (uk newspaper) some of which were really good.
London Through a Lens (From Getty Galleries) has some really great photos as does Londoners
but the truly bizarre is this gallery of "national" costumes dreamed up by Miss Universe contestants. Actually the one representing France is kind of elegant other than the Eiffel Tower on her head. The Canadian gal looks like she's wearing something my Barbie doll wore in 1966. Some of the others make Las Vegas look like a nunnery!

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