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I just thought, that street i walked down yesterday where there were four churches that i photographed, well... there is another church as well. A modern United church that was rebuilt after a fire about 20 years ago *and* there used to be another church right across the road from that only it's been turned into condominiums. So at one time, on that one stretch of about a half a mile or so, there used to be 6 churches! When the city was founded, and for the first 50 years or more, this was considered the "suburbs" but later on this was part of a thriving downtown area. The neighbourhood is now rather run down and filled with public housing projects and has gained a reputation as a rather rough area. The main street through here, Gottingen, seems to be reviving a bit, as a bit of a sub-culture area, with funky shops and a few new cafes open. Apparently, artists are moving in the area too, because the rents are low. There's a lot of rainbow flags around, where a few of the clubs and cafes are too and i think it's starting to become Halifax's Gay Village. I remember when i was young, this area was a lot busier with department stores, a couple of movie houses but not anymore and it probably will never regain that kind of focus again.

Ooh the Word of The Day on my forgotten English calendar is "canvas opera"... which is another word for circus! I like that!
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Should be applicable to everyone!
"Ephemerist" which was recorded in Edward Lloyd's Encyclopedia Dictionary in 1895 and defined as one who keeps a journal or diary.

Something and someone i had not known/of was John Evelyn who kept a journal most of his life. He lived in and around London from 1620 to 1706 and his papers were given to a librarian after he died though they weren't published for about a hundred years after his death. That in turn inspired the publication of Pepys but that's the one everyone has heard of. Now i must add Evelyn to my list of books to read someday. I've got about half way through Pepys but keep putting it down for other things.

Oh, and if anyone in Canada is using Primus for long distance phone, they have a new plan out called Truly International with 2 cents a minute to many international destinations. I was with Five Anytime and they've just put their monthly fees up another dollar. With the fees and connection charge of 3.95 it's up to almost $6 a month which makes that 5 cents a minute go up a bit depending on how much you call. The TI monthly fee is currently $1.00 (hm... per registered number, i have two, land and mobile). Still, at .02 a minute to the UK where i'd be mainly calling off-continent will still be cheaper. So .02 a minute internationally, but .06 minutes to Canada (and the US) which is only one cent more than my old plan and adding together the UK calls i make plus the Canadian ones, it may or may not work out a lot cheaper but i expect it will a little at least. You can switch over online which i've done yesterday so i won't see a difference until at least next month's bill.
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God i really hate it when LJ shifts my viewing style back to the default horrible business with the blue header and context menus! Just try to find where you reset it back to the viewing style you want? (i did find it eventually. it's Viewing Options").

So where was i?

Oh yes. Stupid bank robbers. Locals robbed a bank yesterday. Banks put dye packets in the bag of money which then explodes all over the money and your hands etc. The dye burst. The robbers later tried to spend the dye stained money. Convenience store clerk called the cops and they were able to track down the thieves.

Apparently there are still some communities in Nova Scotia that are dry. I.e. no alcohol and have been since 1929. I didn't realize that some areas of Canada also joined the Prohibition/temperance movement. In order for anyone in those communities to get a liquor license or open a wine store, there has to be a town vote to lift the prohibition.

Apparently this upcoming LJ search function will enable anyone to search for text contained in public entries. Already i see people locking their journals to Friends Only. I usually only do that for something work related or something that's a customized filter on occaision but i may consider going friends only. I'll think about it. I don't really have anything to hide but it's a bit intrusive isn't it? What do you all think?

And you know that gesture that you can make by thumbing your nose and waggling your fingers at someone? That is apparently called or used to be called "pulling bacon". Who knew?

ETA: Ohhh Apparently the Picton trial in BC has already done the jury selection and opening arguments were yesterday so we're already under way.


Jan. 17th, 2007 07:44 am
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-34 with the windchill today. Yes, you read that right. Base temp is -20 according to Environment Canada. When it's that cold, there is steam or "smoke" on the harbour water and it's quite thick and high at the moment.

You know how most women try to take up as little space as possible, you notice it in particular on public transit. Women will sit there with their arms and legs huddled in and close to their body, whereas a lot of men seem to just spread out across the seats. Arms laying across the back of the seats, legs spread wide, chest out. I think it's a territorial thing. There was one such space-taker on the bus this morning. Side facing seats, a tall young man was sitting in the *middle* seat, jacket completely open and shirt unbuttoned the top 2 or 3 buttons showing an expanse of white hairless chest (on a day with the temps so cold it hurts to breathe!). The jacket was flopped across the seats on either side of him. Legs crossed and reading a newspaper which seems to take up extra room. Next time i looked up, he had a pair of knitting needles jutting out and was working on row 3 or 4 of something that may end up to be a scarf. A couple of women sitting close to him remarked on the knitting and it seems he's just learned how i guess. He was pretty much using the best part of all three seats for much of the ride until people just insisted on taking those two other seats as the bus filled up.

I know i'm quite large and i know i take up more than my share of the small seats on the bus but i take care not to take up any more room than i have to and prefer to stand rather than try to squeeze in between two people on a three-seater side seat (most of our busses now seem to be the "low floor" accessible ones so most of the seats are side facing instead of front facing. Seats in the front behind the driver fold up and there are anchors for wheelchairs there. These busses only seat about 35 people which is quite a lot less than the older style busses yet they don't put extra busses on the busy routes. They do try to keep the older, bigger busses on the busy routes but in rush hour, they're *all* busy. But that's an entirely different rant.

Speaking of rants, my newspaper didn't arrive this morning before i left. I guess i'll go down into the mall and buy one. I miss it when i don't have it.

Word of the day: Snoodle which is what you do when you're rub and scratching a pig's back. Today happens to be the feast day of Saint Anthony who is a patron saint of pigs (and also of lost things).
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1. When is your birthday?
March 3
2. How old will you be?
48 (eek!)
3. Do you prefer to throw a party or attend a party?
4. Presents: take'em or leave'em?
i love presents! I also love giving them too!
5. Best birthday so far?
Lots of good ones, and i think this coming one is going to be pretty great because i'll have a very special present to unwrap (*koff*)

My calendar's "Word of the day" for tomorrow is Japeworthy meaning Ridiculous. The accompanying note for the day has to do with a patron saint of attorneys, St. Hilary. Appropriate? I think the "ridiculous" element, though, relates to old laws that are still on the books in various places in the US including:
- In Tremonton, Utah it is illegal to have sex in a moving ambulance.
- In Carmel, NY, men are forbidden to wear a jacket and trousers that do not match
- You can't put a hypnotized person in a display window in a town in Oklahoma
- In Woodstock, NY, you can't walk an unleashed bear on public streets (not even a dancing bear?)
- Don't even think about getting married in a skating rink in Portland, Oregon!
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I think i need a new back. It's not gone wonky on me but it usually does have an ache in the morning no matter how i sleep on it, some mornings more than others and for some reason, i was very wakeful last night. Tossing and turning and very warm which is probably what kept waking me up. You just can't win! If i sleep in one position most of the night, it aches. If i toss and turn, it aches. It loosens up through the day, just in time to go to bed again. I think i will get in for an adjustment today, though and i really think i may call [ profile] oceannadelamer for an aromatherapy massage soon.

Having lunch with [ profile] blueberrymoon today! I bought one of her paintings, the one of a VW bug, and she's personally delivering it :) My best friend loves those cars and her husband bought her a 1959 Bug for Christmas so when i saw the painting i had to get it for her. Her birthday is in March. I don't think i can wait until Christmas to give it to her though i would like to wait. It's great when Christmas presents really have that "Oh Wow!" factor but i probably will be too excited to give it to her to wait that long. That same friend is flying to London tonight to visit her daughter who's working there on a Student's Working Abroad program. She's really excited as it's her first time there plus has really missed her daughter who's been gone since September. Said daughter is having a grand old time, taking day trips on her days off, seeing lots of musicals and plays and she even joined the American Choir and sang in St. Paul's Cathedral for the American Thanksgiving last November!

Word of the Day: Star-gazers. In 1889, that word was a slang word for "ladies of the pavement who walk by night, not so much, however, to study the heavenly bodies as to dispose of their own". This is also the feast day of St. Vitalis who, according to legend, spent any extra money he earned on the star-gazers. But not what you'd think! He'd engage them and then pray for them in their rooms. Allegedly. I don't know if that included exclamations of Oh God!!!!!
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There's a very pretty sky this morning as the sun rises. When i came across the bridge about 20 minutes ago, there was a deep orange at the horizon, lightening up to a blue-gold and then evening out into that purpley blue, sort of wedgewoody. The wisps of clouds still show up charcoal black and in the Eastern Passage where the sun is slowly waking up, the oil refinery lights are still twinkling and there are six spidery oil rig legs poking up into the sky. You might almost think they were two Martian tripods! The morning light over the harbour is a little different every day in every season.

Is it this year that England gets the smoking ban? I do believe so. It's becoming a popular thing to do, so it seems. Hong Kong and France, too, which surprises me, especially France where smoking is rampant in public places. They're going to go in phases, public places first, then bars and restaurants next year. We've had no smoking in places like malls and public buildings for quite a long time though there were often smoking areas where you could go. When i went to Ireland in 2002, it seemed very strange that people were walking through the mall puffing on a fag. Ireland's ban is quite strict. You can't even smoke in your own home if you have the plumber in because that transforms your house into his workplace.

We took a Cascading Stylesheet course back in early December but decided that it wasn't very helpful and the agency that put the course on offered to let us take it again. Short notice, but we're doing it again tomorrow and Friday, with a different instructor, one would hope.

Word of the day: culch meaning a great quantity of rain. We have that a lot. And apparently even as recent as 1948, the city or county of San Diego was hiring rainmakers but due to previous experience, when they had so much rain that a dam burst it's seams and caused a lot of destruction, the residents wisely increased their property insurance just in case.
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It's too damn early. Yes i know it's almost 10 o'clock but that alarm blasted me awake at 6 a.m. I may not sleep in really late when i'm not working, usually no longer than 8 or 8:30 unless i was up really late into the wee hours, but still....

In another 8 days, Future Shop will have had my older digicam for 60 days. It's been "in transit" for almost a month. It's make or break time, boys. I'm not overly keen on the replacement one i bought so if they do replace my old camera, i'm going to see what they offer me. It may be that i'm stuck with this one but i guess i can't really complain other than having to buy a new memory card which i'd have to do anyway if they gave me a different make. My guess is, they'll come up with my old camera just under the wire.

Word of the day:
Practic: Artful, cunning, deceitful, treacherous. Somehow, the Practic Dodger doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

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