Jun. 14th, 2009 12:25 pm
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Further to this, where my travelogue on the village of Eyam was featured on a travel site blog, I got a message from someone that works for a company trying to promote tourism to the Peak District. He thinks my travelogue portrays Eyam fairly and honestly and wants to link to it from a website that they're putting together for the district. :) I don't know what the website is, he didn't say, but i hope he sends me the link.
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The cable guy came this morning. He even came early (though i didn't know what time to expect him, just that it would be in the morning) and he called about 10 minutes before he got here to let me know he was on his way. I suppose they do that if they're earlier than planned. I was up before 8 because i had visions of him ringing the door about that time. As it was, he was here before 9. Did some testing and although i'm not having any problems with the cable reception t his weekend, he did say that the signal was quite weak. He did something to the connection from the outside, on the roof top of the building and now it's a lot better. Even the non-digital channels that were a bit fuzzy are a lot clearer and i can see a difference in the digital channels too. Now my brand new tv is really coming into its own :)

Looks like the sun is out this morning. Anyone's guess how long it will stay out, though. I do want to go to the gym later today but don't have any other plans for today unless something comes up. I do want to see the new Pirates movie but i think it'll still be quite crowded. I must call my movie buddy and see if she wants to go, maybe next weekend after payday.

I finally got the Corrieblog payment for March's invoice after submitting May's and asking them to confirm that i'm sending it to the right email address. Within a day, i got the paypal payment. I guess i'll have to nag for it every month. Oh well. I expect it to be more than month after i submit the invoice but two months is stupid especially after they told our editor that they had hired someone to work on accounts and payment would be more prompt in future. Hah. I'm only mithering them because i am trying to build up the bank account for my trip.
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Finally got my first payment for that writing gig i'm doing at Corrieblog. They were disgracefully late in paying for the articles i wrote in Feb. which should have been paid near the end of March. With any luck, by the start of May i should get March's payment. I plan to use this to help fund our trip to Paris! It was described to me as "not great pay, just a couple of quid per article". Well, £3 for a blog post that doesn't even have to be more than a paragraph or two adds up when you're talking Canadian money. I had £78 worth for February and will for March as well, that translates, after paypal takes off a fee, into about $160. Not small potatoes for the effort involved. I figure if i can average 15 posts a month, that's about $100 CAD and if i do better than that, great.

Work is going well, should be starting in on a larger project soon, converting an old legacy system into Java. We've had a consultant in to start the first phase and he'll be leaving us with some very usable stuff so that's a good basis to go forward.

Anxious to get out and play with my new camera. Weather is going to improve over the weekend. Also want to go out to Michael's craft store on, maybe Sunday. Interested, Mom? Oh, and Hot Fuzz is opening on the weekend and i want to see that too. [livejournal.com profile] gramie_dee gave me Series 1 of Spaced for my birthday and i really liked it. The writer of Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg, wrote and acted in Spaced and also Sean of the Dead.

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