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Haven't caught up on everyone's news yet. we've been busy and putting more miles on the car.

Saturday: attended a wedding vow renewal ceremony for friends of Graham's late brother. Back to the house after and i swear to God anyone that says Coronation Street is unrealistic hasn't been to a kitchen party in Swinton! This one woman could have been the pattern for Cilla who's ... well how would i describe her to the uninitiated? she's loud, brash, brassy, common as muck and overdone. This woman was a picture from her head to her shoes. Especially the shoes. They were white, with a beaded pattern all over them, well, just have a look. Her dress was tight, with a pattern straight out of the 60's, cleavage spilling out all over, tacky loud jewellry. Sorry i couldn't discreetly take a photo! Her boyfriend was loud, drunk and wearing a funny military style jacket over jeans and a shirt. Just like the loud and obnoxious Les on the Street. Anyway, there were more than a few examples of Street characters lol Anyway, we didn't stay that late and came back to the flat and relaxed for the evening, watched Doctor who and some other stuff.

Sunday: Took Graham's sister in law to the Trafford Center and Graham and i bought new sneakers.

Attempted to drive the hire car. Problem was we couldn't find a parking lot large enough that was empty so i could actually get out of second gear. Was odd shifting with the left hand but i would have been ok with more practice. I never did get out on the road though. The parking lot was unsatisfactory and i sat there contemplating the road and looked at Graham, He had his head in his hand and said you *aren't* going to go out on the road yet are you? Um. Guess not lol Actually i didn't feel confident enough anyway and because there was no place good enough to practice, i gave it up. At least i did have a few minutes go with the left gear shift but never made it on to the road. We drove around Salford taking photos of places that Graham's dad would recognize. I want to make him up a calendar for Christmas. Out to Chorlton after that to meet up with friends for a nice meal. One lady was from Seattle and it was the first time i'd met her after having chatted with her on the net for a few years though not for awhile recently. She had a cold though so wasn't feeling up to making an evening out of it.

Monday: Drove out of rainy Manchester and into the Sun of York**. Found an all day car park and walked into the beautiful city centre. We browsed a market, checked out a few goth type stores. One had tv and movie memorabilia but most of it was things like Tim Burton movies, horror movies, etc. Another had metal music and tshirts. York has a lot of unusual shops and also has a few lovely chocolatiers! Meant to get back to one of them but by teh end of the day my feet were too sore to walk around more. The new shoes were bothering my left foot! argh! Anyway, we met up with [ profile] steer at the appointed time at the Last Drop Inn and then met up with [ profile] sarcaustick and Ed and Kitty for a lovely Italian lunch. Really nice to meet up with Sarah finally! Kitty was charming and Ed was lovely! [ profile] steer, Graham and i retired to the Three Legged Mare (refers to an old type of gallows) for another drink and then sadly parted ways. Graham and i walked to the railway museum but only because they have a big observation wheel there now that is staying there for 3 years. Norwich Union sponsors it. It's 6£ per adult and you go around 4 times plus another one as they load the car. Great views over York and the countryside around it.

We drove back to Mordor Manchester where there was a great dark cloud over it, as opposed to a blue sky on the other side of the M62 motorway. Apparently it rained most of the day in Manchester but we had a lovely sunny breezy day though it did rain a bit once when we were in the pub. We did however see a double rainbow as we came into the city but the photos didn't really come out too well.

One last photo from last week. I'll have my other photos uploaded when i go home but Here's us behind the bar at the Rovers!

**punny Shakespeare reference
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Last i left off on my travels, i told you about missing the train to Manchester.
So in brief, the last week.... )

So there you have it in a nutshell. It was a busy holiday, i walked miles with the blisters to prove it. Met up with lots of LJ and coro friends, wonderful to meet some of you for the first time and equally great to touch base with others again. Special thanks to [ profile] naturalbornkaos for lending me the sofa and organizing the LJ pub GTG and to John who sorted out the Chinese meal in Manchester. Thanks also to [ profile] sushidog for inviting me to the Vicarage Tea where i met more lovely people including a couple that had met on the internet and have now been married 8 years. Success stories like that are encouraging. Thanks to everyone that took the time to meet, drink, lunch and chat! I shall be back sooner or later!

Highlight of course was my week with [ profile] gramie_dee, i could go on and on but i will spare you and save that for his ears only ;) I shall have photos soon and will work on the full written travelogue and post the links as and when.

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