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Been using my work laptop this week and it seems pretty good so far. Forgot to play with those wireless mouse and Keyboard widgets. No big deal. There's one aspect that's not working but it's not working for anyone that has a newer image on their computers and it's being investigated. We know that the reason is that the applications that aren't working are using an older version of Java and running on an old version of Apache. In order to upgrade it all, it's going to have to be tested well. But it means at the moment I can't access those applications on my new laptop. Luckily,they aren't something I normally use but I am responsible for maintenance on them so I'm going to have to keep my old laptop handy in case I need it for those.

I had two vacation days left so I managed to get them approved for my upcoming time off. I was to work on the Monday and Tuesday (not this week coming, the one after) and then be on vacation for the rest of September. Now I have the full two weeks off. G.'s best friend is arriving next weekend for the two weeks so it will be nice not to have to go to work at all. We're getting a rental car on Friday for the duration, planning a trip to Cape Breton and will fit in some day trips from home. Should be a nice time!

The challenge will be food. He's vegetarian so I've been casting my net for recipes and have gathered a handful of things that look nice. You don't want to always depend on veggie chili or lasagna. Lunches are easy, there's always cheese, tomatoes, eggs, and assorted trimmings and there is soup (mushroom, vegetable, tomato). Breakfast is easy too. He's not vegan which takes the stress off. I'm investigating veggie burger recipes which should prove interesting. I'd rather make them myself than buy store-bought ones but I'm also going to have a look at the veggie sections at the grocery store to see what I can find that might prove interesting because there might be meals where we want meat, like pork chops or chicken and I'd like to find a meatless alternative for him.

I seem to have an infection in my eye. It's a bit swollen and sore today, started bothering me about late afternoon yesterday. I thought I had scratched it myself but probably my hand had come into contact with something icky and when I rubbed my eye, I must have self-inflicted. On with the polysporin cream.

We're going to see a movie this afternoon, the new version of IT. Probably find somewhere for a bite to eat after. Tomorrow will be housekeeping day.
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