Aug. 23rd, 2005


Aug. 23rd, 2005 07:37 am
tvordlj: (Daffy Weird)
The latest winners of the Super 7 lottery, 7 million and change, are an elderly couple, both 89 years old, married 63 years! They live in a retirement home and don't plan to move though a brand new Lincoln Continental might be on the horizon. They're going to share with their kids and grandkids.

On the other hand, i walked by a window display this morning that had me doing a double take. I went back after i picked up my morning tea to confirm what i thought i saw. It wasn't quite as bad as i initially thought but still a bit HUH? It was the window of a store that sells children's clothes but they also sell tshirts with screen printing on them for all ages. What caught my eye was clearly for children but not little ones. They had these sets of a tank top and matching underwear for girls i think. Brand name Care Bears so i'm pretty sure it wasn't for adults ;) They had designs on the sets but the one that caught my eye was a black set with red trim. Elmo from Sesame street with bright red letters "TICKLE ME" ... *on the underwear*!!! Albeit, i think it was on the bum side but even so, to have "tickle me" on children's underwear not on the tank top, does that not seem wrong to you? The sizes looked to be about right to fit pre-teens maybe age 7-10 i guess, but that's not any better. I checked, they definitely weren't shorts. Perhaps they were summer sleepwear i guess but even so. Maybe i'm overreacting?


Aug. 23rd, 2005 03:19 pm
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Dad is now driving! He still has shortness of breath but that's coming along little by little. Having him mobile again is really good. Mom says she'll keep driving some too, and Dad doesn't want her to stop either. I bet it will feel pretty good for her to be able to just pick up the keys and pop down to the store or to my sister's (or mine!) if she wants to and Dad is busy)

My back seems to be dodgey today too. Went in for an extra adjustment so hopefully some ice packing and rest tonight will have me more comfortable tomorrow. I asked him why is it that i can potter around in sock/bare feet all weekend or just throw on sandals to pop over to the corner shop and my back will be fine, but one day at work without the orthotics in my shoes makes me break. it's not that i do a lot of walking at work either. It's the only thing i can think of that did this. Last time, a month ago or so, i had been wearing sandals for about a week with the orthotics in and it started up the same way. So i guess i can only wear the sandals a day at a time here and there *with* orthotics in, but not for more than one or two days in a row or i'll end up with Sandal Syndrome.

I need new sneakers pretty soon too. Most people can wear theirs until they fall apart, but if you need the support, or if you walk or run regularly you have to replace them sooner. I get an extra pay in September (three pays in the month instead of the usual two, getting paid biweekly gives you that twice a year) and i guess some of the extra will go on new sneakers and also on the passport renewal. I want to use some of it towards the plane ticket and Christmas.

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