Aug. 23rd, 2007

tvordlj: (Pissedoff)
I'm suffering a back ache again. All i did was flush the toilet at work and pow! It is so frustrating. I get back to exercising, get new orthotics, see the chiropractor regularly and it doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference. Mind you it wasn't as bad as it was in March so maybe the exercise did help a bit. I got to the chiro and then came home and i'm staying home tomorrow to give it a good rest but i was moving pretty stiffly this morning before i left. The ice, the chiro and the Robaxacet make it a lot more comfortable though. i couldn't even have a cup of tea when i got home because i was out of milk and didn't feel inclined to go over to the corner store until this evening. I won't bother making one now but that first cup of tea tomorrow morning will sure hit the spot!

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