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Decided to come home after my chiro appointment and stay home tomorrow too. As monday is a holiday here, hopefully four and a half days of more rest will have my back in a bit better shape. There are very small improvements daily but it's really a struggle by the time i get home after work. I have lots of sick time built up and i'm not really use nor ornament at work this week. Supervisor was ok with it and as it's a long weekend i think it will be pretty quiet tomorrow anyway. I did go to the corner store to stock up on comfort junk food and boy was that ice cream good. got home just in time too because the rain is pelting down at the moment though what we really need is a cracking thunderstorm because it's soooo humid out there.

The new chiropractor treated me today and it was Ian Mosher's farewell. The new guy, Stephen Dwyer seems quite good and he's won me over lol he pushed, pulled and cracked my joints and said i should come in all three days that he's working next week. Well......... i said i was planning to make a Tuesday and Thursday but my Blue Cross coverage has topped out. He said ok, i'll pay for the third one because you do need this. Wow! I nearly cried! whatta nice guy! I accepted it with appreciation. Three treatments next week will surely make a difference on top of the rest this weekend.
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