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How is he standing!Spectacular sunny day, just a little breeze and the Highland Games and Scottish Festival beckoned. I keep forgetting it's one of the pricier events at 12.00 but i guess it supports the event. The Dartmouth Commons hosted it for the second year and it really is a great venue for the various events. There is a stage set up with the folk dancers, an area to one side for the bands to compete, a beer tent of course! There're canopies set up around the perimeter for various clans and of course there is the Heavy Event arena where stones, weights and 18 foot logs are flung around by men in kilts, both small and wiry and large and solid. This guy here is in the middle of a caber toss, i'm not quite sure how he didn't fall on his ass from that position but he didn't. I chatted to a friend of mine in the Henderson clan tent and met up later with [ profile] tammihayne and sweet little Luke who was asleep at first. I don't think i've seen Tammi in at least a year or more, because i know it was before she even got pregnant! I did get to hold Luke a bit later when he woke up and he's every bit as yummy as he looks in all those wonderful photos Tammi takes. I did take quite a few of course, and there's an album on Facebook with them and there are some on Flickr in the Highland Games set starting about half way down, just after four videos. I took some video but i seem to have taken a very small compact size so it's hard to see. I uploaded them but i deleted them again because Flickr shows them at a larger standard size and they look all pixelly.

I stayed 2 or 3 hours in all, until pretty much the end. Had i gone earlier i could have heard the massed bands play but it makes for a very long afternoon out in the sun.

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