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ANd now I'm making lists for the next trip!
We're going to drive around Scotland in October but we may also do a weekend in London. If we do that, I think we'll take in the Tower of London since Graham has been wanting to see that. I've been but I haven't seen everything, probably not even half of what there is to see so there's still lots I would be interested in. Might go to Hampton Court as well. I'd love to see that again and didn't see all of it the time I was there. That time I took a day out walking tour that included Richmond and a boat trip from there to the palace. The guide took us around the highlights but by no means did we get to see everything and by the time it was done, so was I and my feet! There's a website where you can get Two for One vouchers for entrance fees for loads of London attractions and you just need to show the voucher and a rail ticket. We'd be going to London on the train anyway so it will save a lot since both places are very expensive to visit. They are also places you could easily spend all afternoon or even all day exploring so it's not quite such a hit on the wallet.

We might also try to get tickets to see Book of Mormon as well. We wanted to see that in New York but it was horrendously expensive. The London prices are far more reasonable though still high as it's a new show.

Scotland will be fun. We are making a list of main things to see and planning a route around that but will also just go where we feel, stop where we like and explore things that we discover. We're going to avoid the big cities. I've been to both and he's not bothered. As much as i really like both Glasgow and Edinburgh, they don't feel like the "real" Scotland to me, not like the jaw dropping countryside and smaller towns. They're mostly no different than any other city though Edinburgh does have that castle on a clifftop which is cool.

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