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I looked for my original divorce certificate on the weekend and it is nowhere to be found! I have a photocopy *uncertified*, I have the petition, lots of correspondence. But no certificate. Bugger. I looked in the Yellow Pages and the lawyer is no longer listed which doesn't surprise me. She was in her 50s 25 years ago. She's probably sitting happily in a garden in a rocking chair somewhere. I'm going to see if i can talk to one of the lawyers in our legal department to see if the copy I have can be certified given that i have the petition and the marriage certificate. If not, I'll have to request a copy from the Ontario court and i've looked up how to do that. I have the file number and date so that's the thing they need. My problem is I would like to have it by the end of August when Graham is here so we can go in and get the marriage certificate. I need to send it to Quebec to the person that's going to marry us as she's said she needs it to fill in some things (though I don't know why she can't do it before the ceremony in May but perhaps she needs it to verify to her church for permission to do the ceremony here. I shall ask).

If i don't get the certificate by the end of August, and considering it's a government agency that's entirely possible, I need to find out if we can fill out another affadavit with Graham's information and I can then go get the actual certificate when i get the divorce one. Or we can make certified copies of Graham's ID. I think if i have that, I can take it all in and get it even if he's not here. Still. How do i get a certified copy? Maybe they'll do it in the office where i apply for the marriage cert.

So. Talk to the legal department first.
Then if need be, talk to the office about the application questions. And contact the court in Ontario and talk to the registrar there to see how quickly they can send a copy.

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