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Today was an informative day and a really cool one too! Not temperature wise, the weather is quite nice today. Cool in that my Christmas pressies from [ profile] gramie_dee finally arrived from Amazon! Seems the box got a bit damaged so when i picked it up at the post office, it had been rewrapped in heavy plastic. I expect that's what caused the delay in it's arrival. Still, it got here before 12th night tomorrow so it still counts! I also got groceries and when i got home, i called him so i could open them with him on the phone. One of the items was the Doctor Who Encyclopedia, all things Doctor from the most recent three seasons, the "revival" if you will. What i thought was amusing was when i did a search on amazon UK to find that link, this came up:

"Earthlings, take a trip to our tardis-like Doctor Who Store where you'll find DVDs, action figures, books, audio CDs, games, homewares and everything else Doctor Who fans could ever want."

The other thing was a box set of the tv series Cold Feet, all five seasons and an extra dvd. :)))) He remembered!!! I had been wanting that for awhile. Both gifts are excellent!

Now... the informative part of the day. I stopped in to a Rogers store to ask someone there about that MMS problem i've been having. I had an idea and i wondered if my sim card was so old that it wouldn't work with the more modern things. I wondered if i could get a new sim card and that would then work. Sadly, no. It's not to do with the card at all. I thought it was worth a try, though, even if it wasn't likely. The problem stems from the fact that it's been built and loaded with software for the European networks, not the North American ones. She said they see it a lot, and MMS seems to be one of the things that won't always work, specifically the receiving of a multi media message. Some phones also have trouble with the web browser though that's not a problem for me. I can send MMS to another North America phone but not to Graham but they don't guarantee MMS or even text messages will work off-continent. I just can't receive one on my phone. It will either go to the web storage area of my Rogers account or to the storage area of the provider of the sender, i.e. T-Mobile (uk). She said the data network here doesn't seem to be compatible with phones made for networks elsewhere. It all sounded very logical. The Tech people on the phone help system were distinctly unhelpful and didn't seem to know that this was probably the problem. Ah well. At least i know what is going on and i can live with it. It all does work when i'm in the UK and mostly everything works here and everything that's important works here. (phone calls and texts). Also the earbuds on the headphones are driving me insane. They don't really work with my ears, are loose and tend to fall out. The gal at Rogers suggested that i can get an adapter that will fit my headphone jack which is also the same connector for the recharger but the adapter would have a jack for a regular type of headphones. I think that might work better for me than a bluetooth set up and i will look for one when i go over in March. She thought i'd have the best luck of finding one at an O2 or Vodaphone store so will keep that in mind.

I also found a purse with a nice long strap. It's not leather, it's a nylon but has lots of zip pockets for stuff which will be useful for traveling and it has a padded section inside that would fit the digital camera. Also useful.

Have also undecorated the tree and taken it apart with *no* disasters! W00t! Just need to get the boxes out of the storage to put it all away.

P.S. Only the Muppet Show could make a song and dance number out of a half dozen rag mops :)


Dec. 20th, 2007 05:22 pm
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I have cookies, though not as many as i thought i'd have. Last year there were about 10 or 12 of us ladies in IT that participated in a cookie exchange. This year i thought there were about as many so i made 6 dozen cookies (we each give half a dozen). Only there were about 6 and only two of us actually showed up in the meeting room. One had worked all night so she was home in bed, another two were at meetings and another wasn't in work today either. The two that were in meetings came round with their offerings, but in the end i got cookies from three other people. Ah well. I brought all those cookies to work but i gave away some of them. I still have a dozen and a half gingersnaps. Cookies are always good though!

It snowed most of the afternoon and some of the morning and by 3:25 our supervisor sent round an email to say we could go home early as the driving was apparently getting bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't that bad. I got home a little early because of the connections but we weren't delayed much at all. Works for me. Tomorrow is my last day at work and every day, fewer and fewer people are in the office as they all go off on Christmas holidays. I"m off until Jan. 2 as well.

I've had loads of Christmas cards this year and i thank those of you that took the time to send one to me (us)! You know who you are! xo Got half of a photo order i put in online at the beginning of the month, but the rest of it hasn't shown up yet and also, Gramie's amazon gifts to me haven't arrived yet though they were "estimated" to get here early last week. I keep telling him that website estimates mean nothing when you are dealing with Christmas mail, customs and Canada Post. It is what it is and it'll get here when it does. I keep giving up a little prayer to the Postal Gods and Goddesses and even challenging them to produce as well as the Travel and Luggage Gods did this year. See if they will rise to the challenge! :)

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