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Overall, it was a low key year for the most part, with too many funerals but with some travel to new places, a wonderful memorable trip to London with me mum, a pay raise and a good concert. Still, i probably wouldn't rate the year more than a 4 or 5 due to the first item mentioned.

I went out for some groceries and as expected, the store and parking lot were pretty busy. I noticed a crowd across the road and wondered what that was. I realized they were all in line by a truck selling lobster for $5 a pound. The lobster fishermen have not been doing too well this season. People are not spending and as a result, the price they're getting is really low. The stores aren't even giving them $5 and are selling it for between $8 and $10 so the fishermen are loading up the trucks after the boats come in and driving up to the city, selling it out of their vans and people are buying.

We're supposed to get a blizzard, or at least a good sized snowstorm overnight tonight. I'm home, warm, have tea, bread and most importantly, cookies! I've got the DVD Xpress thingy hooked up to my vcr and have been spooling my old tapes of Corrie episodes from tape to file and then bunging them on dvds. I have figured out the movie editing program that came with it so i can splice out the commercial breaks. The tapes are old so aren't great quality but at least they'll be preserved.

Summary of the year under the cut, mainly for my own records...

mainly for my own records )
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Every year is going to bring bad stuff and good. That's just the way life is. I hope all your good stuff outweighs the bad stuff!!!

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