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After the hurricane breezed by  us the other day, the weather really has changed. It was a lovely day today but the temp didn't hit much above 20 and the breeze was chilly! It'll be cool for sleeping tonight at least. End of August, the nights do start getting cooler but it happened so quickly. We've really had a crap summer. August was an improvement over July and the last week or so was quite warm and humid but aside from the occasional hot, sunny day in July, that was about it. The last really good summer we had was 10 years ago, that was the summer we were on strike! 11 weeks! The whole summer was absolutely gorgeous, too! Too bad we weren't getting paid!

I actually took today off to go to an appointment that was in the middle of the day but as luck would have it, i didn't really sleep in that long this morning and i was awake and up by 7:30. Ah well. And it's always the way, when you have to be somewhere, that things out of your control mean you could be late. Traffic. Bus gets stuck in traffic due to construction. Grrnrnhhh... But i was only a few minutes late. It was the doctor's office and she's always running late so i figured i wouldn't miss my appointment. I only had to wait about 10 minutes which was exemplary for her.  Picked up a few groceries on the way home. Why do they always stuff the fabric shopping bags with so much! They are good for carrying heavy stuff but you can only carry so much! It's like they assume everyone has a car, rather than slogging the bags on the bus. Even if that's true, you still have to be able to get them out of the car and into the house.  Even though i took a taxi back, it was still awkward and difficult to get the stuff in because of the weight on my fingers. Mom has bought one of those little shopping trolley carts for getting her stuff from the car to the house. 

not sure what i'm doing this weekend. Maybe, if the weather looks ok, going to Truro for the last day of the Nova Scotia Exhibition. Never been before and it isn't that far away. They have farm stuff and crafts and activities and lots of things to do and see. If not, Sis and i planned to go to a movie, we can always do that Sunday if she's free. We'll see how the weather goes. We won't want to go to the Ex if it's going to be miserable. Some of it is indoors but you still need to get around from building to building.

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