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Ooh the sample Lush face cream, Gorgeous, was.. er.. gorgeous! Feels very nice. Apparently though it's one of their more expensive ones and i've just got a new pot of Imperialis so Gorgeous will have to wait or go on my Christmas list :) They never did get the new Lush toothpaste in yet though i'm of two minds whether to try it as i expect it will be expensive. Anyone elsewhere have the chance yet? My "Sympathy for the Skin" has gone as liquidy as lotion too. Not sure when that happened but i wondered if transporting it from the UK in the cargo hold of the plane (cold, no cabin pressure) changed the chemistry of it. It still works find, it's just a lot more liquid than it should be. Well it's nearly gone anyway so no matter and i still have over half a tub of Karm body cream. I really am determined to use up all my stuff before buying more. Yeah right.

These little LJ tags... I know you can click on one and see the entries you've associated with them but i haven't found where i can edit the tags to delete similarly named duplicates or just click on the entries for a tag. As it is now, i have to find an entry that uses a tag to click on the tag to see the rest. Nothing in the site map. Been trolling around the FAQ's and there's nothing there but in a community for suggestions i see a list of tags on the side so maybe some of the styles have that incorporated. The one i use doesn't i guess. My suggestion would be why there isn't a drop down pick list of previously used tags when i post. Ah well. Future enhancements i guess.

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