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Apparently, October is the 50th anniversary of the release of the Audrey Hepburn movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. BaT is a wonderful movie and Hepburn is absolute gold in it. I must find my dvd and rewatch. She was an amazing actress and really did light up the screen when she was on it.

I don't mind watching subtitled movies and i've seen all three Swedish versions that match the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. They were very good. There is going to be a Hollywood version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not a "remake" but just their own version of it. I greeted the news with a lot of doubt. But... I saw the latest trailer over the weekend and I have to say, i'm a bit impressed. The casting looks pretty decent, with Rooney Mara playing Lizbeth and she's got a good look for it. Daniel Craig plays Blomqvist and he looks the part as well. Christopher Plummer plays the man that hires Craig's character to find out what happened to his niece 40 years ago. It sound like most of the actors are putting on a bit of a Swedish accent for their parts but it doesn't sound heavy handed. The movie was filmed in Sweden and uses quite a few Swedish actors for other parts. You almost want to ask why they're bothering really but i'm also glad they didn't change the location and make it happen in New York or Chicago with the remote location some little town in Maine or somewhere. It will be interesting to see how they handle the rape scene and Lizbeth's revenge. They were fairly graphic in the swedish movie but necessary to the plot. We'll see if the American version downplays it at all.

In other upcoming tv alerts, the sixth season of Dexter starts this weekend just as Doctor Who is finishing. I'll be having a catch up with a fellow Whofan this afternoon over coffee in preparation for this weekend's finale. Graham has overall been disappointed with the Moffat era but mostly i haven't. This season was better than last season overall I thought and this season's storyline arc with the "death of The Doctor" has me very curious as to how they'll get around it. They will, of course, because there's going to be another series next year. It'll all tie in with that "question" that needs asking and answering, i'm guessing. G. also has been unimpressed with Rory's character but i quite like him. He's kind of like the Greek chorus. Or Roman, seeing as it's Rory. :)

Also related, I was never a Torchwood fan though i did like Children of the Earth. I watched that but not the other series and it was quite good so i decided to watch this recent one, Miracle Day. Utter, utter toss. Really awful. I kept waiting for stuff to happen, and it was very dragged out and irrelevant much of the time and annoying when they relied on events that were important that happened off screen. It could so easily have been much better if it had been half as many episodes and WTF was that Blessing thing? It made no sense. And btw, Jack Harkness is immortal because Rose brought him back to life in Doctor Who during that Dalek war using the time core of the TARDIS. He does NOT have immortal blood or dna or anything like that. Therefore the whole premise of his blood causing the Miracle day, the reversal of such and the transfusion into the other bloke giving him apparent immortality is just ridiculous!
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Hitler had little to do with it.
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Yesterday I got my eReader replaced. The raised touchpad that you use for navigating had cracked away from the side of the machine. I didn't think i was pressing it to hard but i guess it was defective. My sister has read at least as many books as me on hers and hers is fine. Anyway Kobo said the store would exchange it rather than me having to ship it back and that's what they did... with a touch screen version! I got it all set up last night. It took a bit of messing but i got it running and loaded and started using it. The touch screen is sensitive which is better than having to beat on the screen to make it turn the page at least.

I finished a number of books over the last couple of weeks. I wanted to finish the ones i had open before i exchanged the device. So books 53 - 57 are as follows:

The Secret Garden, Kate Morton (paper book) A granddaughter tries to unravel her grandmother's past via a little cottage in Cornwall. We flip back and forth between their lives and the life of her great grandmother. The grandmother as a child was left on a ship heading to Australia and was brought up there by a ship harbour master and his wife because she seemed to have been abandoned. We have to go back into the past to find out why.

Dancing in the Shadows of Love - Judy Croome a bit of an allegory, too much of a religious tone for me. About three women all damaged, all trying to find who they are and discover what love it. They have to find a way to love themselves (and believe in the Spirit King apparently) before they can discover how to love properly.

Sho-Gun - James Clavell An older book about the Japanese Samurai around the turn of the 17th century. Mini series with Richard Chamberlain was filmed in the 70s or 80s.

The Bishop's Man - Linden MacIntyre About a priest who has been the problem "wise guy" for the Bishop in Nova Scotia, dealing with church scandal, mostly priests who mess up. In this day and age of abuse in the church, it's more relevant, isn't it to see how things probably work from the inside. The story takes place in a small village in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia mainly. Pretty good book really. It's not about abuse, it's about the priest and his past and the people around him.

Sister: A Novel - Rosamund Lipton A story that is told from the point of view of one sister as a sort of letter to her younger sister who has been murdered. She tells her sister how she felt and how she went about trying to find the murderer. There are clues through the book to the ending's twist but i didn't really get it. I'm crap at that unless i'm hit over the head with it though i can often figure out who the murderer is. I had suspicions about this one but wasn't sure.

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