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 Baby BreeVery good news, my niece brought her little one home from the hospital on Monday. Bree is 5 lb. 4 ounces and thriving. Here's a photo. She looks a bi
t overwhelmed doesn't she! There's a link to a few more photos if you click on the photo including one with her daddy. I think she's got his looks around the eyes and his dark hair, too, if it stays dark. My niece is blonde and babies often loose their hair and when it grows in, it can be a different colour. I still haven't had the opportunity to hold her but I'm sure I will now she's home. 

That's the big news of the week. 

In other local news, the Bluenose II, the lovely sailing ship that represents Nova Scotia, has finally been completely renovated and overhauled and she'll be doing lots of sailing this summer, including leading the Parade of Sail when the Tall Ships come. The boat will be in harbour in Lunenburg for much of August and September so when Malc comes to visit, I would really like to drive down there for a day trip and book tickets to sail on her. In all these years, I've never been on board for a sail. Lunenburg is a gorgeous town, a UNESCO heritage place, too. I haven't been there for awhile. I think I took Graham there on his first visit to NS but we haven't been there since. 

I have been making lists of vegetarian friendly restaurants for Malc, too. Most places have one or two dishes but some are definitely better than others and if we want to eat out somewhere, I don't want to always have to depend on Chinese/Thai or Curry. There aren't really a lot of Indian restaurants here though there are many Chinese places all the way up the scale to some really, really good ones. I've also been earmarking a few recipes to make as well. Vegetarian chili is always a good standby as is Lasagna or spaghetti sauce. I have a couple of good vegetarian pasta recipes as well. I suppose i should make sure I have extra tomatoes and cheese and lettuce in for sandwiches and I may look to see what the grocery store has for veggie luncheon meats and get some tins of soup in or I could always make some and freeze it. 

Over to the books...

The Rosie Project
- Graeme Simsion
Autistic/OCD man meets loose cannon. Complete opposites. HE's helping her find her biological father. Naturally they end up falling in love though that's certainly not what he expected. He's trying to find a suitable wife but his check list and list of qualifying questions turn out to be the kind that would choose someone exactly like him. Love doesn't work that way. Good fun, light reading. There's a sequel I might read as well sometime. 

Leonard  - William Shatner
Shatner (and a cowriter) writes a biography of his old friend, Leonard Nimoy. It's a very good book not just about Nimoy but about Shatner himself, their relationship as friends and contains a good deal about the acting profession in general. 

Baygirl - Heather Smith
A YA book about a teen from a small fishing outport in Newfoundland who has to move to the city so her parents can find work once the government shuts down the cod fishing industry. She doesn't fit in and has trouble making friends but going back to her village when her grandmother becomes ill doesn't work out very well either. I liked it. One of the books in my "Cross Canada Reading Challenge" (Newfoundland)

Impact to Contact: The Shag Harbour Incident - Graham Simms and Chris Styles
In October 1969, lights were seen over the water near Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia and various witnesses saw what appeared to be a "flying saucer" or some sort of flying craft go down in the water, then later, back up out of it and fly off. Was it a true alien UFO? These two men set out to find  out, with documents gained from various government sources and interviews with witnesses. The incident as well as others and the phenomenon of UFOs in general are discussed. Quite interesting. The Truth is Out There!

Gold Fever - Vicki Delaney
A woman with a somewhat criminal past runs a dance hall in the Klondike, Dawson City, in the gold rush of the late 1800s. She has a 13 year old son and a past that doesn't bear close scrutiny. There's a murder or two and she gets caught up in the investigation. There's also a face from her past that dredges up some unhappy memories. Not bad, a quick read. One of the books in my "Cross Canada Reading Challenge" (Yukon)

Ava Comes Home - Lesley Crewe
Ava is an Oscar winning actor who is originally Libby MacKinnon from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. She ran from home after a traumatic event leaving her high school love behind. Now she's come home because her mother is dying and she has to face the past, and Liam again. It's a fairly predictable story but I like the author and her characters and when they're set in Nova Scotia, I can really relate to the locations and the characters. One of the books in my "Cross Canada Reading Challenge" (Nova Scotia)

Barney's Version - Mordecai Richler
One of Canada's venerated authors. Barney is writing his biography to counter a rather scurrilous accusation in a book written by a rival of his. His memory and health are fading somewhat but his recollections are full on. He's not really a nice man, he drinks, he's obnoxious, and he may have killed his best friend 30 years ago though was acquitted. There was no body and he insists he never killed him but nobody quite believes it. He had three wives, the third of which he met on his wedding day to the second and whom he loves the most but she's left him, his kids are grown and probably don't like him much. It's a great ride! Not really told in a linear fashion, he jumps around in time and sometimes revisits incidents more than once. And we do find out at the end of the book what happened to his friend. One of the books in my "Cross Canada Reading Challenge" (Quebec)

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