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Out and about today took Mom and I to the new Seafront Market, first. It's in an old warehouse on the south end of the waterfront. This area has been rejuvenated in recent years. The Pier 21 museum is here, telling the history of the immigration to Canada for much of the 20th century though Pier 21 in Halifax. There is now a venu that is often used for music and concerts. In another of the old "pier" warehouses, the Art College has moved in and built light, airy studios and classrooms and now the old Farmer's Market has mostly moved into a new building as well. I say "most" because not all of the vendors decided to make the move from the old Keith's Brewery where all the little rooms and spaces with the stone walls and low ceilings really made you think you were back a century. But the throngs of people just couldn't get through and the market was over crowded. I think there was some bad feeling or politics there, and not everyone agreed with the move. Most went, a few stayed but i think they're fighting a losing battle.

Anyway, the new market is still crowded but everything is on one main floor. The second floor has mostly crafts and artwork and there will be a third floor as well but it's not ready yet. This time of year, there's lots of produce. There is also cheese, meat, fish, sausages, sweets, homemade jams, wines and bakery goods. There's cooked foods, too, so you can grab some lunch and try something new.

We went to lunch at Smitty's after that and when we were done, we walked across the street to Victoria Park, a long, narrow greenspace near the Public Gardens. All this was part of the original Common land in Halifax but has got chipped away over the centuries. Today, there was a classic car show in the park and along part of one of the streets. And oh, i do love the old cars! It's a photographer's dream, as you would expect. It's not even the whole car i like to photograph, i like to get details, like wheels, ornamental decoration, reflections, all that sort of thing. There was also a large group of British Cars from the people that belong to a British Automobile Association. Jaguars, MGBs, Triumphs, and they had a Rolls Royce and a Daimler as well as a Sunbeam Tiger and a Mini, of course! Lots of other cars on display too including a 1927 Bugatti Roadster. Here's a taste and here's an album on Facebook. I think you can see that as i made it viewable to everyone.

Market peppers
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Triumph and MG

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