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I mentioned that my keyboard and mouse packed it in. I replaced them with wired ones and they didn't work either!!! Uh oh.  Then on Friday night, I think it was, I booted up the pc and it came up once to a "disk check"... ok, let it check, all ok, continue on. (I thought that was because i had had to turn it off by the power button, not having any mouse or keyboard) It booted to the desktop and was opening up whatever it needed to for startup and suddenly the monitor display went all strange, and everything stopped. AT this point I had the wired input devices hooked up and was trying to see if they would work. Had to power down and tried again. This time it booted up to the desktop without the disk check but the same thing happened again. An aside, I could tell that the wired mouse wanted to work, it did show movement but then stopped and the display went all wonky again. This isn't good, is it? I also put the wireless keyboard and mouse widget in the laptop and it worked just fine.

I doubt the problem is the hard drive because it wouldn't boot up at all. Drivers? Motherboard? I've had power supply issues in the past but it didn't behave like this. I'm going to bet on motherboard. The machine is pretty old and has been rebuilt with a new power supply and MB already once, about 5 or 6 years ago, maybe even longer. I was going to take it to a shop or to Best Buy but a coworker and friend offered her husband's services. He does this for a living and it would be cheaper than Best Buy, at least for him to diagnose it. Then I can decide what to do. I'd like to get the documents and files from it at least. If it needs new guts, it might not be worth bothering. I may use my income tax refund to get a new desktop system. It's about time, really.
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Picked up my new Paintshop Pro X2 today. And it wouldn't install. It got near to the end and then hung. I tried twice. Then i went to the website for the support section and there it was. Apparently dual core processors sometimes have this problem and i needed to update my video driver. Eeekk!!! Ok. Follow the instructions and here we go.

Download driver. Check.
Create restore checkpoint. Check. (they didn't say to do that but i wasn't taking any chances)
Uninstall old driver. Check. Restart.
Disable everything.
Install new driver. Restart.
Hold Breath.
Yay! It booted up and all i had to do was change the resolution to one i liked.
Start install again.
I've been playing with it a bit and i do like it. It has a "learning centre" but you can disable that and just do things the way you always did if you want.
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I'm a bit ambivalent about the upcoming US presidential election but i did read something in today's paper that i hadn't heard before. Apparently John McCain (I keep wanting to call him McLean because i know a John McLean plus isn't that the name Bruce Willis' character had in Die Hard?) is computer illiterate, according to the newspaper article. The piece was about how younger voters see Obama as "cool". I'm surprised in this day and age that someone running for President is computer illiterate. It's go nothing to do with is advancing years. Loads of senior citizens i know have computers and are merrily surfing the net and sending emails and getting webcams. Very possibly he's saying that because he's not very knowledgable about what's "under the hood" (and there's nothing wrong with that) but can in fact send and email and surf the web but the article didn't go into details. I certainly wouldn't knowingly vote for someone that is that technologically ignorant in this day and age. A politician doesn't have to be a whiz kid with a computer but i figure they should at least be comfortable enough to do basic stuff. How can you lead a country into the future if you can't even send an email?

Speaking of into the future, I saw an ad for a usb flash drive that holds 16G. My first and second computers didn't have hard drives that big and as well, you can fit more stuff on a single layer dvd (4.2G) than was on my first hard drive! Pretty soon, you won't have to buy external hard drives with 60 or 160 or 300G of space, you'll just have to plug in a little usb flash drive.
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I mentioned that my friend Tracey was making Guinness Steak and cheese pie for me. She brought it over last night and oh boy was it tasty!! I'm having the rest for supper tonight. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver At Home and here's the recipe. She cooked it in a slow cooker but you can do it in the oven in a dish.

Was digging through my desk drawers looking for a box of paperclips which i did not find but i did uncover a cd that had Paintshop Pro on it. Result! I'd thought it was long gone and Graham was going to send me his copy (You don't have to now, sweetie, if you've not put it in the post yet!). I couldn't install it at home before because it kept crashing but with the new upgrades, i think it will work ok.
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Apparently there is a legal principle in Canada that a sentence annot be unduly long or harsh. This means that a man recently convicted of knowingly passing on HIV to his sexual partners and charged and conviced of 15 counts of aggravated assault only gets 18 years in prison instead of 15 consecutive sentences totalling 49 years. Oh i don't know. Shagging 15 women knowing you had HIV (and making at current count, 5 of them HIV positive as a result), sounds pretty harsh itself. He's give at least 5 people what is very likely a death sentence. Aggravated assault? I call it attempted murder.

Now, these scattered bombs on the road in Afghanistan (and elsewhere i suppose) are being called "Iimprovised explosive devices". How come we just can't call it what it is these days without glossing it over?

Half of the provinces in Canada have sorted out a bank holiday in February to break up the long stretch between Christmas and Easter. Nova Scotia's premier says we don't need another day off but as more and more provinces take it up, i guess we'll jump on the band wagon eventually. Thing is, now that we have Sunday shopping, i don't suppose an extra day off will be given across the board. Retail workers will still have to work so it's only banks, offices, government workers, schools that will have it off. There are very few holidays in the year that are applied to all these days. Really, there are none because there are still people that have to work days like Christmas day (shift workers, emergency personnel, gas stations, drug stores).

I had some trouble with the computer yesterday where anything i played in either dvd drive wouldn't give me sound. I could play audio files ok but the sound from the dvds wasn't coming out the speakers. I checked all the settings, both hardware and in Windows Media player which the computer was using. I later on installed PowerDVD which is what i was always used to using and lo and behold, SOUND! I wonder if it's a codec issue. I must look up and see where the microsoft update for that is because i'm pretty sure i had to do that before. Stupid microsoft.

I've pretty much got everything reinstalled and set up but i'm sure i'll come across things i missed as i need them. Time to start typing up the travelogue. Today I will be doing laundry and doing that as well.
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Am getting my puter back today! Rar! He had to do a clean install of XP so he cleaned off the hard drive which means i will have to reinstall most of my programs. He did do Office and WP and Lotus for me (though i really don't need Lotus anymore). I made a list of everything i could remember and sent myself an email with the links to the download sites as well as my ftp settings for Filezilla. He did make a copy of my old hard drive so i can check there to see what i missed and retrieve some of my other settings like my mail and my bookmarks and favourites etc. I have a second hard drive with most of my documents, mp3s and files and the rest should be on the copies. I did have a backup of all my files from February, too, anticipating the worst. It's too bad it ended up costing me more than the cost of the power supply which i had to have anyway. (he tested the old one and it was indeed baked). So pretty much, yeah, i had to buy a new computer. The only difference is it's still in the old case, i'm still using my old monitor which is only 2 years old and a flat panel one, and i still have my second hard drive with data. Also have a shiny new cordless keyboard and mouse i got for my birthday :) Can't wait to see how fast it will be!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] steer!!

Tupperware party this afternoon at my mom's house. Not sure how many are coming but there will be a handful anyway.

6 more sleeps and i've hardly got anything packed yet!!!! This is so not like me! I have Friday off though, so will be able to do all my laundry then and pack properly. Bought a few new tops yesterday and will definitely take at least two of them, one red, one black. I think the guy that i bought my computer from might be picking it up on the way home from work on Thursday so i may not even have computer access from then until after i get back and he brings it back. Still seem to be having some power issues of some sort so i haven't turned it off again after Wednesday. One of the last things i did before i left it alone (and before i tried later and it came on) was switch it off from the power switch in the back of the tower. It doesn't seem like cutting the power from there, then turning that back on and then powering it up from the front switch should have done the trick and if it did, it still would seem to indicate there's a problem somewhere. I don't trust it now so he's going to have to have a look and check everything.
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Absolutely horrible crap crap crap day today at work. Not very much went right, things weren't working and neither i nor anyone else seemed to be able to unlock the puzzle. I know it's going to end up being something really stupid but it has me on the edge of tears of frustration all day. People kept wanting other stuff that they should have requested a week ago and needed it for tomorrow. Not a problem, it's do-able but my boss rolls his eyes when he finds out that the person that requested it forgot to put in the request until it was almost too late. Then someone else comes to me almost at the end of the day with two reports that should match but don't so i had to dig a little to find out why. I did but by that time i was nearly ready to tell everyone to firmly fuck right off and leave me the fuck alone and let me go home. I was going to go to the gym, i really was. But on the way home, on the bus, i realized that my bra strap had come undone and the pin that had been holding it on in the back was stabbing me in the back and i just gave up and came home.

Two good things happened. I had powered off the computer,in hopes that the guy i bought it from was going to give me a second hand power supply but he didnt' have one. He's going to get a new one tonight hopefully, and bring it tomorrow. The computer works but doesn't always start up properly when it's been powered off. It starts but then dies out again. Took me an hour to get it going when i got back from vacation in November. When i got home today, the puter started up first time.

The other good thing? An early birthday card from my sweetie was in the mailbox.

18 sleeps!
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Th'interweb has been a bit patchy here today. Called up Eastlink tonight to see if it was just me and there was a recorded message that said that they were having difficulties browsing to some websites and they were investigating. I found an online trace utility and i can plug in an offending url which then shows that it reaches its destination but i can't browse to a few of my regular sites nor can i ftp in to one of the ones i need to. Pain in the arse but at least it's not me, it's an ISP problem. I even tried installing Zone Alarm in case it was a firewall problem but then that gave me grief so it was soon uninstalled again.

I had Mom's car this weekend for a meeting on Friday night (to do with a Corrie event our group is holding in March, oh and .... anyone local that knows Coronation Street fans, please let them know that we're hosting a Corrie actor on March 4. Details here. pass it on!) Anyway, as i was saying, i borrowed the car, got some groceries yesterday when i ventured out into the arctic temperatures and then Mom and i visited my aunt today, to celebrate her birthday. Her two daughters and a granddaughter were there too so it was nice to see cousins i don't usually get a chance to see. One cousin and her husband have aquired a greyhound from the people that take in racing dogs that have been retired. They're lovely and gentle animals though usually very timid and shy from being mistreated while they were in the racing kennels. This one had no idea how to go up stairs! He'd never been on stairs before, just in the kennel and on the race track so he had to be taught. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they can't actually sit down on their backsides, they have to lay or stand. More pictures here.

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So now there's a little light jingle or tinkle from inside the computer. It might be that missing screw but I may have to open her up again to find out what it is. I don't think it's going to explode or anything but something might be loose or rubbing up against something else. *sigh*


May. 26th, 2007 11:55 am
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One of my coworkers had got a new computer recently. He'd also bought a second 80gig hard drive for his old one but it wouldn't fit in the new one, because it was a different type. He was going to sell it and when i expressed interest, said he'd sell it to me. Now the conumdrum. I have to install it myself! When it comes to poking around inside the computer, i'm not very comfortable and never quite sure what i'm doing or if i'm doing it right. I have managed to replace a battery in my old one and install a dvd writer in the new one. Plugging bits into the back isn't any trouble but the inside is always a mystery.

So anyway, i got the inside open and as i suspected, it really needed a good dusting. The fan was caked! I sorted that all out first and then had a look at where the hard drive is and where the new one goes in. Discovered that it doesn't plug into something in the back, it's just sitting on little shelves so to speak so that was good. Only the one that was in there was on the bottom bit and the way the cable was, i couldn't get it plugged into the new one and fit over top. I was not confident enough to unplug the cable from the old one and put it on the new one because i wasn't sure if that would tell the computer that the new one was the system drive which it isn't. Probably would have been ok but i didn't want to take the chance. So what do to? I unscrewed the old one and managed to slide it up into the top slot and then got the new one in the bottom slot (and for all you techies out there, the new drive was already formatted and the switch was already set to slave. I did know about that bit but it was already set that way from T's machine). Ok. somewhere along the way, one of the four screws from the old drive has vanished but no worries. I used two for the new drive to hold it in place and the third plus one that was holding the side panel of the tower to hold the other one in place. Plug all the bits back into the rear and plug the power cord back into the wall.

Hold breath.
Well, it booted up anyway. I haven't had it turned off since i had trouble powering it up a few weeks ago.
Woot! Found new hardware/disk drive *and* i changed the drive letter like i was shown when i asked at work. It's going to be my M drive, for Media, i think i'll keep video, mp3's and maybe photos on it. Might move all my documents over there, not sure. Media for starters.

Right. I have some errands to run plus a stop at the bank machine to get the money for my buddy.

Go me!

Fab Friday

Feb. 23rd, 2007 07:56 am
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It's finally Friday! After thinking the next day was Friday all day on what turned out to be Wednesday, it seemed a long time coming this week.

Flaming windows is driving me mad just at the moment. It's doing windows updates and the window i'm typing in keeps losing focus and when it does, the machine bleeps balefully at me when i'm trying to type at that moment. Stupid thing. It says you can keep on working while it installs but that's not strictly true since it's hugely annoying me. And it will interrupt me to reboot most likely. See, i've only just installed Service Pack 2 yesterday here on the work PC. We weren't supposed to install it for quite some time as it interfererd with some of the network applications but when the prod to install it came down through MS yesterday, i asked and apparently it's ok to go. This morning there's a bucket load of updates to install for it. It's done now and yes, it wants me to reboot but it will just have to wait until i'm good and ready.

After all that, i forgot what else i was going to say.
Oh yes
I did two auctions this week, won one and lost the other, gazumped at the very last with 30 seconds left. Though, i wouldn't have gone much higher anyway since the shipping to Canada was a bit pricey. It was the one i really wanted, 10 Corrie magazines that Granada put out in the early 90's including the last one they published. Would have been some good interviews and pics in them. I'd have perused them, scanned stuff and then passed them on to the ping for raffling off. The other thing i did win was a Corrie trivia game. No i don't plan on playing the game, i plan to glean it for trivia questions for quizzes and then pass it on for ping raffling as well. I'll get my money back for it as well if i do that.

Gotta say i was impressed by the customer service at If you will remember, i ordered some prints of my digital photos and hadn't received them yet. I emailed them through their online form last night with the order number. They tell you to allow up to 14 business days for delivery to Canada and it's been nearly 20. Anyway within a half hour i got an email back asking me to confirm my mailing address and they are going to refill the order and send it again, no charge. You know what will happen now don't you? i'll probably get the original order as well! I'm sure some people might want the extra copies of some of the prints. There's some of the work Christmas party that i could put into the photo album we keep here in the office for events and there are some Christmas family ones and some from LJ meets that i can pass around. If i do in fact get the double set.

I've used KodakGallery for quite awhile for most of my photo albums though i do have photos scattered around a number of other photo sites as well, Fotopic, webshots, LJ's photos, and Flickr which seems to be one of the more popular ones these days. All have free memberships with limitations. the Kodak one does want you to place some sort of order once a year and ordering a few prints is all you need to do. The cost with shipping and the US to CAD exchange worked out this time to about 22 cents a print but it's less if i order a larger quantity obviously because the shipping rate is a flat $2.99 US. One of the cheapest places here is .19 per print but you add on 14% tax on that so it worked out about the same this time. The only inconvenience is that you have to wait a few weeks to get delivery whereas locally of course you don't. I've had photo calendars done there as well and have been very pleased, more than the ones i've had done at Shopper's Drug mart. Price worked out about the same in the end there too but i liked the finished product from KodakGallery better. If i ever do pay for a pro account at some place, like Flickr, i doubt i'll move all my photos over there as it's just too much fiddling around. It's a good place to store photos for posting on my website though, saves space rather than having them on my limited webspace through my isp.
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I understand about regional accents which affect pronunciation but why can't the rules still be followed? I'm getting more and more annoyed by the pronunciation of "the"... specifically before a word starting with a vowel. You're supposed to pronounce it as "Thee" before one of those words, "thee egg", "thee evening" or "thee others" but in more and more commercials on television, it's been jumping at me, "the others" instead of "thee", over and over. I don't know if they think it's cute or down-home like but it's seriously irritating me! You might be a bit sloppy with your every day speech and say things like that but if you're trying to sell a product on the air, wouldn't it be prudent to pronounce things correctly? It's like the epidemic of misplaced apostrophes that seems to be running rife these days. Professional signs advertising "Pizza's" when they aren't talking about the something belonging to the pizza. Someone writing an email or article on a website with missing apostrophes or putting them where they don't belong. It looks unprofessional and it looks ignorant. I was in a pub in Toronto where the sign painted over the loos was "Ladie's" Sheesh!


Didn't go to the family party this afternoon because apparently the host isn't feeling too well either. An awful lot of people are suffering this flu this week! I thought i might be getting it back too, judging from the amount of time i spent in the loo this morning but all seems well at the moment (*knock on wood, er... porcelain?*) Tomorrow am supposed to hook up with my friend for a belated gift exchange and i *will* get out of this apartment even if the weather outside is frightful! (Well, cold, which it has been all week!)

My mailbox was filled with some quite diverse items today. In addition to a couple of bills (*paid with automatic debit*), there were a few christmas cards (Thanks [ profile] kixie and [ profile] naturalbornkaos), a newsletter from my MP (*bin*), and a packet of microwave popcorn! Cool!

I have lovely soft Ocean Salted and Lemony Fluttered (LUSH) hands and feet today. They feel and smell very nice! My dining room table is covered in stuff, two printers (one replaced with a new all-in-one) in various state of functionality, a cd burner (replaced by a dvd burner), a flat bed scanner (replaced with a new all-in-one), various cables and a battery charger. And ink for one of the printers. One printer needs a new print head cartridge and the other installs better with older Windows systems though it will go with XP as it was working on my puter ok. The scanner works very well. Have the software cd's for them all. What am i going to do with it all? (well, not the charger, that's new and it's not going anywhere). If anyone wants any of it, cheap, let me know.
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My new printer/scanner is working just fine, thanks. But there's a little icon in the system tray that advises me that i can safely remove the hardware. Now how do i make that go away? I never had that pop up before when i installed anything. Rebooting only shifted it's position on the tray. Stupid Windows.
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Turns out i was right. I always like when that happens ;) [ profile] gramie_dee texted me and said his hard drive is borked. He's getting a new one tomorrow if the shop is open and his mate will fit it in for him. He'll get some more memory for it too as it badly needs it. His mate thinks that the data on the old one is retrievable. Hope so as he has a lot of stuff on there from his radio show and *didn't back it up!* Guess what i did today? lol Actually i do backup my documents a couple of times a year including all my photos and download installer files and now that i have a dvd writer, i even do the mp3's that are on the disk at the time. Spose i should just burn them off to a separate cd anyway, then that leaves more room on the next dvd backup.

Got to the mall and returned the batgear and picture frame without a problem. bought a few new things in Cotton Ginny. Also without a problem. :) two tops, both a dark orange, and two pairs of pants, and some socks. I did manage to get one of the tops for free as they had a buy 2 get one free thing so that was nice. picked up a bit of white and black makeup for halloween, and a couple of pretty christmas ornaments for presents. Timed it perfect to get a bus back and i've been messing around all afternoon, doing the file backup and making a Corrie dvd for a ping tomorrow.

Hasn't started raining yet.
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[ profile] gramie_dee's puter seems to be hurtling towards the edge of a cliff, one foot on a banana peel and the other on a patch of ice. It keeps going into scandisk and booting up very very slowly. I have visions of an old computer of mine that did something similar when it's hard drive crashed but he's waiting to see what happens in case it's just bad memory. On the plus side, he's been over taxed at work (payroll, not work effort!) and got a rebate this pay! At least he'll have a bit of cash to buy a new hard drive and new memory if need be. I guess that means he'll be offline for a bit. I hope the computer can be coaxed but i think it's very very ill indeed.
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Another Friday night. Another Super7 Lottery Draw. Another bookmark. Well no, not quite. I did get a free ticket on the Tag number, i did on last week's draw too but i forgot about it and only just found that ticket under the stuff on the couch.

Mom's got a new puter and my cousin and i are going over this afternoon to get her set up and going. I think it's got XP loaded on, most of them do out of the box these days. I hope it's got burner software already on. I'm taking over some installers to add on a few things and my cousin has Word Perfect which is her preferred word processor though i will put some of Office 2000 on as well so she can read Word documents and see Powerpoint slideshows. I'm also going to put on Foxit which is a really nice PDF reader, far better than Adobe reader. Adobe is getting really clunky and takes ages to start up because it goes out looking for updates all the time. Foxit reader does everything that Adobe does and it's far faster, smaller, it's free and it doesn't need installing, just unzipping into a folder where you want it to run. I think the first time i wanted to use it, i went to the file and right clicked and chose Open With and set the default to Foxit that way. I highly recommend it!

I need probably 2 more photo albums. I bought a set of two that hold a total of 400 photos, so it says. One is entirely for the photos from the Corrie set visit. The other is completely inadequate and only holds the London and Manchester photos and that doesn't count the museum photos from the V and A and Natural History museum in London. Then there's Conwy Castle, Conwy, Llandudno, York and Blackpool. I'll get another set of the same kind next week so that the albums for this trip are all the same. I really have a lot of photo albums. You can well imagine. I still like that feeling of holding the album to look at the photos and i do go back at look through the ones from various trips. I'm taking fewer photos from every day life, though still do for special occaisions. I am taking more digital ones if i just want to go out somewhere and take a camera and then rarely print too many of those. Eventually i'll get a digital SLR. They're coming down in price and they've got image stabilizers which is a good thing. I find that my digital shows the camera shake a lot more than my SLR and i can hold a camera pretty steady when i try but i think the digital tends to have a slower shutter speed for non-flash. It's good in that it does take a better natural light photo in dark conditions but it's very hard to get a clear photo. Even using a tripod, i've had problems without the flash. I prefer having more to hold on to and a larger SLR shaped camera gives me more stablization i think.

I am planning to go to the Multicultural festival on the waterfront tomorrow. The weather is supposed to hold and it's always a nice few hours spent in the sun, trying exotic foods, listening to lots of different music and watching the performers.
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But cut so you can skip it if you want )

And in other events, i spent my day off huddling inside. The wind is very high out there and it sounds very cold! So instead i cleaned the bathroom, vaccuumed and dusted, packed up allllll the old papers and stuff and took them all down to the recycle shelves. Then my internet connection just died on me. Agghh! After an hour i called up, mainly thinking it was probably an area outage due to the wind but no, it seemed to be an IP address conflict somewhere and the lad spent a half hour on the phone with me doing this, that, and the other. Finally we had to fool it by putting in a static ip address, connecting and then going back to the random address so that the computer/modem would request a different one instead of the old one that it stubbornly refused to let go of. Anyway the upshot is, it's working again.

[ profile] gramie_dee made me giggle this morning unintentionally. Pronounciation differences between the east side of the Atlantic and the West side rather clashed over an attempt at telling a joke. Let's just say we won't have to worry about him telling Newfoundland jokes when he comes to Canada. ;)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] blueberrymoon!!!

I seem to have cracked the problem with the dvd writer. As per suggestions, i uninstalled my Norton products altogether. Am now using AVG for virus control and the windows firewall. Have had several people who are far more technically minded say that was a good combo. Created a restore point before i started, did the removal and installed the Nero stuff and it seems to be ok and i've managed to burn a dvd to backup all my documents, and photos all on the one disk. Have been told about a nifty little utility too that cleans up spyware and crap from your computer and it's called ccleaner. google it and have a look.

Great success in our chat room tonight. (a coronation street chat room where i met dozens and dozens of wonderful friends over the past 9 years). We had a reunion and invited back as many of the old names as we had addresses for and the word spread. Over the evening over 65 people dropped in. So great to see and talk to old friends. We've decided to hold a get together on the first Saturday night (Sunday morning for Down Unders) of each month. We'll see how long that lasts. Over the years people just drift away, get into other things, and out of the habit. The chat room is pretty quiet most of the time now so maybe this will revitalize it a little, at least on weekends. And in case you're shaking your head and thinking how daft and sad is it to chat in a coronation street chat room, we rarely talk about the show! We have all become such good mates over the years that it's mostly like any chat room talking about any topic with a lot of nice people. Once in a long while the subject of the show comes up if there's a particularly controversial storyline or character current. It's the exception, not the rule though anyone new in can always find someone to talk about the show with. We may not talk about it on a regular basis but the majority still watch it.

Anyway, it's past my beddybye time. Car goes back to the rental office tomorrow sometime and i'm back to work on Monday morning. Urgh!
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Very industrious today. I undecorated the tree last night and took it apart today, stuffing it into it's box. The box, even though brand new, was already starting to fall apart so i don't know, i figure by next year, i'll have to store it in garbage bags. Duck taped it in and wedged it into the storage closet so i don't think i'll have branches springing out at me when i open the door next time. Ah yes, the storage closet. Someone tell me why i've kept a box with one or two odd lengths of fabric from some things i sewed about 10 years ago? And why did i keep a bag of coffee mugs? And oh.. a bunch of other stuff that is now in the bin or sitting on the recycle shelves in the garage of the building. I also bundled my old tree down there too and stuck a note on it "Free to a good home". Ran the hoover over the carpets. No my apartment still isnt' tidy but at least one task is done.

Been struggling with Nero 6 for this dvd writer. It seems like once it's installed and i reboot, i'm no longer booted up as the administrator and several applications won't run including Norton Anti Virus and it won't let me activate it because it's telling me i'm not the administrator. Bah! I even tried disabling Norton and disconnecting from the internet while i installed but no dice. I will ask around among the techies at work this week, maybe someone has some software i can use instead or some ideas of what i can try. The drive works as far as reading and playing goes, i haven't tried to write to it yet.

I nipped out to Wally World (Wal Mart) to find a frame for the painting and i found a nice one, it's a mahogany colour with lots of gold flecks on it and it looks nice with the painting. I don't need to get an oval cut out matte for it though, it really does look ok as it is. I took it up to Mom's and we put the pic in the frame and left the glass on to protect it. I'll take a photo once it's on the wall but they need to get proper picture hanging wire and those little round plastic things you can attach to protect the paint on the wall. Am now just waiting for delivery of a donair and garlic fingers with cheese. mmmmmmmm.....

Have organized a sort of reunion for our chat room for tonight as well, and i expect to see a lot of people that have got away from it over the years. The chat room is not very busy these days and Saturday nights used to be party night there, we'd all listen to the same web radio and have a blast. It'll be nice to see some of the old names again :)

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