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Canada has a national recycle program for mobile/cell phones, smart phones, palms and the like and information is available at RecycleMyCell with a search by postal code feature to find out what your local drop off shops are. There's also a page on there to tell you which companies and providers will donate to charities or what else they do with the phones. For instance, Rogers donates to the food banks. All of the providers donate to charity. Motorola does not seem to. I think i still have my old Rogers phone so i'll be taking that over to the mall next time i go and dropping it off.

In other news, I'm totally addicted to this Flickr group called Photo Faceoff where you can pit your photos against two others in the various challenges they hold all day long. The first photo to get five votes wins "gold". You get "silver" if you get four votes. They hold other challenges where the medal winners then can compete for platinum or gold (previous silver winners) and then ultimately a hall of fame for a month. You can only be in three challenges at a time and you must vote in the other open ones. You only post to the group pool if you are a medal winner. There are a few other rules too but they're all laid out clearly for the most part and there's a daily chat forum if you need to ask questions. It's quite a charge to see your photo win and equally a kick to the ego to see it doesn't even get a look in! lol Aw but when you submit a photo and then see what someone else enters after you, you can often tell that theirs is that much better. It's so subjective too, it's not just on technical merit. I vote on if the photo best suits the challenge theme, or just what i like the best. They're all good, technically. There's 8 or 9 challenges going at any given time with various themes such as B&W, a colour, landscape, seascape, macro, people, animals, still life, reflections, all kinds of things.  It's easy to forget and post a pic to more than three challenges, i find i get carried away! These are the photos that have won me gold medals so far.  The gold medal comment has a link so you can see what the other two entries were that didn't win. Most of the challenges can only be entered if a photo has not won a gold medal. There are other challenges for medal winners. 

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