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Bonus money! Sort of anyway. I have a shelf in the kitchen and it ends up being a catch-all so this morning i was chipping through the pile of stuff and putting it away or on other catch-all places and i discovered a cheque! A blue cross insurance refund from a couple of chiropractor payments, dated a couple of weeks ago, that i didn't cash yet! Woo! I was getting a bit short and was thinking i'd have to go worship at the Money God in the Wall tomorrow and now i can put that cheque in the bank and withdraw from that. It's not a huge amount, just $66 but $60 of it will get me through to payday handily.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday but i did walk over to MicMac Mall instead, about 25 or 30 minutes i think, for the speed i walk. I decided to buy the Capote dvd, which i did, and i said "hey" to my niece where she works and bought a card of three pairs of drop earrings, little clear glass ones, blue, green and brown which will match a few things i wear.

Capote was good. Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent in the part of Truman Capote balancing his curiosity, growing affection for one of the murderers and his ambition for his literary work.

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Ok, i can admit it now. I didn't want to say anything untill i did it at least more than once. I'm feeling a bit fragile for it but i am determined to keep it up. Got you thinking, eh? I started going to the gym again. I went on Saturday and after work yesterday. I've been beating myself up about it for ages but that's not very good exercise, is it? And I really have no excuses either. The location is convenient. The price is right. I've started out doing a half hour on the treadmill and about a half hour on the various circuit machines for flexibility and strength. That's a good start. Eventually i would like to get back to the deep water aerobics, and maybe take some other sort of class as well but i need to work up to that. I might go for a swim when i have a Friday off for a change. I don't exactly swim like a fish but at least it's movement and exercise. Oops gotta go catch a bus....

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