Jan. 9th, 2017

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We had the first real storm but it was over the weekend so there was no stress over getting to or home from work and the roads and the main sidewalks were cleared this morning. We were shoveled out to the main road even if it was only a shovel-width path and the bus stop was also cleared. That's all I ask for ! Downtown, the sidwalks were in ok shape. god I hate winter. We stayed home all weekend and binge watched Face Off, a "reality" show where the contestants do up crazy makeup and prosthetics, like you'd do for movies. It's actually quite good and the contestants are very talented and creative. The best thing is there isn't too much whinging and when there is, it's self indulgent, not whinging about someone else. That's mainly why I don't watch these things. It's about as far from reality as Peanuts is! I do like the creative aspect of this one. The Space channel played every season there was for four days straight and G. recorded them so we've been watching. I think the new season starts later this month.

I've finished my sessions with the trainer. He's done up a card with all the excercises we do as a guide and the gym has something that I can fill out a ballot after every 6 sessions to win, hmm... I think it's $1000, not sure. The trainer said that for every 10 (or was it 20?) workouts I do, he'll do an hour with me as in incentive to keep me going which was really nice. He's a nice guy and I'll miss the social aspect, chatting while we work out. But I do get through my workout faster on my own!

Had that mammogram just before Christmas. They mail letters out for the results. Got mine today and it was fine. Whew. I won't be leaving it so long now, i'll sort it out for a yearly test. Three years ago I had uterine cancer which is why I had the hysterectomy. I don't want it to pop up somewhere else. At least if I have the mammogram and something does happen, it should be caught early.

My great uncle died last night, it was expected, he was well into his 90s. Think about that, it's my mother's uncle and my mother is over 80. It's quite something to still have an older relative like that at her age! I think this was her last relative from that generation. I still have two aunts and two uncles between both sides of the family. I have two more aunts by marriage i.e. they married into the family. Most of them are in pretty good health other than one aunt, my dad's sister who isn't really that well. Both uncles are on the west coast, one from each side of the family. My mother's brother is in rude health as is his wife but I really don't know what kind of health my dad's remaining brother is in. My mom's health seems pretty good, too (knock on wood). Her only major complaint seems to be some arthritis pain.

Enough of that.

Been enjoying the book blog so far. I've posted something every day pretty much and I"m sure that will ease off after a bit. It's something new to write about, though. I haven't been doing much on the travel blog, mainly photo challenges, because we haven't had much travel over the past year or so. We are going to start planning our trip in the fall to go to the west coast and Hawaii. Need to sort out the logisitcs of who we are visiting and when and then when we slot in the Hawaii dates.

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