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2011 Tea Tasting
Haven't done one of these for awhile. I was looking for something hot but not caffienated so i looked through the samples i have left from the Christmas variety pack and came across Creme Brulee... It's a green rooibos tea and it smells wonderful! Taste? Yes please. it's quite nice. I think it would be very nice as iced tea too!

I must get some and the best news, not only has David's Tea opened up in Halifax on Spring Garden Road but there's one opened up in MicMac Mall near me! I was looking on their website and they have a couple of different travel mugs that have loose tea infusers built in, and one is actually a press-style. This could be detrimental to my bank balance! ;)
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Went to a Corrie ping today and won an apron in the raffle. It's got a big Hilda Ogden face on it! It's a vinyl coating so i won't get so dirty! I can be quite messy in the kitchen!

40 sleeps until touch down! Just waiting on confirmation of the rental car. I booked an automatic so i could help with some of the driving but they haven't confirmed availability yet. Hopefully that will come tomorrow as the first business day after i'd booked it. G. says he doesnt' mind driving and indeed, likes to drive but i thought i would do some and i wouldn't be brave enough to master the manual shift and drive on the opposite side of the road to what i'm used to. I can drive a shift but i haven't in over 25 years.

2011 tea tasting
Jumpy Monkey was today's try out. it's roasted maté which is apparently a South American rainforest type product and it also has some roasted coffee beans added though it doesn't taste coffee-like. It's also got almond, white chocolate, cloves, other bark and roots! Sounds dreadful doesn't it? It's not though it's not wow either.

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2011 tea tasting
North African Mint
Containing green tea, mint, with cardamom, ginger, licorice, fennel, and pepper. This was way better than i expecte it to be. Minty but not stongly so but a really nice, smooth flavour.

Cold remedy: A base of green tea with ginger and a couple other ingredients. It's supposed to ward off a cold if you drink lots of it when you feel one coming on. Unfortunately i only had a single serving sample so it's not really done the trick. It was ok.

Coco Chai Rooibos: A base of rooibos which is a red tea, caffeine free. I've not had it before and i suppose i should try it without all the spice and flavour added but this was nice. The cinnamonny chai flavour and that touch of coconut which gave it a sweet "soft" feel . Nice just before bed.
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2011 tea tasting
This one's called "Read My Lips" and it's a combination of mint, chocolate, vanilla, red peppercorn and it's got wee little candy red lips too, that dissolve of course. It smells wonderful! You only smell the mint in the background and your mouth is kind of fresh with the mint as the aftertaste but it doesn't taste like mint tea or even a strong mint chocolate. The base is black tea which i like better than an entirely herbal tea. The description doesn't say that it doesn't have caffeine so i assume it does. There's quite a few black teas on their site that i might like to try. This is one i might get again sometime.

Am getting up a little earlier so i can catch an earlier bus. I can't trust my usual one at 7 anymore as it only seems to come half the week. I wish they'd get their shit together. Very frustrating.

Oooh and...... I booked my plane ticket today! Yay! The price had gone down but it looked like it was inching back up again and the flight i wanted also looked to be filling up already so i thought i better book. It looks like we'll be in London the weekend of May 20-22 and i'll leave from Heathrow from there on the Monday rather than fly down from Manchester and change like i usually do. We want to go to the Doctor Who experience thingy at the Olympic exhibition centre but barring that, it's all open so far. I suppose we'll get down to London in the afternoon of the Friday. Not sure yet where we're staying. Have a few possibilities. We're going to rent a car for the whole two weeks this time instead of flying out somewhere and we'll drive down through Cornwall plus do some day trips out of Manchester somewhere.
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A bit of a frustrating week as far as work goes. Things keep breaking and i can't always figure out why. Happens that way sometimes. Had a meeting in an outside-the-office location on Monday morning and because it was so cold, i got a taxi. I did get the money back for that, though. Yesterday i had a doctor's appointment and could only get a mid day one so i took the afternoon off. It's in an awkward spot to get to by bus if coming from work in the middle of the day and after the wait to get in to see her and getting all the way back to work after, there wouldn't be much time left to the afternoon. Better to take a few vacation hours. Turned out just as well, since she wanted me to get an xray of my foot that's been giving me a bit of grief. I walked to the hospital from her office (just a 5 minute walk away) because  the walk in xray clinic was still open. Might as well get it over with. Had another bit of a wait there but not too bad. That's all done and dusted anyway.

It was cold and wet yesterday, though, so i had enough of being out in the light rain and chill. I was going to get a few groceries on the way home but i decided not to. I just wanted to get home where it was warm and dry!
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Been a quiet weekend for the most part. Got my hair cut and coloured yesterday. It's got a good dollop of red in it this time just to give some zing to the brown. And no grey! :) Before that i was at the gym to make up for a session with the trainer from Wednesday that he cancelled due to the weather. I should have known really, but apparently that was his day off and i never thought when i suggested meeting on Saturday before my other appointment. Maybe that's why he worked me harder! Owie!

I've been watching various video i've downloaded including all last week's UK Shameless (brilliant stuff as usual), some Corrie including a special on Pat Phoenix, and the first three episodes from the first season of True Blood. Graham has been enjoying it and has seen the first three seasons. I'd tried it once before though not the very first episode and wasn't overly impressed. I thought i would start at the start and it's ok so far. Still getting my head around all the characters but i think i'll like it.

Tea tasting 2011
Pure Chai
Chai isn't new to me and i love it so i liked this as well. I brewed it as i usually do, a strong brew just enough to cover the tea ball and then add steamed milk and some honey. Yum! Rated 10/10
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Everyone panicked and a lot of businesses, stores and offices closed early because of the storm. I left about 4 o'clock and it wasn't that bad downtown. Hardly anything on the ground, but slippery with slush though when i did finally get home, there was a bit more on the ground here. Since then there's been more come down and my power was out for almost 2 hours but it's no major blizzard here in the city by any means though it is now a typical winter storm.

It was however a pain getting home. Most of the busses passed us by as they were filled to the doors and windows. I saw my own bus heading down the road and thought yessssss but alas, before it go to the stop where i was waiting, the driver changed the sign to Next Bus Please! Damn! It was pretty full, too. One bus came by that was empty, it was going in a direction i wasn't. And three more came in a row all for the same route so a few of those weren't very full either. Again, though, no good to me. I took the first one that came along that had room that was going to Dartmouth and figured i'd wait for my bus to come across the bridge from there. MIght have a better chance of getting on if people got off at the terminal there first. As luck would have it, it wasn't long to wait and i did manage to get on it. No seats free until over half way home but that's ok. I really hadn't been standing a long time. I was talking to one lady who'd been making her way from the other side of the city and it'd been 3 hours. Her feet were wet and when she finally got on our bus she was shaking from the cold. Hot bath for you, missy.

In all, it took me about an hour to get home and that isn't really all that bad overall. Not a lot you can do about it in January.

It was so quiet while the lights were off (mind you, the next street over had theirs on, bastards!) and the sky outside looked more white-grey. Now that all the lights are back on, the sky almost looks pink with the reflections of the lights against the stormy night sky. I had lots of candles on and i fired up my eReader and got comfy. I'll have to reset my bedroom clock and i had to do that on the computer too.

2011 tea tasting
Having another one of my teas now that i can boil the kettle. It's a green tea with flavours of toasted-walnut pineapple, almond and coconut and it tastes almost like candy! Very nice and comforting! Rating 8.5/10


Jan. 12th, 2011 10:35 am
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Halifax is in waiting for it's first proper storm of the season. Ah but the weather says there could be a bit of rain along the coast too. Does that mean we'll get snow and then rain and it'll amount to nothing? Inland will get the snow for sure and whatever it ends up being, it'll be a mess. Supposed to start this afternoon so it'll be a pain in the arse going home. My trainer has already emailed to say "we'll see" regarding the weather so i emailed back and suggested we just reschedule. I had planned to make an appointment to get my hair done on Saturday over here anyway so i can do both if he wants to reschedule and stay home today.

2011 tea tasting
Vanilla Oolong Apparently full of antioxidants so it was good for me! The vanilla made it smell all homey and nice. I drank it black because it seemed more of a "green" type tea than a black blend, at least when it was brewed. It might have done ok with a little milk, i don't know. Rating 7/10

2011 books:
3. Hello, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea - Chelsea Handler
Yes another ebook finished. I had a few on the go and was switching back and forth depending on what i wanted to read at the time. Chelsea Handler is a stand up comedian with Jewish and Mormon roots. This book is a series of anecdotes from her life apparently. Some of them are quite funny but others are really not to my taste at all. I'd say they were in poor taste but lots of comedians do schtick that's in poor taste or even offensive so i hesitate to say one or two topics offended me. It's a personal taste, though. Your mileage may vary but i think it was enough to possibly put me off trying any more of her books though, as i said, some of it was chuckle-worthy.
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My friend gave me a box of 25 samples of different teas. All loose teas, of various types... black, green, herbal etc. Each had enough for one cup in a tea ball so i thought i'd jot down my impressions for each one i tried:

2011 Tea testing:
1. Dragon Pearls: It's a green tea, apparently a very old type blend. It's leaves rolled into little balls so that was different for a start. I found it fragrant and perfumy, not overwhelmingly so, though but a lovely scent and i see now through that link there's jasmine in it so that's why i was thinking it was like a sort of musky oriental perfume. Tasted nice, but i'm not sure it's something i'd enjoy all the time. Rating on a scale of 10, 6.5

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