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We gave him a good send off )
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Too many people are having bad things happen.

Cin... (hugs)

Eddie's obituary was in the paper today. I've looked for it all week yet hated to see it. We were talking the other day about the "craft" Eddie used to do back when all our parents smoked. He used to make these little dogs out of the cardboard cigarette packages, all woven together openly with floppy ears.  He usually spray painted them black when they were done but not always. *Everyone* had at least  one. You moved into a new house or apartment, it was your housewarming gift. He made small ones, medium and even a few quite large ones. They mentioned that in the obit. I don't think there are any that survived. He stopped making them years ago when everyone quit smoking. No more raw materials, see. It's interesting to see what people put in obituaries, what they want people to know about the person that's died. With Eddie, the line "He made it his life's mission to get to know everyone he met, and never forgot a name or face." is Eddie to a T. He also not only got to know everyone, he made friends with them too.
I'm taking tomorrow off to do some stuff and go to the visitation and the service is Saturday. The Padre from the base is co-officiating at the service. My aunt said that the people from the base have been so supportive and fantastic. I know the Base Commander made a point to visit Eddie several times in hospital. It really says a lot when someone is so well liked that the funeral is standing room only.
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My sister, [ profile] sammantha put this photo up on facebook. I smoothed out the old scratches and prettied it up. It's my cousin Eddie and i in a chair in my Gram's sitting room. Pretty sure it's the sitting room anyway, i don't remember there being a fireplace in the "front" room. Besides, it was a fake fireplace anyway. When we were older, there was always a stuffed plush elephant that she kept on the floor in the alcove of the fireplace and we always played with it. I will be about 2 or so in this, Eddie about 3. My hair was cut short when i was 3. Check out the walking "boots" i was wearing. That's what you put on kids when they started walking back in the day.

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