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After the day i had yesterday, I'm hoping my Tuesday will be uneventful.

The day didn't start off well what with gremlins everywhere. Things weren't working, programs giving weird errors that i've never seen before, it just didn't seem to stop. Frustration on top of frustration and to top that all off, mid morning there was a test of the fire alarm system that went through my brain like an icepick! At one point, i had my hands over my ears and was actually in tears because it JUST. WOULDN'T. STOP.  The second stage alarm just screams! Fine when you need to get your ass out of a burning building but horrible otherwise. They set it off at least three times in a row after 2 or 3 tries at the first stage alarm which is a loud dinging bell. In the middle of that, someone came up to me wanting to discuss a report.

But actually, that was ok. it wasn't a matter of something broke, why is it broke and can you fix it, it was a report or 6 needed and how can we do this... that kind of thing and it actually gave me something to concentrate on, a solution i could come up with that would reduce the need from 5 or 6 reports to just one with parameters.

Things went a bit smoother after that. I even went to the gym at lunch and didn't drop any weights on me or fall off  the treadmill! I went easy as i was just over a cold but it was a good way to get away from my desk. The afternoon was fine, but i had a doctor's appointment at 5:15.

Now my doctor is always behind and there's always a wait. It was a lot worse than usual yesterday. I arrived about 5 for the 5:15 appointment and got into her office at 6:50!!! She's very thorough and doesn't rush you or anyone else, and that's good but it's hard to wait! Last time something like that happened, there had been some sort of medical emergency in the office so it's possible something similar happened yesterday, i didn't ask. I always bring a book (or in this case, my ereader)

So that's fine, i'm in there about 10 or 15 minutes going over stuff and then i walk out to the bus stop. I'm striding along and whooooosh! Next thing i know i'm on my ass! There was black ice on the walkway, and it being dark, i couldn't really tell it was a frozen patch. I didn't really hurt myself much, it seemed like a bit of a slow motion soft landing though my hand hurt a bit as that took a bit of the impact. At first i didn't think i could get up but i scooched over to the frozen grass and managed to get up just as a man stopped by the side of the road to see if i was ok. I was up on my feet by then so i thanked him for stopping. He said he was on the way to the nearby hospital to visit someone and could take me there if i needed but no, it's ok, thanks though. Bless!

Perfect end to that most Monday of a Monday though.

Then... something that finally made me smile. I got on the bus and you often see somewhat colourful characters on that route as it's not only a residential area but there's also a mental health hospital and group homes in the area so the bus patrons are often a varied lot. I saw this one man who seemed to be in his 40s or 50s sitting down the aisle a bit from me. He had on a baseball cap and something around his neck that i first thought was a bus pass. On top of the hat he had a pair of sunglasses or goggles that had blue flashing lights on!!! Okayyyy. You don't often see that on the bus and definitely not on a middle aged man. He got off at the Sports stadium so i thought.. oh they must be swim goggles and probably would look cool under water though again, not something you'd expect a man to have. They looked like something you might see at a rave or something.  But you know, if it floats your boat, more power to ya!

Ah... but today i saw some of the Canada Games atheletes with big ID passes or badges around their necks. The volunteers have them too and i realized that what he had around his neck was probably a volunteer ID pass. There are hockey games going on at that sports complex, too,  and he was probably heading there for the evening game. The flash goggles make more sense now.

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