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My snack for today. Nom!

Walked down to the local grocery store and picked up "a few" groceries and spent nearly 100 dollars. I always get more than I intend and then have to carry them home! I decided to get some stuff for a few recipes to try to make some proper meals. Yeah i know. It won't last :) Lasagna, mushroom meatballs, and a cider braised pork roast/shoulder. Also got some salmon so i can have that one night and use the extra for salmon fish cakes. Also nom! And things like these cherries, while they were on sale, were still kind of expensive but ooooh worth it and better to spend the money on that than half price Christmas chocolate (since i already had some chocolate this week)

We're forecast to get a snowstorm tomorrow so that's another reason to make sure to get to the grocery store today. Yes the stores will be open on Monday, too but i was getting low on bread and milk and if i can't have tea and toast on a Sunday morning, it makes for an unhappy me! I guess it will be a magazine or movie day tomorrow if it does storm. Mom, Staci and I were supposed to take our annual trek to Chapters but we'll have to postpone that. Staci and Alex bought a house and are moving in shortly so we may have to wait until she's free and I'm back from Manchester.

That's coming up fast! Can't wait! 18 sleeps! Hmm I also ordered some clothes at boxing day prices from Evans which is a UK large size store. They ship to Canada and the cost was pretty reasonable. I also had a code for 20% off my first order which saved me even more than the shipping cost. They did say it would be delivered no later than the 15th which is the day i leave! I hope it's in before then. There's a couple of things I'd like to take with me and wear (specifically this  and maybe this or this to wear with leggings if they fit).

I will only be in Manchester 5 days so we won't be taking any road trips I don't think, unless we take a fancy to get up early and take the train somewhere. Looking forward to seeing the Corrie set again and seeing my friends, also meeting a few of the other bloggers as well :)

I went a bit mad on the Kobo site today, too. They had 80% off a lot of titles on the weekend and usually the sale books are not anything I would enjoy but this time i found a few. I bought 5! But because they were so cheap i only spent just under 20$ so really, for the price of a paperback and a half, I got 5 books. I find that even the regular price ebooks are getting more expensive these days and I just hate to pay it, so i wait for sales or discount codes or *koff* other means. I bought one from Amazon Kindle the other day too by one of my favourite authors, Debora Geary who has a new "Witch Central" book out but that was also pretty cheap. I don't have a Kindle but i have the app on my ipod and on my desktop and laptop so i can read on them as well.
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Oh my. What have i done since last Wednesday's update? Hmmmm...
I had Friday off, making it a four day weekend since Monday was labour day and i did very little labour as it happens.
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Friday, i had an early doctor's appointment. That's just a routine visit to renew a few meds. I booked the first appointment of the day thinking i wouldn't have to wait and i *still* had to wait nearly 15 minutes. She waltzed in just at 9 so i guess it took her that long to get herself sorted, computer on, etc. That reminds me... take in prescription to be filled. *makes note*
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Didn't do much the rest of the weekend other than put all the Doctor Who onto dvd disks for Graham, watch the wonderful Pirates: A Band of Misfits, catch up on webby stuff.
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In addition to it being quite cold out today, it is now raining.
I was supposed to go to the grocery store for a tin of coconut milk.
For a curry.
i'm not really wanting to get off the bus if it's raining.
I do have a carton of whipping cream that may suffice, with a bit of diluting with milk.
My arteries will thank me if i dilute. Must look in the cupboard and see if i have any coconut extract then i'd at least get the flavour.
Had lovely mac and cheese for lunch with a side salad. (Treats, Scotia Square in case anyone local is interested)

Geek warning....

Probably a good thing the Data Base Administrator is out of town. He would have been kissed soundly (on the cheek) today because he sorted something that in turn fixed a baffling problem i'd been having for a few days. I hate it when things go wrong for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's a piece of the puzzle that goes corrupt for some unknown reason. Sometimes it's a change i've made but in this case it was neither and the error messages were confusing and misleading considering what was actually going on. See, last week a password was about to expire so he changed it to an indefinite expiry date. This was important because it was a behind the scenes password that an application used and we couldn't have it just stop working one day because the password expired. But, when you log in now, the database throws up a message to say the password will expire in (20 digit number) days. But you can still log in. Only the application, when running on my local machine out of the programming developer software, kept telling me it couldn't connect to the database, saying the character set was invalid. There was no expiry message on the software console, only if i tried to connect using something more direct (sql-plus) No problems with the application that was running independently on a server, either, only when running it on a local machine server. But I hadn't changed anything. The DBA noticed the expiry message and got rid (from his remote location) and lo and behold, we have connection! I think what happened was that the local server/connection piece didn't know what to do with the message and couldn't recognize a 20 digit number in it's native format and horked up a hairball with the closest related message it could find. Gah!

Anyway, sorted now. I can relax and enjoy the weekend.
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I think i must have a light case of bronchitis. I feel perfectly fine except i have a tickly cough that is driving me nuts. It's not toooo bad today but it seems to have better days and not. There isn't even a lot of congestion. It's a pain in the ass to try to get to sleep though because when i lie down, the tickle starts up, even if i prop up on pillows. I couple of nights i got fed up and sat up using my bed pillow that i use for reading in bed and slept sitting up. Once i fell asleep, i stayed asleep for most of the rest of the night. Earlier in the week i was waking up almost hourly so it's an improvement. Yesterday wasn't a great day but today, though i'm coughing a bit, i can go longer spells between. I have a puffer and i'm using that a couple of times a day, and i have Buckley's, Fishermen's Friends and hot honey and lemon. If i felt sick, i wouldn't feel like such a fraud! It's improved today, as i said, so we'll see if it improves tomorrow and Monday. If i keep seeing it get better little by little, i won't go see about it but i doubt there's much the doctor could do anyway. Any other time i've had worse bronchitis she hasn't been able to give me any meds and i've suffered far worse with it because i had the full meal deal of a cold and fever and general lurgy. I'm not missing that this time around!

So i did stay home from work yesterday because the coughing was worse in the morning and i didn't sleep well. No sense driving everyone else mad having to listen to it. Last night i lifted a pillow and knocked over the water on my night table. And the phone and the radio. And the water went all over the power bar on the floor which proceeded to make some ominous sizzling sounds so that got unplugged pretty quickly. I tried it again today, thinking it had probably dried out but it was still making noises it should so it went in the garbage bin. I went down for some groceries and there's a little laptop repair shop in the shopping centre and on a whim i went in to see if they had any power bars. He had one! Yay! So i am now all plugged in and surged protected and not making ominous sizzling noises.

It's always good to know people in the right places and today that was the produce manager at the grocery store. We went to school together and always have a few words when i'm in and he's working. Today he went into the back to get me some nice fresh cilantro and was telling me about it and also picked me out some nice red and green peppers. I had also picked up some fruit called a "plumcot". I just thought it was a different variety of plum and he told me it was a cross between a plum and an apricot. I am pleased to report that it is indeed quite tasty. It looks like a large plum but has a little extra oomph to it. Lovely!
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So we're starting the countdown again. 65 sleeps!

I'm taking tomorrow off. I made a doctor's appointment, just a regular routine thing and i couldn't get it at the end of the day like i usually do. I'd have to leave at lunch and get there for 1 and by the time i'd get back to work it would be nearly 3 so that's the afternoon gone. I decided to use a vacation day so i can sleep in and not rush.

Another food semi-disaster.
Thought i could make a chicken casserole without a recipe. Seemed easy enough. Chicken, onion, celery, two tins of cream soups (chicken, mushroom), two tins and a bit of milk, use up the orzo. That's like rice only it's pasta. I cooked way too much of it. Completely filled the dish so i scooped some out to two smaller dishes. Then since it was very very milky, well here's where it all falls apart. I added a bit of rice to it thinking it would cook when i baked the dish in the oven. Only it's brown rice which takes longer. It wasn't cooked very well and was still crunchy. Bleurgh. Now, i can add some some milk, cook in microwave for a bit. Slightly less crunchy but still noticeable. I hate to throw it all out as it's mostly edible and it's a waste otherwise. I probably will eat another bit of it and then chuck the rest. At least i'll have had a few meals and won't feel quite as guilty.
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Had a nice late lunch with Mom at Moxie's yesterday. Restaurant was chic and modern and the food was very good. They do lovely presentation and there are actually a number of curry dishes on the menu which is a bit different for non-Indian restaurants around here. Mom had a coconut curry rice bowl and i had Shanghai noodles which was lovely. I have leftovers!

I have a list of stuff i want to do over these few days off. How much i get done remains to be seen.
Still obsessed with entering photos in Flickr challenge groups.
Bought clothes on Friday after work. Jeans, black pants, two tshirts, bras, and a new spring jacket. I'm going to look like an Easter basket when i go out in my new purple jacket, carrying my bright yellow purse!!! :D
Got to get my suitcase out this weekend and start throwing stuff in, stuff i want to make sure not to forget such as dvds, maps, books, notebooks, etc. I couldn't find my stash of euros and pounds the other day, not in the wallet i always use for travel but i did track it down. I'd put the money with my Eurostar train tickets. We're getting down to the last few weeks! 19 sleeps! ([ profile] naturalbornkaos is the picnic still a go? And if so, what part of the park will you all be? It's a large park!! Will email you my new mobile number before i go and if i forget, i'll send you a text when i arrive in the UK so you'll have it.)

food pics through here...nom nom nom! )
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There was a bake sale in one of the boardrooms today. The usual suspects, cookies, chocolate cake, slices of loaf etc. But they also had a pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing and walnuts on top. Nom nom!!! I bought a piece to have after lunch with my tea. :) 

Three weeks from today i'll be on UK-terra firma!!! W00t! I'm determined not to overdo it when we go to Amsterdam and Belgium like i did with Paris. I don't want to suffer with blisters and sore feet like i did there. Poor [profile] gramie_dee said he though he was going to have to prop me up in the Louvre and leave me there as one of the exhibitions. I pretty much hit the meltdown point that evening and in retrospect we did do too much that day. Walking all over Montmartre, Dali museum, walking some more, and then the Louvre. We didn't see a lot of that! I did find the energy to go on the night Seine cruise because we only had to sit down so it was restful. Looking back we should have not bothered with the Louvre and just did the cruise. So this time around, i'm going to be less ambitious and if we only see a couple of sights, that's fine. We can always go back. We do have a few priorities - we want to do a canal cruise and we want to see the Masters in the Rijkesmuseum. Those are definites. I'd like to see the floating flower market too. Everything else we fit in as we can. Really looking forward to the Henry VIII exhibit in the British Library too and seeing some of you at the tentative picnic in the park (

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Only because it *is* mid-morning here. I actually remembered the date today so made the efford to wear green as i don't usually remember. I have a green headband, a long green tunic with fancy embroidery on it, green socks with dancing sheep on (Yay!) and dangly pots of gold earrings. Probably the closest i'll ever get to the pot of gold! Mom gave them to me on the weekend and they are truly a marvel. I love kitchy earrings like that for occasions! I also have three scratch tickets out of the handful i got in a birthday card that each have a $2 win on it, $6 is nothing to sneeze at and i will use it to buy more i expect since they cost me nothing in the first place.

April 29 is getting closer. 45 or 44 sleeps, i can't remember off the top of my head. Once the Corrie event is over with at the end of the month, i'll post to try to arrange some meet-ups with UK London ppl. Hope to see some of you! We have a Friday and Saturday evening and some of Saturday afternoon though i do want to find some time to do either shopping or just stuff on Saturday as well. We're staying near the Angel tube station so pubs in that area would be useful but not strictly necessary.

Really looking forward to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges too.

I bought some larger tubs of yogurt (about 500ml) to use to make my own yogurt-and-granola rather than buying the individual pots that come with the granola to mix in. It's somewhat cheaper in the long run and also you have far more variety of the flavour of yogurt. One of the tubs was lemon but the first batch i scooped out yesterday didn't taste very lemony i noticed. When i went to put more in a bowl last night, to take to work today, i realized all the lemon was on the bottom and it all needed stirring up! doh. I guess when i open the cherry one i'll know to stir it first! I probably spent close to 10 dollars on the two 500 ml tubs and a box of granola cereal but the cereal will last quite awhile even though i'll need to keep replenishing the yogurt supply.
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I have recently discovered pomegranates. I seem to recall buying one years ago and cutting it open... it's all full of seeds!! I was astonished. Turns out, that's exactly what you eat! The seeds are about the size and shape of corn kernals and are deep red. When you bite into one, it sort of crispy and you get a little shot of juice. mmmMMMMMMMmmmmmm yummy, tart, but not as tart as cranberries. Usually they're quite expensive but they've been on sale, at Sobeys at least, here, for a few weeks. I bought a couple for 2 dollars each the other day and i'd seen them for a dollar each a month or so ago but i didn't know i'd like them then. Someone at work had one and gave me a bit. You cut into it and break it apart and pull the seeds away from the pale yellow flesh. It takes awhile, and is a bit fussy to do but totally worth it. I didn't do it in the kitchen like i should have and i've got red and purple drips all over various pieces of paper on my desk, a few sticky spots too! nom nom nom! And pomegranates are very good for you as well, anti-oxidants. The same sort of thing that's in blueberries.

I did Christmassy things today. I dragged my tree out of storage and propped the pieces in the corner and dragged the box of ornaments and related stuff out. I needed my cards and i went through my list, removed a few names and ended up adding new ones, which is what usually happens. Printed off the labels, stamped the envelopes with my return address and signed the cards and sealed them. I have a few more cards for special people that i have to get. I also wrapped a few presents, the stuff that has to be mailed this week. Looks like i'm going to have to use a similar sized box for Graham and his dad's gifts so i guess i really will have to spend the money to send it air mail much as it pains me. I want to make sure it gets there for christmas. I know it seems disgustingly early but when you're a slave to the post office, it's a necessary thing. I'll have a look at the largest size padded envelopes but it probably won't make any difference, cost wise. Not much anyway and the box will be sturdier anyway.

I was looking around for something to watch on telly. I've been making my way through the seasons of the UK series Shameless but i'm a bit tired of it so it needs to rest for a week or so. What else can i watch? Check the On Demand menus and i see Dexter season 3. Now i've never watched it before but i do hear it's very very good, if also disturbing at times. Oh what the heck. I've dived into season three and yes, most definitely an excellent series. I've seen four so far and i'll make my way through season 3 eventually. The main character is a blood splatter expert for the police but he's also a serial killer in his spare time. The actor played in HBO's Six Feet Under and was completely believable in that and Dexter is a completely different sort of character and he's utterly believable in this too.
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I mentioned that my friend Tracey was making Guinness Steak and cheese pie for me. She brought it over last night and oh boy was it tasty!! I'm having the rest for supper tonight. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver At Home and here's the recipe. She cooked it in a slow cooker but you can do it in the oven in a dish.

Was digging through my desk drawers looking for a box of paperclips which i did not find but i did uncover a cd that had Paintshop Pro on it. Result! I'd thought it was long gone and Graham was going to send me his copy (You don't have to now, sweetie, if you've not put it in the post yet!). I couldn't install it at home before because it kept crashing but with the new upgrades, i think it will work ok.
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Mom and i had a nice day on another road trip. This time, down to the Annapolis Valley a little ways, to just before the town of Wolfville. We wanted to try the pie as recommended by [ profile] blueberrymoon at the Evangeline Inn and Cafe which was very good indeed! We drove down to Evangeline beach for a look and stopped for a photo op at a tiny community church that overlooks the marshes and then stopped into the Grand Pre National Historic site for an hour walking around the grounds. Mom hasn't been there since she was in school though Laurie and i were there a couple of summers ago. The apples were ripening on the old trees and there was a bit of a crispness in the air but the sky was blue with wonderful cloud formations and it was a good day for walking around, unlike the stinking hot day it was when i was here last. We also stopped into The Tangled Garden to have a quick look (Mom bought some lemon thyme jelly) and a walk through the lovely gardens out back where my camera battery promptly gave up the ghost a few photos into the walkways. Naturally. There are a few of my photos here.

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It's been 30 years since the first Star Wars movie was released. There was an article in this morning's paper about Star Wars, and how it is a "fantasy for our times" and how it's a fairy tale, a myth. Anyway, the side bar on the page does not seem to be written by the author of the main bit, which was written by a Canwest reporter so i think it was maybe written by the entertainment editor of the local paper. It lists words of wisdom from the Star Wars movie and how it meshes with this guy's life philosophy. Most of the comments beneath the quotes are my version of what the reporter wrote. Here's the full list as written.

"You stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!" - Princess Leia
works as a great comeback line.
"Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda
Good philosophy, that.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing" - Darth Vader
ergo - always have faith in yourself.

"Size matters not." - Yoda
On so many levels :)

"Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" - Obi-Wan Kenobi

And the best one...
"Let the Wookie win." - C-3PO
as the author says "This one's pretty much self-explanitory.


So why is it that when you have what seems to be a fairly good breakfast (OJ, strawberries, banana, english muffin and peanutbutter), you're starving by 10:00 o'clock a.m.? I thought the protien from the pb would carry me on through. Guess not.
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Just sitting down to a stir fry in my effort to eat a vegetable once in awhile lol Quite nice, actually. I used some Memories of Bankok sauce from the Superstore as the stir fry sauce and it's nice and kicky.

Got my film back, the one i took over Christmas. Some good shots but i didn't get that many because, being ill, i didn't get around to the other family do's that we were going to. (i know there probably shouldn't be an apostrophe in that, but "dos" looks silly and too much like an operating system!) anyway. I've put the photos in an album for now though they may or may not stay there in the long run.

Another warm-ish day in Halifax but with monsoon like rain whipping about with all the wind we're having. Let it be known that I. Am. Not. Complaining. It could be a lot colder in which case it would be an ice storm or a blizzard. It's not so bad, either, when you're heading home after work. You can get into dry jammies and make a hot cuppa and relax.
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Lovely day yesterday. Mom and i visited my best friend Carolyn and her family. They're moving in 2 weeks, out to Alberta. They're still trying to sell their house here so that's a bit of stress. Because her husband is retiring from the military, they pay for your last move to wherever you want so she doesn't even have to pack. The military sends in people to pack and everything! Bliss! They will also pay the interest on the mortage and sent people to cut the grass until the house is sold and they are paying for their expenses traveling to Alberta, gas, hotels and food.

Speaking of which, Mom, Carolyn and i went to a little Chinese place in Lower Sackville, the Long Dragon which is really more of a takeaway than a sit in restaurant. They just have a few tables but we sat and ate in anyway and the food was great. Huge plate of food on the combo dishes. I only managed about half of it. At the end, Mom offered me a mint. Images of Monty Python's Meaning of Life ("one wafer thin mint....") urged me to refuse, thanks very much. I felt near to exploding as it was!

Came back here and stayed over. We got a couple of movies and watched one called Cavedwellers. Interesting, though i don't know why it was called that. It was about a woman who ran out on an abusive husband leaving two small girls behind, joining up with a man who became her lover and had another child by him. He was a rock singer and she joins his group. As the movie opens, he's died after they had split up and she decides to take her daughter back to Georgia and get her other two girls, now teenagers, back. One is running around town with boys and the other is fervently religious and unforgiving. The formerly abusive husband is dying of cancer. She forges a deal with him, he legally gives her custody when he dies, and she moves back in and nurses him in his last few weeks. In the end of course, it looks like everyone will find some common ground and start to rebuild their family but the ending isn't bright and happy, it just shows that the first steps have been taken just as the father dies. Good cast too. Kyra Sedgewick and Aidan Quinn with Kevin Bacon in flashbacks as the musician lover. The three daughters are unknown and the youngest is a bit wooden but not bad once she gets into it. The religious old mother-in-law who has brought up the older two is Jackie Burroughs, a Canadian actress who played Aunt Hetty on Road to Avonlea. Always liked her. She's only in her mid 60's but she looks well into her 80's. No plastic surgery there then. Anyway, it's a slow, character type movie but i liked it.

In other entertainment related news, this made me snigger...
Rob Zombie... metal or not? )
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Aren't Fridays lovely? Even horribly rainy ones like this one is turning out to be. Tail end of a tropical storm. Raining sideways. I got home ok though, it was pouring when i left the office but when i got to the bus it wasn't too bad. One of my workmates lent me a hat which was better than nothing. When i got off the bus at home, it had almost stopped but it's howling outo there again now. The amount of rain coming down doesn't seem to be huge other than in fits and starts, but the winds are gusty and it's whirling around out there. Umbrellas are neither use nor ornament in this weather.

I seem to have a cloud of fruit flies in my kitchen. Tossers! I think i had something in the garbage can that i forgot was a breeding ground for the little bastards. I now have two traps out and they're accumulating little bodies rapidly. I use cider vinegar with plastic wrap tightly over the top of the dish and poked with a few fork holes. You can use wine vinegar and a guy at work actually uses white wine (but he has it to spare as he makes wine). Works a treat but it takes a few days to get them all.

Can i just say that Farmers ice cream in the flavour of Banana Splitz is really good! Banana ice cream with strawberry and chocolate in it and these little white chocolate bits with i think some sort of jam inside.
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Did the rounds of the banks at noon today, looking to buy some more pounds sterling cash for my trip. The exchange rate is so low that i just have to take advantage of it while it is. Same thing happened as last time. The current rate is $2.05 ish Canadian for a pound and the banks always make you pay a few cents more than that. That's a given. My own bank, which seems to be one of the biggest banks in the country, charges more than the other banks. They wanted nearly 2.12. I walked down to Scotiabank and even though it was the main branch, and let me tell you that's a beautiful bank with high plastered ceilings, marble floors and fabulous old heavy light fixtures, but there was only ONE bank teller on duty. ONE. At noon! I was the only one in line behind the customer dealing with the teller and i waited and i waited. And i walked out, more out of spite than anything because really. Lunchtime in a bank should have more than one. Most banks don't have too many on duty in these days of bank machines and internet banking but this is ridiculous for a main branch.

But i digress.

I went up to CIBC where i have a credit card and got my money there, at $2.0966 thankyouverymuch. I won't get any more than i have now because i don't want to be carrying it around. I'll just hope the dollar stays strong.

One of my coworkers, who happens to be one of the office clowns (always making jokes and laughing), turned 40. Someone came in a papered his work station with "40" and "Old fart" paper and stuck black balloons all around the top. Lovely! lol

President's Choice Thai green curry shrimp (frozen microwave meal) is EXCELLENT! Got a little bit of heat to it but also very smooth and creamy taste. I think the rice might have been jasmine rice too but the box is in the garbage now. I have one at home for Indian Butter Chicken too i think and i'll be trying a few more from that line. They're a bit more expensive than the run of the mill frozen meals like Lean Cuisine or Michelina's but they sure make a nice tasty change :)
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KitKat actually has a Wikipedia entry. Is there anything that doesn't exist on Wiki? lol! Apparently the peanutbutter flavour is only out in Australia and Canada. Woo! The way the chocolate bars are made in the US makes them taste different from Canadian versions for some reason. I had a friend send me a KitKat from Florida. They use the term "candy bar" and that's what it tastes like whereas our "chocolate bars" seem to be richer tasting. UK chocolate bars are better again, different creamier chocolate but ours aren't too shabby.
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KitKat Peanutbutter bars. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Went to a meeting outside of the office this afternoon. I like to schedule them in the afternoon so i can get home early. They usually last long enough that it's pointless to go back to the office after. I picked up a few groceries and was home by the time i usually leave work. Sweet.

You know how Thai food seems to be more expensive than Chinese food? Well the frozen Thai meals are also more expensive than the usual frozen Chinese ones. I bought a green Thai curry shrimp but haven't tried it yet. Also picked up an Indian Butter Chicken frozen meal. wanted to try something different for lunches and they're still cheaper than buying lunch. Also, in an attempt to try to eat better, have bought a turkey breast and a tiny pork roast, and also have a small cabbage and a small turnip for veg and some salad stuff. None of which i will probably make for tonight because i had...erm... *shuffle* ..... fish and chips for lunch ;)
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Last chance at a computer before i get home on Saturday so.. quick update.

Where was i?
Did i tell you about cooking a veggie lasagna for Graham and his good mate Malc on Saturday?

How about meeting up with a couple of my friends for Sunday lunch and going to the museum called Urbis...

yes ok, i did tell you all that... sorry...

Well Sunday night we had dinner next door with his Dad who put on a lovely spread, big plate of dinner at 7:30 and then brought out a bite to eat about 11.

Monday we took the bus to Newton Heath where his good mate Dale and his family including their German Shepphard Saxon. Quite the hugest GS i've ever seen and he's like a big puppy! We had a lovely visit and a meal and we lucked out and got the bus back that takes us right here instead of having to take one into the city center and back over to Salford. Good timing there.

I've developed a cold but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse than a bunged up head at the moment. I imagine i will run it's course. It's definitely *not* like what i had the last time so though i may be a bit 'poorly', i'm not going to be seriously ill.

Today we went back into the city center (they don't call it 'downtown' like we do). I wanted to go on the observation wheel and the weather, though it rained this morning, cleared up so there were good views. We had lunch and then did some shopping. I got some digital prints done and a roll of film developed though i wanted the digital files onto a cd, they got it mixed up and put the roll of film on the cd instead. I'll just wait until i get home now and put it all on cd for graham. I brought the memory card reader but his computer doesn't recognize all the 'drives' or memory slots and the one mine is in, isn't the one it does 'know'.

I got some more Lush stuff.. face cream...and i got new dress boots (not winter type boots really ). We sat in a very noisy Starbucks for an hour killing time and then took the bus out to Chorlton for a pub quiz, meeting my friends John, Nikki and Annie. But the quiz wasn't on because there was a football game on (soccer that is). We had a good visit anyway though and are just back here, having a late snack. I am pretty much all packed up again and we're off to London tomorrow morning. I'll see some of you tomorrow night and the rest of you Saturday when i get home :)))
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Last i left off on my travels, i told you about missing the train to Manchester.
So in brief, the last week.... )

So there you have it in a nutshell. It was a busy holiday, i walked miles with the blisters to prove it. Met up with lots of LJ and coro friends, wonderful to meet some of you for the first time and equally great to touch base with others again. Special thanks to [ profile] naturalbornkaos for lending me the sofa and organizing the LJ pub GTG and to John who sorted out the Chinese meal in Manchester. Thanks also to [ profile] sushidog for inviting me to the Vicarage Tea where i met more lovely people including a couple that had met on the internet and have now been married 8 years. Success stories like that are encouraging. Thanks to everyone that took the time to meet, drink, lunch and chat! I shall be back sooner or later!

Highlight of course was my week with [ profile] gramie_dee, i could go on and on but i will spare you and save that for his ears only ;) I shall have photos soon and will work on the full written travelogue and post the links as and when.

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