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I've been saying it for months. Two weeks ago I finally followed through and went back to the gym. I've been paying for it all this time, well over a year since I've last been and there's been no other excuse. I've found that my cardio strength has been terrible and my back is bothering me more than it was but the cardio was the main thing that concerned me. So I did it. And it was hard. I went twice a week for the first two weeks and this week will start trying to go three times a week. I might not manage it some times but it was always thus. No trainer this time as i can't swing that. They're quite expensive and we have other things we need to reserve our funds for. I saw my old trainer yesterday, and we had a little catch up. He did offer to do a refresher session with me on Friday so I'll take that on. Gives me a bit more of a push and though I remember the kinds of exercises i was doing before, he might also come up with some good ideas.

I'm not throwing myself into it but then I never did. I would like to get myself back to where i was, though. I was able to go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes last going off. I don't run, I don't go fast and hard, but I was moving. I'm starting slowly because it will kill me if i try to push myself before my body is ready. 15 - 20 minutes on the treadmill or bike for now, plus weights and machines. After a little while, I'll start with the cross trainer, and even if i can just go 5 minutes at first, that's something that I can build on. I've set up my iPod playlists, very important. Can't do it without tunes.

Not a lot else to report. Weather's been quite good, even nicer than usual for this time of year. Municipal election last weekend. Turnout was appallingly low. I think there were 4 out of 16 council seats already acclaimed and one or two school board seats and I wonder if that's why people didn't bother to vote for other stuff, Mayor in particular. They reported that the pre-election evoting was down from last time, too but that's all probably the same issue. I'm sure there are lots of people that figure if they haven't got to vote for the councillor, they wouldn't bother voting for Mayor when the outcome was pretty much assured that the encumbent was going to win anyway. He did. I think there were about 90,000 that voted for the two candidates. There are approximately 280,000 eligible voters more or less.

This was the first time in nearly 20 year that I haven't been working on the election so i don't know the numbers exactly. They redid the election application and didn't write it in house as such. They used the Province's system and customized it for ourselves, with consultants doing the work. I wasn't involved other than information gathering at the start of the project. It also meant i didn't have to work on election night into the week hours. That was a blessed relief. I always ended up sitting here doing next to nothing untill all the results were in, then spent about 15 minutes running some scripts and reports. That's it. And by that time it was usually anywhere between 2 and 5 a.m. most times. One year they let me go home at midnight and come in on Sunday morning for 9 to do it. Every time there would be some glitch or issue and the people in charge would be in a state. There's a lot of pressure on them, from inside and from the media but as much as they wanted to blame the application or the database, it was never that which was the problem. I'm very happy it's not my part of my job anymore :) I've done my time.

I've read a book recently by an author called Ami McKay. She's born American but lives in Canada now, in Nova Scotia and her book took place near an area that I know, in the Annapolis Valley though it takes place about 100 years ago. The Birth House, it's called, and is about midwifery in the pre WWI days. I have another of her books, called The Virgin Cure and she's got a new one coming out next week. Turns out she's speaking at the Halifax Central Library next Wednesday night and I am going to go hear her. I think i'll even be able to get a copy of the book because it's released the day before according to the bookstore here. I'd like to get it signed if possible. G. said he'd go with me to keep me company. He's a good husband :) I knew it wasn't really his thing since it's not the kind of book he reads, but I wouldn't have seen him all day since it would have been very inconvenient to come home after work and turn right around and have to go out again. This way, we can get a bite to eat before the talk and head to the library. I am also hoping to meet someone that's in a Goodreads group that I follow for Canadian literature so that will be nice, as well. 
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Note to self... you know the gym is going to be busier on a Monday after work. Why don't you wait until Tuesday? Because you're a numpty and you keep forgetting.
Not only is it busier, but the reason it's a pain in the backside is because of the knobs that sit on a machine and use it for forty thousand sets rather than get up in between and let someone else use it. I'm not aggressive enough to ask. And you know what? The women in the gym never do this. They do their two sets and get off. 5 minutes tops.  I'm left wandering around looking for a machine that I like to use to be free. I can do some things with the free weights and I do but the set up in the gym since it's moved doesn't seem to have any incline benches to do some of the other exercises that you can do instead of using a machine. Well, they may have them but they're in the back where the muscle bound heavy lifters are and very few women intrude. They don't bother you but it's still intimidating.

Goodlife decided they wouldn't build a womens' only section in the new location which sucks. I think most of the new Goodlifes don't have them though a few of the older ones still around do. Problem is not having a car, it's very inconvenient to go to one of those after work and I just won't go if i had to do that. When they were right in Scotia Square, they had a small womens' area, it had crap machines but it had a couple of treadmills, bikes and eliptical machines, a full set of weights and two benches. They expanded, moved across the street and it's a nice place, but there are two things wrong with it. One is the elimination of the womens' area and the other is the area they have for the private personal trainers and clients. It's all out in the open and just roped off. I do understand that they can now share that spot with other trainers and clients though that gets a bit too much as well if there's more than two pairs there. Before, they had a room that was closed off and you didn't have to worry about people watching you. But it could only be booked for one trainer and client at a time, the rest would have to work out with trainers out in the main gym so I *can* see their point.

Now that I"m not using a trainer it's moot. (paying for a wedding instead, y'all!) Anyway, I am still going to the gym, though it's harder to push myself there without the incentive of having to meet the trainer but i'm managing at least twice a week most weeks. There's enough of an improvement both with the stability of my lower back and a bit of an improvement with my blood pressure to provide me with reasons not to stop. We get a good rate through work with payroll deduction.

Oooh speaking of payroll deduction, did i mention that they're *finally* organizing an employee transit pass for us at a discount that we can pay through payroll and which is good for the whole year? Not having to get a new pass each month and it's still tax deductable. I think it will have a photo id or it will be a photo pass. The discount is something like 25% but the savings will be a taxable benefit. Even so, the amount taxed on the savings will still be less than the tax refund on the deduction. The government allows monthly and yearly transit passes to be used as a deduction on your income tax and it does make a difference in the refund amount though I'm not really sure how much it worked out to.  Because the transit is part of the City government which is where I work, I've been bitching for years that we should have some sort of staff discount.

They want to encourage people to take the bus, it would make sense to start at their own doorstep and finally now they are. They've been offering students a ridiculously cheap student pass that is good for the university year (Sept. to May) and is mandatory and part of their tuition now. It's something stupid like $150 for the student year. Consider that buying a student pass currently costs $70 a month (adult passes are $78) and you can see how good a deal that is. I"m sure some students bitch that they won't use the pass so why are they being charged for it and I'm sure Transit makes a bucket load of money because of the thousands of students in this city at universities, I'm betting probably half of them won't use it at all or very little because parking is still a pain in the butt at the universities and staff don't get the discount, I don't think.  (Halifax has two big universities, one smaller one that's affiliated with one of the bigger ones, a medium sized one,  an art college and several campuses of the Nova Scotia Community College). I'm pretty sure the universities are on the bus pass system but not sure that the colleges are.

I believe they'll be setting up for the staff passes this month, making dates and times for the photo ids to be created,  and I expect the first payroll deductions will be taken off in January when I think is when the passes take effect.
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Owie. My personal fitness dragon had me doing something a bit different for my shoulders yesterday and I can feel it today! I actually like it that i'm sore the day after because it's not sore in a bad way, just sore because i've used the muscles harder and that's good.

Thought I might go to a movie on the weekend but there isn't much I really want to see. The two movies I had read about that would have started this weekend or had already started aren't playing here yet. One is a Pedro Alomar movie, I'm So Excited and the other is what looks to be an indie movie, Byzantium, which is a British-Irish fantasy about a mother and daughter vampire team.  Figures that neither of them reached release here, I guess. I will have to keep an eye out for when they go to dvd. I would like to see Despicable Me 2 but i fear it won't be as good as the original because Gru isn't a bad guy anymore and it just wouldn't be the same!

Going to see Rush this Sunday night. I have never seen them live before and am quite excited. My cousin and I are going and I think we've got pretty decent seats, upper part of the lower bowl, just to the side of the stage. Will probably have to smuggle in the camera and hope the photo police aren't too vigilant. We did the "Hail Mary" shots at a concert last year by holding the cameras on our knees, aiming and shooting and hoping for the best.
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Feeling quite pleased with myself today. I've been doing cardio on an eliptical trainer at the gym a few times a week, working up to a goal of 15 minutes with no slow down intervals. Up to last week i did a 9 minute straight through with a minute slowdown, 4 minutes and a minute cool down at the end. Yestereday, all the planets felt like they were in line and the music on the iPod was perfect. I realized i could keep going and kept going and then adrenaline pulled me the rest of the way and i did 15 minutes in one go. The pace was not fast, but not so slow that the machine thought i'd stopped either. Heart rate stayed in a pretty good spot. I don't know if i can do that every time but at least I know i can and i can get there sooner than later. Once i can do it all the time, i'll either pick up the intensity or start to add another interval on and shoot for 20 minutes eventually. At the beginning of the year i couldn't do 3 minutes.

It's not about being out of breath though, it's about tiring out and legs going like jelly, that's why i could only do those 3 minutes at first. that, and my heart rate was up too high. I could walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes without incident and we're walking longer than that when we're traveling and walking around in a city like Rome or Paris. The Eliptical trainer gives you the motion of an almost-jog but without the impact. It's almost springy and feels sort of like running in water but without the resistance of water. With good music on, it almost feels like dancing a bit. I was holding on to the handles that swing back and forth but i was finding my lower back complaining and the chiro practor suggested it was giving my back just a bit of a twist so to try holding onto the centre fixed handles. I do that now and my back doesn't complain the next day.

It is making a difference, too. I do feel a bit stronger though still not any surges of extra energy or stamina as such.

Anyway. Progress has been made. Onward and upward.
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Decent enough week so far. Got the hotel booked for NYC! I've been checking prices every few days and i came across a sale on so i nabbed it. Now, it's still not cheap but it was definitely cheaper than it was though I think turned around and chose the slightly more expensive option to get free cancellation. It's a Holiday Inn near Times Square with free breakfast and free wifi. Not sure if there's a safe in the room, though but can put the laptop in the front desk safe I suppose. We didn't do that in Rome, aside from one day, we had a wardrobe cabinet and hid it in the blankets. It's a chance you take i guess and it was ok. We'll see what's what this time around.

It's exciting, though, with plane tickets and a hotel, we're into the fun part, deciding what to do. We've agreed on a show, Rock of Ages and we know we'll go up the Empire State Building. There's a couple of museums, small and large and we will take the hop on hop off tour around and that's good for at least two days which will be good for transportation as well.

Meeting up with a former coworker this weekend, she's going to London with her daughter at the end of May and I'm lending her some of my gear. She's been to New York a couple of times so we'll have lots to talk about. We have a Chapters run on Sunday,  Mom and my Aunt and I.

The gym is going well. I've been using the eliptical cross trainer and building up a little more each week. It might not sound like much but 12 minutes is epic for me! I still do it in fast/slow/fast/slow segments but the slow segments are only a minute long where the others are anywhere between 2 and 4 minutes each. I'm quite pleased. Ultimately I want to do 15 minutes without any slow bits.
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First full week since Christmas. Five day weeks always seem so long! ;) We've had our Earned Day Off plan at work reinstated since mid-last year so now I can look forward to every third Friday off or thereabouts, depending on when I need to take the day. For instance, If i have appointments or something else i need a day off for, i can always schedule it around the EDO. I'm heading to England next Tuesday night, so instead of taking 5 days vacation, i can take 4 and an EDO because i'll be able to put in enough time before then to make up the hours.

I undecorated my Christmas tree yesterday. I miss the pretty lights in the corner! It was so much easier to do now that the lights are all part of the tree!! I've still got to get the pieces back into garbage bags and put all the stuff back into the storage room along with my new suitcase. I"m taking my rolling carryon with me as i won't need the big case. Basically i'll just need to pack socks and underwear enough for the days and a few tops and an extra pair of pants or jeans.

I did order some things from Evans, which is a plus size store in the UK that does send to Canada. I didn't have it delivered to Graham's though i suppose i should have but they did estimate it should get to me before I leave. I'm dubious but hopeful. If it does get here, there's a couple of things i'll take with me from that lot, if they all fit and look ok. Two of the items are long tops/short dresses that i plan to wear with leggings but if they don't fit, they can't be returned to the store because they were special collection online only things. I reckon they will be ok, though. They're a little different than I usually wear so i might be a bit out of my comfort zone but i'll just have to take a deep breath and go for it. It's nothing radical, just wearing them with leggings is a bit iffy for me as my legs aren't the best. :\ but if the hem is down to the knee, it might be ok. You can't really tell from the look of the photo and even the measurement of the garment could still end up laying at a different length. 

Meanwhile, one of my goals at the gym is to work up to at least 15 minutes on the eliptical trainer. I used to be able to some years ago but can't now. I did manage 4 minutes with another minute slowed down on Friday so we're on the way there. It's a great machine for cardio, not as boring as the treadmill and a much better workout than the bike. I can only do it with music though. That's the motivator that moves my feet!

Really looking forward to this mini-vacation next week even though it involves a lot of travel for a few days. Looking ahead to the long term weather forecast, Tuesday is supposed to be clear so if that holds, i'll get away ok. good thing, too because Wednesday looks to be a real mess of rain and freezing rain! Monday the 21st for the return journey should be ok too. It's hard to really count on the forecast that far out but we'll see. A few prayers to the weather Gods might help. 9 sleeps until i arrive!
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Cripes, just spent nearly 100 dollars in The Source!! Most of what i got was on sale, too! Got a wireless mouse for the laptop, half price, got a padded carrying tote for it, half price, and a bamboo laptop lap-desk with a vent also half price. I reckon that will be good for sitting in bed or on the couch with it so it doesn't get heated up. When i was using it in bed on the weekend i put it on a magazine, but it still got pretty warm. Also picked up a big package of batteries, half price, a basic power bar and an 8Gig SD memory card. My other two memory cards are all 2 gig and i wanted something larger for both using higher res photos with the camera or to use for data for the laptop (it's got a card reader). My memory sticks are all 2 gig or smaller, too but rather than getting a larger one of those, the SD can do dual duties.

I used my free drink coupon at Starbucks for a cinnamon dolce latte (decaf but with whipped cream. very nice)

Did i mention i managed to do 3 minutes on the eliptical trainer at the gym yesterday? Doesn't sound like much but it's a big deal. I used to use it many years ago but haven't for a very long time and the last time i did try it, my heart rate went up too far so i've been a bit nervous of it. Yesterday i didn't have much time to warm up before meeting the trainer and i felt pretty good so i had a go. Heart rate was still up there but not as high. For 3 minutes it would be ok.  I just wanted to see if i could do it and i did. I'm hoping i'll continue to have the get up and go to keep using it and work up to 5 or 10 minutes. It's such a great lower body workout with low impact on the joints. Kind of reminds me of running under water, that kind of motion.

I can't believe it's April already! Four weeks from Friday, Graham will be here and we're heading to Quebec City by train shortly after, for about a week by the time we get back. The train journey is overnight and we arrive first thing in the morning and i do mean first thing (before 6 a.m.!) First trip with the new laptop too!
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Bloody freaking cold out there today. Halifax is usually fairly reasonable for temperatures. Only a few days here and there that it's super cold or hot as the ocean tends to limit the extremes. Today was one of them, at least for us it was pretty chilly. The average temps were around -16 to -18 C. and the windchill sent it down to about -30. It's only supposed to last a few days this time around.

I was supposed to go to a meeting at another office this morning and since it was in Dartmouth i told them at work i'd meet them there rather than go all the way to work just to turn around and come back again. I planned on taking the bus. or busses. It would have taken three but it wouldn't have been so bad had it not been so cold. Who wants to wait around for busses in temps like that! Not me, so i called for a taxi. I am going to see if i can get the money back as they would have given us taxi chits if we hadn't had drives from people. I got back to work with one of the other coworkers.

After work was the gym and man oh man waiting for the bus after that was brutal! You know how time flies when you're having fun and it slows to a creep when you're watching a pot boil or something? It's even slower when you're waiting for a bus in the arctic winds!

Good soup weather. I made a turkey soup on the weekend with homemade turkey broth. IT's not bad but i think i should have had a bit more salt in the broth as it's a little flat. Probably better for me, though.
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Happy 2011! Hope it brings you good luck, health and happiness!

I've got 3 books in progress on the eReader and two more lined up for after those are done. :) It's so easy to pick it up and decide what i feel like reading. Having said that, i've gone back to my paper book that was reading before Christmas. I started it so i will have to finish it. It's my bus book, and i do have a couple other hard copy books as well to read. I don't expect to give them up altogether but i do figure there will be less of them this year and more on the ereader as i make my way through my library or buy some new ebooks.

6 a.m. came early this morning and it was chilly and windy. Ah well. Will be back to the gym with the trainer tomorrow. I did get there once last week so that's better than not at all. I am determined to get to the gym a bit more often, even if it's just one more a week on top of the two a week i go now. Post holiday gyms are usually very busy but if i can get there before 4:30, or on a Saturday afternoon, i shouldn't need body armour to fight my way to a treadmill or the weight machines.

Now we're in the new year, it's time to start doing more serious list-making for our trip to Cornwall in May. We will probably do a night or two in London as well, either at the start of my vacation or just before i fly home. Haven't decided yet. We want to take in a Doctor Who exhibit at the Olympia and of course, catch up with folks! Either way it should be over a weekend so that will make it easier.
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Another good workout with the PFD. He pushes me but only if i want to be pushed. I'll give most things a try and i think he knows where i'd draw the line so pretty much anything he suggests, i can do or at least try to. It's good, too, because there is always some new exercise he shows me each time i go so i don't get bored. We don't do all the same things every time. And today he asked me if he'd told me about the tennis ball thing... Um no? We were talking about massage therapy and i must have mentioned the spots behind my neck and shoulders, between the shoulder blades that gets so tight from sitting at a computer all day.

Turns out, what you do is put the tennis ball behind you, around the shoulders/shoulder blade and lean against the wall or you can do it lying on the floor too. Then you lean into the ball and roll it around the muscles that are all knotted up. Oh My God what a feeling! You can get it right at those knots!! You can press as hard or light as you want. The ball might slide a bit but you just pick it up again and go with it. I suppose you could do it if you had a high backed chair too and it might not be as slippery on a fabric surface. A tennis ball has just enough give to it but still firm enough. I went right from there to the dollar store and bought a package of three, with one that will live in my desk at work.

I've finished a couple of books and nearly done a third one and not listed them here. One i can't even remember the title of at the moment or even what it was about and i've put it on the bookshelf at work so i can't reference it. That's my brain these days. The second was 50 Years of Coronation Street the (very) Unofficial Story by Sean Egan. Great book! Lots of backstage behind the scenes goss and info. There's another official 50th anniversary book i'm reading now by Tim Randall which is good too, but more about the storylines over the years with some focus on various actors as well. The 50th anniversary of Coronation Street is Thursday December 9. Anyway the two i've read are numbers 31 and 32. I"m nearly finished 33 which is a fictionalized account of the life of Catherine de Medici called The Devil's Queen by Jeanne Kalogridis. She has Catherine as a follower of astrology and dabbling in spells and magic on occasion. It's a good account of court intrigue, though, I'm enjoying it. Nearly finishes so i might take it to bed and finish it tonight.

If you watch Eastenders, they're going to have Dot Branning mention Corrie in the show that night too and say how she always watches it and loves it. A nod to a golden anniversary and a nice touch. The episode was written by Daran Little who was the Coronation Street archivist for many years, wrote a handful of excellent Corrie books and wrote for the show for a few years as well.

Next week is going to be unmissable if you do watch the show. Monday night will have the explosion that sends the tram off the viaduct into the corner shop and Kabin. The rest of the week is going to be the rescues, the aftermath, the deaths and injuries and the episode on Thursday is going to be live, no pre-filming. There are extra episodes as well, on Wednesday with an hour on Thursday, and the usual 2 on Monday and Friday. I download them and i can hardly wait! I think the special effects spared no expense. They used a combination of some CGI and some real effects and fire and stuff. I figure the actual action of the tram coming along and coming down will be the CGI stuff but they do have tram cars on the set and have destroyed the two buildings at that end of it. I've seen photos and it looks pretty awesome. They're trying to keep it secret who will be the ones to die but there are already actors that have been noted that are leaving the show so i reckon some of them at least will be trammed but they could still throw a surprise in there.
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First proper session with the new PFD. He really knows his stuff, and he's going to do some different stuff than i've done before so that's good too. He really watches how i sit/stand and do the exercises so i do them right. It didn't seem like we did a lot today but i'm already feeling it. He did say he wanted me to know tomorrow that we met and my muscles are already telling me. Anyway i think it'll be a good fit.

2010 books - I've also got Pride and Prejudice on the go on my ipod version of Kobo. It is familiar to me but i think it's because i've seen the series so many times because i know i've not read the book before.

28. Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver
This book is in a sort of autobiography format in the form of journals written by a man from boyhood into his 30s. The journals are edited by his secretary and published. His mother was Mexican and his father was American but the book begins in the 1930s when he and his mother are living in Mexico with a man who his mother hopes she will eventually marry, once he's left his wife. As he grows up, he meets artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Frida becomes a good friend. During the time he works for them he also meets Leon Trotsky. All this will come back to cause him grief later in the late 1940s after he's a published writer and the Communist hunters are on the rampage. The journal entries are not written in the first person, but in the third and have lots of dialogue so are easy to read. You get a bit of a sense of the man but not as much as you would if you'd read his innermost thoughts. The journals have been edited by his stenographer and though she's allowed some of the man's personality and thoughts to come through, she's also been judicious where his privacy is concerned. It's not a bad read, a little different. I've read one of her books before, Poisonwood Bible and liked it. This is very different from that one.
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Pretty good workout with 20 minutes on the treadmill. Gotta say, though, one of the songs on my iPod, Motion by Swarf, really *really* gets me motivated! I love it! The electronic beat and the phenomonally soaring tones of [ profile] liz_lowlife put a spring in my step, so much so that i'm almost tempted to do a swirly leap off the back of the treadmill like a music video. I don't but i feel like it. Instead, i find myself walking with a bit more bounce. I also like Fall and Subtext but Motion is Da Bizness! Another great treadmill song is Music Makes Me Happy by the Australian trio Oka. I don't think they're together anymore because when the Buskerfest came last year, one of the guys from Oka was there in a different band. I don't have a lot of use for the Busker Festival since so many of the acts not only nag the audience for a cash donation, they even have the nerve to suggest an amount! I donate if i enjoy the show but not if i'm being pressured to. Oka was great. They'd play, then say they appreciate any donations but if not, enjoy the show. That's the kind of act i'd give a few dollars to. I've even bought some of their cds.

Anyway, that's beside the point.

I generally use a techno type playlist for cardio or another playlist that has good walking tunes. For the weights, it's generally a lot harder, edgy, metal, rock, goth, industrial type stuff. It'll have a heavy, more powerful beat that's slower than the dancey trancey type electronica or faster rock. This is where you'll hear AC/DC, Nine inch Nails, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Stevie Ray Vaughn, (yeah blues rock is good to do the weight machines too, as well!). There's other stuff too, Fad Gadget, David Bowie, Doug and the Slugs, Grand Funk Railroad, Queen... Anyway you get the idea. I do like my iPod for the gym! I don't use it if i'm with the trainer, though, because we chat then. Talking keeps me distracted and i don't realize i'm done my reps until she says so. Anything that gets me through the hour!

Back to the beginning, Thanks [ profile] liz_lowlife, just thought you might like to know you're music is still appreciated, even way over the pond!


Apr. 10th, 2010 07:54 pm
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The internets are driving me nuts today. All the sites i use seem very slow. I thought it was just me, or my isp but i notice a few others are finding some things slow so i guess there's something broken down the chain somewhere. This too shall pass but it's frustrating and i'm most definitely not patient for stuff like that.

One of my vices, occasionally? Lotto scratch cards. Every now and then i like to buy a Bingo scratch card which is wierd because i hate going to Bingo as a passtime but the scratch game i do like. And i quite often will win a free ticket on it. Sometimes a free ticket on the next one too but that's usually it. On a rare occasion i think i won 10 or 12 dollars on one. I got one the other day and won 2 free tickets so i went to another store and got two more. Didn't want to go to the same Lotto booth, superstitiously, because i thought perhaps there would be a better chance of getting another winner from a different spot.
I was right.
FIFTY DOLLARS!!!! W00t!!!! I think that's the most i've ever won on a lottery ticket of any kind. I know it's not "the big one" but still! It bought me a really nice tub of body butter, a Subway and a few groceries with some change left over :)

My trainer had me away from the machines on Wednesday and spent the whole hour doing exercises with the free weights and stability ball and boy, i felt it for three days after! Owie!

And .... 21 sleeps!!! Yay! I bought a little map app for my ipod the other day with Copenhagen maps and it's apparently got a GPS-ish feature where you can find where you are and then see what is in the area for sights, restaurants and shopping. It can be used offline too which is handy. iPhones are always connected but the iPod needs a wifi connection for some stuff. I have Google maps on it but it only works with the wiFi. This is nice for the one city we're going to be in. Useful! It's even got some photos and a mini-guide book in it, for history and descriptions of the sights etc. And it will let you know where nearby wiFi spots are! I expect it's going to go out of date before too long as restaurants open and close but it's good for going now.
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It's been a full day. I did drag myself to the gym but the whole workout was a struggle this time around. I don't know why but i did finish.
Got my hair highlighted and coloured and cut and it feels so much nicer.
Went and picked up some groceries and i still need to put them away but i had to download the new Doctor Who first and watch it.

And speaking of which...
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It's been a quiet week, not much to write about. Nothing in particular in the news. Weather's been spectacular but back to chilly today and tomorrow. Sucks, really. It's 0 degrees when i go to work and going to go up to 9 or 10 by late afternoon. You don't know what to wear! I did two days in my spring coat but it's too chilly this morning and am back to my winter one. They're forecasting a few flurries so i'm not taking any chances. Really can't complain though, we've had an unusually good winter. not much snow, only a short time of really arctic temps. The farmers won't be happy, though. Not enough snow. That means it'll be pretty dry for them unless we get a rainy spring.

Work is flowing along fine. Been going to the gym on schedule. That's going well, too. It's not really getting any easier but then it wouldn't be doing me any good if it wasn't challenging. Next week i'm going to do a whole hour in the trainer's room instead of some of the exercises done on the machines in the main weight room. Can't imagine what torture she'll think up for me there! But i'll have the Easter weekend to recover though i really do need to make time to go to the gym at least once over the long weekend. Well... it's not about making the time as it is getting myself off my chair and going. Maybe i'll see if i can borrow Mom's car for a couple of the days and get some groceries while i'm at it.

Really looking forward to the trip. 37 sleeps until i get there! And really looking forward to Copenhagen. Ibsens Hotel is where we're staying. Seems quite nice and [ profile] gramie_dee's friend who lives in the city says it's a nice hotel too. It's also a carbon-neutral hotel so that's a plus. His friend is going to take some time off to show us around, too. Always nice to have a personal contact. He does a web metal radio show as well so that's how he knows G. He wants us to record a few shows while we're there. That should be interesting. They don't play the type of music i'm all that keen on but then if he doesn't like it, he cuts the song off and makes fun of it. If i get to do that, they won't get past the first bar of the vocals :) The instrumental part i don't mind as much but the growly, screamy vocals leave me cold. I just don't get that. I like to be able to make out the lyrics and think that someone somewhat civilized is performing rather than it sounding like a Monsters vs Alien battle going on on stage. ;)))) Even the exceptions are really not as extreme as some of the stuff G. plays on his show. One of my favourites is a Rob Zombie tune Burn Baby Burn. It's growly but you can make it out and it's not a speed-thrash beat but it still kicks ass. Great workout song! I guess you could say that i like my metal "middle of the road" ... so to speak but that's not strictly true, either. :D


One other thing i still need to go is book tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is playing at the Palace Theatre in Manchester while i'm there. I've been checking but the online booking that gives you the "best available" keeps coming up with front row centre and that's too close to the stage. Last time i checked it was a few rows back so i'll try to book over Easter maybe. I tried calling but couldn't get through. You'd think a ticket booking service would be open on weekends wouldn't you? No voice mail stating times of business, nothing on the website for same. Nobody answering the phones. Couldn't even get through to the theatre on a weekend. Can't remember now what time of day it was but it seemed a reasonable hour that the box office should be open. Graham doesn't have a credit card so it's just easier for me to do the booking for stuff that needs it and get the tickets sent to his address. Anyway, i'll get tickets online before i go. Just need a little patience.
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Ok. Now that's a new one.
Apparently there's a new trend/fashion/style called vajazzling.
So ladies, when you get a smooth Brazilian wax job, you could have Swarovski crystals glued on in patterns.
You could have your nethers sparkling like a disco ball.
I know glue can really stick to skin, superglue, and that sort.
But, wouldn't you want something a bit less adhering?
And wouldn't your underwear possibly pull off the crystals?
Or, i guess, you would have to go commando.
In a skirt.
*shakes head*
Apparently this came to light, so to speak, on a late night talk show.
Jennifer Love Hewitt does it.

Last night on the way home from work on the bus, there were several little kids all wound up, being loud and it just grated on my nerves. Not their fault, not the parents' fault, they weren't in a temper or crying, they were just hyped and loud. But childless me wanting peace and quiet just found it a bit much. I sent a text update to Facebook suggesting there should be an adult-only bus and it seemed to strike a chord with quite a few people. One person wondered who would drive the bus for the kids... I figure they could second a school bus driver. They're used to it. An adult-only bus could have peaceful music during rush hour, maybe some essential oil scents (or not, so many places are scent free these days!) They could serve drinks, hot and cold, provide newspapers. Sort of like a coffee shop on wheels. Oh well.

It's Friday again. It's been a busy week. Dinner after the gym after work on Monday, gym on Wednesday and out to a meeting last night. My personal fitness dragon will be pleased that i worked out both of my usual days while she was on her vacation this week. I see her twice next week and then every Wednesday and every other Monday after that, in an effort to stretch out the number of sessions i've purchased so the sessions don't run out before the biweekly payments!  I will still go on the Monday's i don't see her and am hoping to get there at least one other time, either for cardio or a full workout.
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Melted butter dripped off my toast onto my top this morning. Luckily i was still home and could change.

Embarassing moment:
Go and pick up a carton of milk and a carton of Orange juice. Ask for a bran muffin. It's just under $5.00. Look in (new) wallet. No fiver in the usual place. Ok. Look in wallet proper for a larger bill. Nothing.
I could have sworn i had cash.
Forget that for the moment, i had to pay with my debit card.
I hate doing that for under 5 dollars.
Needs must.
Walk out of the shop, but i have to look again in that (new) wallet.
Realize there is now a zipped change section on the outside of the (new) wallet so i look in there and see.... a five dollar bill and a couple of two dollar coins. Ah.
Look in the wallet again and realize the bill section is divided into two sections. And yep, in the back section is the cash, $50. Phew!
New wallet, yes, just bought it on Saturday.
Obviously still not used to where i have to put things in it in relation to where i used to.

My Personal Fitness Dragon is on holiday this week but i promised i would not slack off. Thus i am going after work today as usual and then am meeting a friend from out of town for dinner. I've met her face to face before though she's mostly an internet pal. When i went to Toronto a couple of years ago for a photo seminar, she offered to pick me up at the airport and then drove me to Niagra Falls for lunch. What a star! she and her husband are in Halifax this week for the Men's Curling championship tournament, the Tim Horton's Brier. I don't know if her husband is coming to dinner or not, she didn't know if he could tear himself away from the rink or not :)
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Did you know that Jeff Bridges can sing? Well, i didn't. I went to see Crazy Heart this afternoon, starring Bridges as an alcoholic country singer, Bad Blake. His performance is toted to win the Oscar and i can see why. It's a good movie, albeit a fairly standard formula story. It's the performances that make it special. We first meet Bad when he's booked in to play a bowling alley in Nowhere, New Mexico. He was a huge country star but his career is on the skids. He's a heavy drinker, really, he's clearly an alcoholic and his liver has most definitely seen better days. So that's how the movie opens, we see the mess he's in, a washed up singer, past his glory days at age 57, drinking himself into a slow death. He's not a nasty drunk or an emotional one, just sloppy, pathetic, and almost functional most of the time. He performs drunk and does a fair job though now and then he has to rush off stage to upchuck.
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Colin Farrell's character was interesting, seeing the difference between the younger superstar and the grizzled old mentor down on his luck. Tommy is clearly at the top of his game, with sleek hair, earrings, the epitome of modern country music. Yet he knows he owes his fame to Bad who "taught him everything he knows". He seems to respect Bad, and wants to help him. Bad is reluctant, feeling like it's charity i suppose but he really needs the money. There's also a small role by Robert Duvall who's character is a good friend to Bad. And as down and out as Bad is, you can see the talent still in him, both in his experience on stage in spite of the whiskey and his ability to write a shining and perfect song still, when he's inspired.

I found all the performances very real, very believable. No righteousness, no preaching, no exaggerations. Yes, it's still a love story underneath and there's the redemption bit (i did say it's a formula story) but it's worth going to see.

And is it me, or does Jeff Bridges in this movie bear quite a strong resemblence to Kris Kristofferson? Even sounds a bit like him at times. As i said, he can sing, too, and quite well. He sounds like the old fashioned country singers i always liked.

Anyway, after the movie, i went to the gym in Park Lane. I think i'm just going to have to stick to my own club because both times i went to other locations, i never seem to like them as much. The machines are different or they seem calibrated differently and they don't have all the same ones i'm used to. Then wanting to use the weights, one of the rooms looked like it was being used for a class so i used another one and there wasn't all the ranges of free weights in there. I did what i could and got pretty much a full workout aside from a couple of things. All in all a productive day.
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Some days i just function better at the gym than others. Today was a good say. Monday i was dragging my ass.
I miss my buddy, the one that retired last week. I wonder if it's sunk in for him yet or if he still feels he's just on vacation. Everyone is envious of him. The common phrase in the week between when it was announced and when he left was "You lucky bastard!" As he says, if that many people are wishing it was them, management better be scared! I reach Rule of 80 (age plus years of service) at the end of 2013 but i don't know if i will be able to afford to retire then. I'll only have 25 years in and that means i only get a 50% pension. Most people go after 30 years and get 60% which isn't a lot different than you live on after all the taxes and benefits they take off your pay anyway. I know you can live off a lot less than you think but you get used to having x amount to live on, don't you? i don't want to have to work when i retire from my present job, just to make ends meet. Lots of people get a part time job for something to do. When you're only in your late 50s you're still young enough not to really be slowing down that much but you've put your time in and want to take your pension and run. It'll just be nice to know i *can* go if i want to or if things descend into hell between now and then.

There's a military commander that's been arrested in Ontario for suspicion of murdering two woman and also he's been charged with sexual assault, unlawful confinement and home invasion in a couple more cases. Now they're looking at all the cities where he's been stationed over his career to see if there are any other unsolved murders or missing women. He was posted here for awhile in the early 90s apparently. Scary stuff.
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Another tough workout today but it's all good.
I got a bottle of diet Pepsi and my soaps on the vcr.
Mac, cheese and tomato for supper later.
You remember that nice new purse i bought two weeks ago? The day after i bought it, one of the handles came loose. The ends fit into a round circle thing and are screwed in with a small tiny screw from one side of the ring, through the handle and into the other side. Well i guess the screw came out. So i wired it up first and then replaced it with one of those double rings that they make keyrings out of. Today yet another end came off. Sheesh. No i can't take it back because it was half price on a final sale. Simple. Need more of those double rings. I went to the dollar store and bought three 50 cent keyrings so i'll have two left over when the other two handle pieces break. Because i'm sure they will. If i had a teeny screwdriver, i'd just take it apart and put the rings on now. They might not be quite as shiny but they are very secure and they won't come apart.

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