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Aug. 24th, 2012 06:21 pm
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Went to the Gyn for the lab results from the D&C surgery last month and he said there is no cause for concern. All clear. They will keep an eye on the cyst on the ovary and is scheduling me for another ultrasound for that but that's just something they'll check from time to time he says.
I was 99.9% sure it would be fine but there's always that one chance.
This doctor comes across rather serious and professional, even a little abrupt. But when he was doing the initial exam those months ago, i noticed a print of penguins over the table. I asked him if he liked penguins and he gave me this big grin and said I LOVE Penguins! Whoah. Unexpected.
Anyway today i noticed he had a pin on his coat.... Mickey and Minnie Mouse! :)
He's also got a framed cross stitch up in the office that is meant to be him him holding a newborn baby upsidedown. Awesome!
Clearly a sense of humour under there somewhere :)
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The surgery was fine. They did it a bit early so was home at Mom's by 3:30. When i woke up, i felt like i couldn't swallow, like there was a lump of phlegm and i couldn't swallow and i didn't like that feeling. Apparently it was just irritation, perhaps some swelling from the tube they put in while i was under. They have a little mask with mist that helped and after about 20 minutes it was fine again. My throat is a bit raspy and sore tonight but i feel ok. A little tired and moving a bit slow but overall ok. Sure was glad to get home and eat though! They found two small polyps and took them out so i will go back to see him in a month or so to get the pathology results. He did seem pretty optimistic before the surgery and i am not anticipating any further problems but i'll keep my bits crossed anyway.

I'm staying overnight at mom's as they want someone to be with me for the first night. I feel fine. Mom is the one flaked out on the couch! The cat's on the other couch on her back, front paws stretched out and back paws in the air. They both look very comfortable!
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I"m starting to suspect this hip thing might actually be sciatica after all. I paid closer attention to where the pain originated when it woke me last night and it does seem to be not quite right in the hip but just behind it and looking up symptoms that's one of the areas where sciatica can be felt. also, with the slight weak feeling in the leg, the numbness and that it's worse at night... those are all symptoms too. My trainer, Daniel, also thought from my descriptions it was something pinched rather than a muscle spasm. He showed me a couple stretches as well. There's no reason to just sit around though, and rest it. The website i looked at did say it is ok to move around and exercise and it generally gets better on its own. I'm just glad it's not really bothering me in the daytime other than the leg thing which makes me limp a little but it's not painful. I do find that i can take the pressure off it when i wake up by sleeping on my stomach but i hate sleeping in that position usually. Well, if i can fall back to sleep, even if it's only for an hour at a time, that's better than tossing and turning the rest of the night.

I'll be getting a laptop for work at some point fairly soon. They were hemming and hawing about giving us admin access to it because they wanted everyone to have locked down pcs or laptops but us IT people need to be able to install our non-standard (i.e. not Microsoft) tools and updates so we've finally got permission for that. We've got 5 to choose from including a Lenovo Thinkpad where the screen turns around and makes it a tablet but i don't think i'll get that. I'm leaning to either the little Lenovo or a small HP. Both have 8 gig of memory and a 120 gig solid state hard drive. We'll get a docking station and cable lock as well. I won't be getting rid of my XP machine though because there are a couple of things on it that won't run under Windows 7 that i need for any application maintenance requests. I am probably heading to the smaller machine, 12.5 inch screen because we can connect it to my larger monitor and always plug in a keyboard and mouse to the docking station. Because we have wifi available at work now for these, i can leave the pc network cable plugged into the old one and use the wifi for the new one.
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I finally got back to the hair dresser's this weekend. I'd been to have my hair cut once in the last few months but during the bus strike i couldn't get over on weekend to get it dyed and foiled etc. It takes too long to do that at lunch and when you're driving with someone else i couldn't go after work or i'd miss my ride home. I tried to cover the grey with drugstore dye but i didn't do a very good job. Finally i got in on Saturday and my hair feels and looks so much nicer now. Brighter too. The grey just dulled it down so much. Someone asked me once if i would ever let the dye grow out completely and I think i probably won't until i retire at least. Or if i knew it was a lot more grey than it is. It's got a lot but it's not a lot, if you get my drift. It would probably still be a lot more brown than grey but enough grey to look dowdy. (in my view at least).

The problem with dark hair is that you really notice it a lot more so growing it out would be visibly noticeable. I suppose as i get older, i'll need to adjust the colour a bit so i don't have that wrinkled and baggy face and dark un-grey hair! Well, i usually go for a medium brown with coppery highlights but even so, it's still not that light.  It's great how much better you feel when your hair looks nice, regardless of colour or not.

My back is still giving me a little bit of grief on and off and i'm getting so sick and tired of it. I fell over a couple of weeks ago, just over my own two feet and that jolted me. I think that kind of put it off a little. It's nowhere near as bad as it was a few months ago but it's frustrating. I felt very sorry for myself last night. It just seems like every day i get up and something hurts somewhere. It felt like it yesterday at least. I did try the gym thinking that might loosen it a bit though it didn't but the chiropractor was still in the office when i left there so i popped in for an adjustment and went home to put heat on it since the cold did precisely nothing yesterday morning. It does feel a bit better today and i already have another adjustment scheduled for Thursday so i'll keep that appointment too. I need to make sure it feels better for when G. gets here in just over 2 weeks :)

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We have a section meeting this morning. All morning. Joy.


Dec. 29th, 2009 12:52 pm
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I have a cold. Stuffy head, watery eyes mainly. A bit of a scratchy throat. It's just a cold though, nothing worse and knock on wood, it'll just stay that way.

My days are all off this week. I think because we had two days off, i kept thinking that Sunday was Monday and i've been off a day all week. I'm still not entirely convinced today isn't Wednesday. Sunday i went to the gym, then met a friend for coffee and presents and then we went out later on to a movie. We saw It's Complicated which Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and it was really good! It was quite funny with lots of laughs yet it wasn't a stupid silly comedy. It was about a divorced couple, Jane and Jake, who have an affair with each other after 10 years apart. They share three adult children, the last of whom is just leaving the nest. Jake has already remarried and has a step son and his young wife wants more kids so they're going through fertility treatments. Jane owns a successful bakery and she's going to get an addition put on her house for a large kitchen and fancy bedroom over it. The architect for that is Steve Martin and he's getting over a recent divorce.

They really like each other but this affair with her ex, which she knows is wrong, is occupying her more. The sex is better than it used to be, the sneaking around is exciting and yet this new man in her life, Steve Martin, seems to be "the one" and he is falling for her, not knowing about the affair. The comedy isn't silly or juvenile, it's very grown up, the situations, the jokes, the writing and the acting are all perfect. Even the three people cast as the grown up children are quite good as is the fiance of the older daughter who gets caught in the middle. In fact, that character, Harley, is one of the funnier ones. You don't often see Meryl in a movie where she gets to play comedy, though she's done so earlier this year as well in Julie and Julia. That was overshadowed by her impersonaltion of Julia Childs, however. In this, she's a middle aged woman, worried about her aging looks, hanging out with her female friends, clucking over her kids and tolerating her ex. The affair comes out of nowhere, and seems to be more about "what if" than a "go forward" thing. Jake is the past, we can all see that, and Jane needs to find a way to look to the future.
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I think i must have a light case of bronchitis. I feel perfectly fine except i have a tickly cough that is driving me nuts. It's not toooo bad today but it seems to have better days and not. There isn't even a lot of congestion. It's a pain in the ass to try to get to sleep though because when i lie down, the tickle starts up, even if i prop up on pillows. I couple of nights i got fed up and sat up using my bed pillow that i use for reading in bed and slept sitting up. Once i fell asleep, i stayed asleep for most of the rest of the night. Earlier in the week i was waking up almost hourly so it's an improvement. Yesterday wasn't a great day but today, though i'm coughing a bit, i can go longer spells between. I have a puffer and i'm using that a couple of times a day, and i have Buckley's, Fishermen's Friends and hot honey and lemon. If i felt sick, i wouldn't feel like such a fraud! It's improved today, as i said, so we'll see if it improves tomorrow and Monday. If i keep seeing it get better little by little, i won't go see about it but i doubt there's much the doctor could do anyway. Any other time i've had worse bronchitis she hasn't been able to give me any meds and i've suffered far worse with it because i had the full meal deal of a cold and fever and general lurgy. I'm not missing that this time around!

So i did stay home from work yesterday because the coughing was worse in the morning and i didn't sleep well. No sense driving everyone else mad having to listen to it. Last night i lifted a pillow and knocked over the water on my night table. And the phone and the radio. And the water went all over the power bar on the floor which proceeded to make some ominous sizzling sounds so that got unplugged pretty quickly. I tried it again today, thinking it had probably dried out but it was still making noises it should so it went in the garbage bin. I went down for some groceries and there's a little laptop repair shop in the shopping centre and on a whim i went in to see if they had any power bars. He had one! Yay! So i am now all plugged in and surged protected and not making ominous sizzling noises.

It's always good to know people in the right places and today that was the produce manager at the grocery store. We went to school together and always have a few words when i'm in and he's working. Today he went into the back to get me some nice fresh cilantro and was telling me about it and also picked me out some nice red and green peppers. I had also picked up some fruit called a "plumcot". I just thought it was a different variety of plum and he told me it was a cross between a plum and an apricot. I am pleased to report that it is indeed quite tasty. It looks like a large plum but has a little extra oomph to it. Lovely!
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No pigs, just lurgy.
Going back to bed now.
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Apparently i have asthmatic bronchitis. Now i don't have asthma but whatever this bronchial thing is, i'm not happy with it lol I did go to work today and wasn't *too* bad while i was sitting down but when i'd move around, go to the loo or into the mall to get my bus pass, my legs would feel a little wobbly and i would get very wheezy and coughing. Well at least they could tell in the office that i wasn't faking anything. I decided to go to the doctor this afternoon though, because though it's somewhat better than the weekend, it's not really significantly better. He gave me a puffer and some antibiotics and a note to stay off the rest of the week. Gives the meds a chance to kick in.

As it is, i have a meeting on Friday evening for the local Corrie committee. We've got the Corrie star event back for March 4 and it's going to be the bloke that plays Ashley Peacock. He'll be at the British Isles Show in Toronto that weekend after that and he will be stopping off here first. We've had this type of "add on" to the British Isles Show a few times in the past though we didn't get it this year. It's great that we are going to put on the event next year but there's a lot of work to organizing it.
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I am reminded why i don't go to the mall on Saturdays between November and Christmas. They're all mad, i tell you. Insane! And rude and what really pissed me off? I turned into a parking lane and stopped, planning on backing into a spot. had to wait for a car to pass me going the other way. I looked behind me to start reversing and the bitch that was driving the car had pulled into the spot i was going to back into! OOOHHHh i was furious!!! I know, i know, she didn't know i was going to back up into the spot. I wouldn't normally but the spot was on the end of a row and i couldn't turn into the row and drive into it, i'd have had to turn the car around 180 degrees to get into it so i thought i could just back into it. We traversed a few rows and sections and decided it wasn't worth it.

Over to Chapters and i squeezed the car into a spot there. We popped in to look for something that wasn't there anymore but still managed to find something to buy! :)) I picked up the new Ken Follett, a sequel of sorts to Pillars of the Earth called World Without End. I really liked Pillars so i wanted to get this one. I had ordered it from Amazon but they hadn't delivered yet, and it's been a few weeks. I don't know what the holdup was but i got the book in the store for 50% off all tolled. It was 30% off to start, and an extra 10% for having a Chapters reward card and because I'd spent over $35, I got another 10% off. That surprised me because you would think they'd only give you the extra 10 if your total after the first 40% off was over $35. But no. And that's a good thing! I still have to get a paperback for the plane, though.

7 sleeps until i get to Manchester and i'm getting a bit of a cold!! Aggh! A scratchy throat and a little bit of a cough. Yeek! Hopefully i'll get it over with this weekend. We have Monday off in lieu of November 11, Rememberence Day, as it lands on a Sunday.
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I think i need a new back. It's not gone wonky on me but it usually does have an ache in the morning no matter how i sleep on it, some mornings more than others and for some reason, i was very wakeful last night. Tossing and turning and very warm which is probably what kept waking me up. You just can't win! If i sleep in one position most of the night, it aches. If i toss and turn, it aches. It loosens up through the day, just in time to go to bed again. I think i will get in for an adjustment today, though and i really think i may call [ profile] oceannadelamer for an aromatherapy massage soon.

Having lunch with [ profile] blueberrymoon today! I bought one of her paintings, the one of a VW bug, and she's personally delivering it :) My best friend loves those cars and her husband bought her a 1959 Bug for Christmas so when i saw the painting i had to get it for her. Her birthday is in March. I don't think i can wait until Christmas to give it to her though i would like to wait. It's great when Christmas presents really have that "Oh Wow!" factor but i probably will be too excited to give it to her to wait that long. That same friend is flying to London tonight to visit her daughter who's working there on a Student's Working Abroad program. She's really excited as it's her first time there plus has really missed her daughter who's been gone since September. Said daughter is having a grand old time, taking day trips on her days off, seeing lots of musicals and plays and she even joined the American Choir and sang in St. Paul's Cathedral for the American Thanksgiving last November!

Word of the Day: Star-gazers. In 1889, that word was a slang word for "ladies of the pavement who walk by night, not so much, however, to study the heavenly bodies as to dispose of their own". This is also the feast day of St. Vitalis who, according to legend, spent any extra money he earned on the star-gazers. But not what you'd think! He'd engage them and then pray for them in their rooms. Allegedly. I don't know if that included exclamations of Oh God!!!!!
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I received this email from a coworker who has just been through dealing with breast cancer. she was one of the lucky ones and it looks like she'll be ok. She's talking about a documentary/consumer show that airs on CBC Canada and the reporter has recently gone through breast cancer treatment herself. I didn't see the show but from what my coworker says, it brought up some important and scary thoughts so i'm copying the main part of the email here.

Edit: This isn't meant to be "scare mongering" or being tabloid sensationalist. I didn't see the program so i have no idea of what studies were involved. I just think it's interesting and something to think about.

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