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Pretty fucking excited right now!!!! Canada's men's hockey team won GOLD. The winning goal in sudden death overtime shot home by a 22 year old man from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia which is part of the Halifax region.!!! Was at my sister's having a birthday dinner with my nephew who's bd was Friday. 24 seconds left in the game the US team tied it up! AAAAGGHH! Overtime, local boy brings it home not far into it! I think the whole city screamed in unison. Cole Harbour certainly did and as we were driving home, there were a couple of people at a major cross roads by the "Cole Harbour, Home of Sidney Crosby" sign waving the flag. Everyone going by was sounding their horn and hollering out the windows. I don't follow hockey like i did years ago but i wouldn't have missed this game for anything and it was even better watching it with a room full of people, most of whom are also not regular hockey fans but you just gotta see it and experience it! We all screamed ... then i wondered... is it sudden death or do we have to play the whole 20 minutes? Because i got that impression but no, sudden death, one goal and it's over! I screamed again and burst into tears! :))))

Women's and Men's gold for "our" sport and with this gold medal, we have now broken the Olympic record for gold medals won in a Winter Olympics. Not only just our record, but THE record which was 13 held by both the US and Norway.

It feels good!
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Chuckled at this Facebook status on my news feed today:
"We are taking this opportunity to inform you that due to hockey, Canada will be closed from 12Noon - 3PM PST , Sunday Feb 28 2010. Thank you for understanding."
The Canadian women's team won gold the other night. Now it's the men's team's chance, playing against the U.S. It's a pretty good bet that even a lot of non-hockey people will be watching. We can hope for the best, and are guaranteed silver but gold, of course, will be better!


Feb. 26th, 2010 08:37 am
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Holy crap the wind is strong out there this morning! And it's raining as well (sideways). The front door of my apartment building blew off and was hanging by the ... oh i can't think of what it's called but it's a bendy thing on top of the door. It's right off the hinges though and flapping around when the wind gusts. I called the superintendent, left a message on the machine. Nice. Maybe it's not classified as a personal emergency but it could swing around and hit someone as they try to get by or slam into the pane glass of the front entrance. Anyway he called me back just as i was off the bus downtown and i confirmed yes it was me that called and told him that yes the door was right off it's hinges. I expect he'll have been cursing to have to get dressed and go over in that weather but you can't leave it like it is.

Still pleased about the women's hockey win last night and a female skater from Quebec won bronze which was excellent too. That woman's mom came out last weekend to watch her daughter skate and died of a heart attack just after she arrived. Poor girl has had to perform all week with that hanging over her head. She wanted to win a medal and she did, for her mother. The curling teams are both headed into the final rounds, as well so there may be more medals there. Men's hockey tonight and if they win it's on to the gold on Sunday. They were watching the women's game last night and even after the win, they all seemed to look downcast, not smiling or happy at all. I guess it means more pressure on them to win, maybe! The women have won three gold medals in a row and silver in the one before that so there's a lot to live up to. The men haven't won a gold yet. In fact, 13 of the medals won have gone to women or women's teams, 3 medals have gone to men and one to the pairs' ice dancing. The Canadian women are rocking this Olympics!
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Ok, I just gotta rub it in just a little bit.


The Canadian women's Olympic team has just won their THIRD gold medal in a row, this time on home ice here in Canada. AND if that wasn't all, it was a frigging SHUTOUT! Score was 2-0! Both goalies were really hot though, and the American team really was good but Canada got in early with two goals and managed to hold them off. Everyone gets all hot and bothered about the men's team when the women have been winning and winning!

What's really nice, though, while they are giving out the medals, there are lots of cheers for the American players who really did put up a good fight!
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I do like to watch many of the winter games rather than the summer ones. Especially various kinds of skiing. I hate that there's more commercials than sport, and i hate turning on to watch only to see lots of interviews, commercials, chatting to the camera and about 10 minutes of sport in the course of an hour. I know there's a four hour time difference between my side of the country and theirs but surely they could replay the previous highlights if you're watching before the live action starts. And even in the evenings, you see more non-sport than sport. Ah well.

Canada's women's hockey team won a match against Slovenia (Slovakia?). 18 - 0! What a humiliation that was! And it broke the previous record where they beat the Italian team 16 - 0 in Turin.

Brian Williams, the CTV announcer, said to tune in to CBC after the break. Only it's CTV of course. But he's been broadcasting the games for CBC for over 20 years so it's understandable!

Very tragic news about the luger that lost control and got flung over off the track and died. I can't imagine how scary it must have been for the atheletes who went down that track later to start their runs. Extreme sports come with a very real risk but it's awful when it happens. They said the body can experience up to a 4 G-Force coming around the fastest part of that track!

Canada won it's first gold of the games (men's mogul skiing) and on home ground! Neither of the other two times Canada hosted the games did our atheletes win gold.


Oct. 22nd, 2009 06:25 pm
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I finally received my tickets for the NHL game in Montreal. I may not have actually told this story for some reason. So yes. We're going to Montreal and back in the olde days i used to watch hockey. Montreal Canadiens were My Team. I got away from it over the years so i don't follow it much at all anymore other than watching the occasional final playoff game. They're still My Team even though i have no idea who the players even are anymore. That doesn't matter, i was going to be in Montreal so it would have been very cool to go see a game if i could get tickets. I ran it by [ profile] gramie_dee who isn't a sports fan at all. He was willing to go even so, though i have been warned that i owe him one ;) Fair dues. So i couldn't get through early enough on the day the tickets went on sale and when i finally did get through, sold out. Oh well.

But a couple of weeks ago i thought i'd have a look on eBay just to see what was out there. That's where the scalpers all resell the tickets these days. I hate to encourage that behaviour but i was curious. Hmmm there were two tickets in the general section i had been going to purchase and they weren't too expensive yet. I decided to set my maximum bid to just a little over what i would have paid online direct and lo, and behold, my bid, at about half my maximum, was the high bid! W00t!
But wait.... the afternoon that the bid was closing i get an "outbid" notice. Ah well.
But wait again.... when i got home, there was a notice that i did win after all, that the higher bid was retracted. Hmmm...... suspicious, sez me. A little game to bump up the price to whatever the max bid is, i figure. I did check out the seller, and he's selling tickets for a large number of games, all the same two seats so it's clear he's got a season ticket for two seats and resells them. Well, i didn't pay more than i wanted to so i guess that's not so bad. The guy emailed me for instructions on whether i wanted to pick them up in Montreal or have them sent. I preferred to have them sent but it took him over a week to send them. It seems like he was selling them for someone else because the name on the envelope was someone else's name. It all sounds a bit dodgey as far as the reselling stuff goes but the seller has all good ratings and i have the tickets now and they seem pretty authentic so i'm taking the chance. It also tu rns out that the section i wanted is a bit higher up in the rink than i thought it would be. Not quite nosebleed seats but in the topmost sections. They do seem to be hovering over center ice though so at least we aren't stuck back up in a corner. The view should be good. and the crowd is always a big buzz, from what i've heard. Go Habs!
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World Cup hockey is in Halifax this week (It's also happening in Quebec City as well). Images from here and there include:
Latvian fans running around in hockey jerseys and all manner of strange headgear from horns to mop-like wigs and banging on drums. Some of them even hired a limo and put on a drum concert through the open sunroof! They are fast becoming the favourites. Rowdy and just out for a good time. Can you imagine traveling all the way from Latvia to watch your team play in a tournament? Most of the teams are from northern or eastern Europe (plus Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany, and North American teams Canada and USA). There's quite a few of them too, from what i've heard, plus lots of fans from the Scandinavian countries and Slovenia as well.

Norway fans at the arena, bare chested or bare-stomached with the initials of the country scrawled on their skin, punching the air and cheering on their team.
One woman, screaming at the top of her lungs to encourage her team (Team USA) in the middle of a sea of Team Canada fans, all of whom just chuckled at her instead of mobbing her :) (Mind you, Canada won that game! Go Team Canada!)
It's been just mad here this week but it sounds like everyone is having a blast. there's been loads of fans wearing hockey jerseys around downtown, faces painted team colours, loads of smiles and lots of different languages overheard. I saw a little kid go by yesterday with his blonde hair liberally streaked with blue dye and wearing a matching blue jersey for whichever team it was he was supporting, trotting along happily beside his dad.

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