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It was snowing when i went out to the bus this morning. There were two birds on the telephone lines looking distinctly uncomfortable and probably wondering who's idea it was to come back from Florida in April when everyone knows Nova Scotia winter isn't done yet. Oh it must have been the Easter Bunny who talked us into it, yeah? And look how *that* turned out. 30 cm of frigging snow on the Easter weekend. What do you expect from an animal that steals eggs from birds, colours them and gives them away to children? It's all a conspiracy, i tell you.

It looks like it's stopped now, or turning to rain which is the forecast. Stupid weather.

Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious? I'm not generally thought there are one or two things that i get uneasy about. Friday the 13th is not one of them, nor are the stereotypical things like having a black cat cross my path or walking under a ladder (other than, just look up to see who's up there and what they're doing), nor do i give a hoot about breaking glass (bad luck for 7 years) or killing a spider (it'll rain if you do that!). My uneasiness comes when people say things like "x will never happen" or if i am making plans and write it on the calendar, i can't think how many times the plans have fallen through or have had to be changed for one reason or another. That's a double edges sword. You want to write it down so you can see it on the schedule yet when i do, i also see this little black cloud over the square on the calendar!

One year at work, we all planned and wore black to the office on Friday 13th. You could see the vague looks of confusion on faces from other departments when they couldn't quite put their finger on what was different when the came in our office.

No real plans for the weekend. Might go shopping with Mom tomorrow, pick up a few groceries too.

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