Jan. 18th, 2017

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Wednesday already!
G.'s best mate M. has bought his ticket to come visit in September. Should be fun! I"m only concerned about work. It's the time of year we produce the tax bills and I imagine I will be the main one to support the processes. I don't have to do the brunt of it but if the application administrator has technical issues, I will probably be the one to assist. Things have been known to go horribly wrong in the past and I've never been the one to support this before so I'm scared!!! The app admin is also new, covering a maternity leave this year. We have an interim tax bill processing in February so that will give us both some experience. Knock on wood... the interim bill isn't usually very troublesome. I guess we'll find out in about a month's time. There is one other person that can help me though he's not any more familiar with the bits and bobs than I am but we will muddle through. I'm mainly concerned it will cause my vacation time to cancel.

I already suggested M get his ticket for later in Sept because the project is usually done at the start of the month. I'm hoping by the middle of the month, the main stuff will be completed. I had only booked a week off in September but M is coming for two weeks so I think I'll book two 5-day weekends with two work days each week. G. and M. can hang out and do stuff around the city those days.

The other issue is going to be food. M. is a vegetarian and while I'm fine doing veggie meals now and then, doing this for 2 weeks will be a challenge! I know G and I don't have to eat vegetarian all the time of course. I will have to investigate some nice things to cook and put in the freezer ahead of time. I already do have a few good recipes and I have a number of cookbooks. At least when we're on road trips, it's taken out of my hands! It will be nice to see him, though. He's a good fella. 

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