Feb. 10th, 2017

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Predictions and warnings about a big storm overnight. I never know what to do. Do i wait and see if work cancels? Do I take a vacation day and end up wasting it because they cancel work? I always save extra days so it's not that big a deal but it's annoying if that happens. By the time I went to bed, not a lot of snow had fallen. It seemed that here in the city we were spared the worst of it though when I got up this morning there was more down. We still only got about half the predicted 35 - 40 cm of it and apparently they did delay opening of the office until 10. It helps keep the street traffic down so the clearing is a bit easier. Every little bit helps. I took a vacation day anyway. They never clear our pathway very early in the morning nor is the bus stop often cleared until later in the day or even the day after and it's not that safe. I don't feel steady, anyway. Last time we had a lot of snow, when i got off the bus, i had to get through it to the sidewalk and missed where the curb was. Down I went. I have a difficult time getting up but someone came by and lent a hand. I don't need pulling up, I just need someone or something to hold onto to steady me then I can get up under my own steam.

The Minglewood gig last weekend was great, too. He did a lot of songs from a new CD but then switched over to the old classics which I loved. Graham actually preferred the newer stuff. I enjoyed reliving the old memories.

Winter is usually pretty low key. I hate the cold so i tend to want to stay in on weekends. G. gets out through the week sometimes, just to get out. He's started up his Facebook page for his freelance art, Artoons,  and has had some inquiries so far.
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