Mar. 13th, 2017

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It was a very chilly weekend and I didn't leave the apartment once. G., on the other hand, has been wanting to go shopping for a 7 string electric guitar and decided to go out to the music shop. It was so cold to be waiting around for busses but it doesn't seem to bother him that much. He didn't find what he wanted and is going to go out today to a different place that's a bit more convoluted to find! He's got a little map and his phone with gps on it so I"m sure he'll find it ok. It's a bit of a round about location to get a bus but he can walk from the downtown bus terminal in about 20 minutes, the first part of it up hill and the second part across the Commons, open and flat and windy! Knock yourself out!

When I got my income tax refund back, I put some of it away for our November vacation and we split the rest of it and it's burning a hole in his pocket, thus the guitar shopping. He keeps asking do I mind? I don't. It's no different than me getting camera fever and wanting to upgrade even though I don't *need* one. But as I need new sneakers and they're going to cost me nearly $200 because they're the ones that will work best with the orthotics and don't go on sale, that's what most of my half is going towards. The rest will pay for some clothes I bought online the other week. Got a great sale and was able to use a $50 coupon because the order came to a squeak over $100 which was the stipulation for the coupon. I even bought a pair of capri jeans. I wanted to have something to wear in Hawaii and I wasn't going to wear shorts. I normally don't like capris but these seemed a bit longer cut in the legs than most and they're denim or a lightweight stretch denim. I will likely wear them most days and save a skirt or a dress for going to dinner at night.

Still waiting to hear about the Hawaii flights that my friend's husband offered to get for us through work but I was talking to her and conveyed the message that I don't want to wait until the last minute and if his employee rates mean he can't book until a few days before, then I will get the tickets myself because I want to make sure we can actually get them! They probably do have a few seats available for advance employee booking, I would think but he couldn't book yet because the information isn't available so far ahead of the date. I think that if he isn't able to book by Easter, then that will be the cut off. I did see some good packages available on Air Canada Vacations so I might go that route. One of the travel agencies is advertising $100 discount per couple off packages and it might apply. Anything is better than nothing! Once the Hawaii part is booked, I can look at the rest of the hotels we need. G. is quite happy for me to do all the organizing though I do usually show him the hotel links to see which one he likes.

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