Apr. 24th, 2017

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 Quiet weekend. 
Back to the gym today. 
Still on a minor winning streak on scratch Bingo cards. Now that I've written it, it'll die out. It's due to, anyway. Bought one scratch Bingo for $3.00 and due to winning lots of 3 - 8 dollars in subsequent cards (each time I win, i just get another card or other type of draw ticket), I'm now about to cash in my fourth Bingo for another $3 (which means another free card) and had also got two tickets for other draws (lotto Max and 6/49) both of which didn't give me a cent back. It's just encouraging enough to keep me coming back for more. Well, if you win the exact amount that the scratch card cost, why not get another one for free? I find it amusing to see how far I can get, how many times I win enough for the next free ticket. As I said, I'm had my fourth and it's got a winner so that will be my fifth. *adds up* I think about $20 won for a $3 initial investment. Something like that. If it was $20 on one ticket, I"d have taken the cash, maybe bought one ticket with it and kept the rest. Hardly worth it to put $3 back in my pocket. I figure today's new "free" ticket will likely be the last in the streak. 

Google Earthing around the perimeter of Hawaii and looking at a bit of video of the surfers on the North Shore. Really looking forward to seeing that! I have to make a big effort to get more walking in so I am not puffing and huffing while walking around. 

*note to self* get Mom's email password. I got a few of the family to go in on a 7" tablet for her (Samsung Tab A) after she'd expressed admiration for one her cousin has. I want to get it all set up. She used to have a Gmail address but she's never used it and though I set it up for her, I don't remember the password. Apparently the table can be set up with a non-google email even if it's Android. G. has his android phone set up with his non-gmail though I have mine set up with mine. Anyway i must think of a way to get it from her without her guessing why. Really, she probably wouldn't connect the dots since she doesn't know you'd need one to set up a tablet. I just have to think of an excuse to use to ask her for it. Something like "probably would be a good idea if I have it as a backup" but I don't even know if she remembers what hers is! I know it's changed a couple of times when she's forgotten or had to reset something through her ISP. Oh well, if it comes down to it, I'll start up a new gmail for her and use that. 

Baby shower coming up for my niece. Talking of feeling old! I'm going to be a great-auntie. Am already one by marriage and a great-great-auntie by marriage too but I don't know her. My niece will be 29 by the time the baby comes. How did that happen? 29! Jesus. She was born just before I started working at this job! My manager brought round a student who will be here for a month or so getting experience and I mentioned I started here in 1988. I thought to myself, longer than you've been alive! 

And our second anniversary is also coming up. Wow.... 2 years already though we've only been living together for one of them. He says he's quite happy living here and aside from missing a few family members and friends, the only thing he really misses is the local chippie! He's starting to pick up a few more cartoon commissions, as well. Just delivered one on the weekend. 

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