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My usual year in review, by month. More for my own records than anything.
2012 certainly had it's ups and downs. A nearly 2 month transit strike made things difficult last winter but I did have transport and could work a four day week. But my back also gave me grief about that time.
Our trip to Quebec by train was up and down. We didn't like the train all that much, me mainly because my back was still not great and it turned into sciatica before we returned so it put a bit of a damper on the trip. Nice to see old friends though.

The Tall Ships were here again and I went to two concerts, the first in a number of years. Both were bands I loved in the 70s and 80s, John Mellencamp and Cheap Trick.

I did have day surgery and it's possible i may have more next year but the doc is just keeping an eye on things at the moment. Nothing serious so far *knock on wood* just girly things.

Our trip to Rome in November was great and we had some fun road trips back in the UK with only a few minor frustrations but then in December, my cousin's wife collapsed and later died so the year ended on a sad note.

Got a new laptop for home and travel and got a new one for work as well. Also bought a new camera which had to be replaced a couple of months after purchase. Thanks to the Waranty gods!

I started a travel blog. Continue to be involved in the local and online Coronation Street communities. I read 108 books and didn't finish another 2.
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