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I know we're wayyyyy behind in Eastenders in Canada, so anyone from the UK that watches is just going to shake their heads. But i have to say it. Lately it's been shite but then you see an episode like i just saw that just stuns me. A two-hander, two veteran actors that put on a one-to-one performance that is classic. Den and Dot, late at night, in the laundrette. She gave him hell about letting his life go to pot and then, after he finds out that she's got cancer, he turns it around on her for keeping it a secret. Ace! The whole half hour was pretty much just the two of them. I have finally broken my no-spoilers code and looked ahead a few weeks ago so i know it all turns out ok for Dot and Den comes to a rather sticky end. After that, i suspect i may give it up. Too many new characters. The show sounds almost unrecognizable now, currently in the UK.

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