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You may recall me telling you about My Pal Annie, a transgender woman I've known online and in person since the late 90s. Though some of her friends have known that she was transgender, many did not and this year she came out to them. From what I understand it's all been very positive. Annie went to drama school about 10 years ago or so but hasn't had a lot of luck aside from an episode of Shameless. She's belonged to an amateur dramatic company in Chorlton for years and has been involved in lots of productions with them and she's done some radio stuff I think.

She's just got her big break. I've known what it was for a couple of months but until it was officially announced, I couldn't say anything. She's going to be in the UK soap Hollyoaks!!!! That's a huge break. And her character, a teacher, is going to be transgender as well. They announced it yesterday, just after another rival soap got in there first with their announcement that they are hiring a transgender man to play a trans character. Hollyoaks has been a bit more low key about it, as one article says, they weren't making a song and dance about it".  They had actually had a trans actor playing a non-trans role earlier this year, without a huge amount of publicity. Just like hiring any actor, and that's how that should be. But in this day and age, seeing positive publicity for a group of people that don't get a lot of it is also good for all the trans people out there who might and should see them as role models.

I heard more details about it when I saw her at the UK wedding bash and i can't say too much about that because it's storyline spoiling well enough into the future that it has to be confidential. She's going to be doing some publicity, the chat shows and things as well, later in the year. She'll be on screen at the end of this month. Hollyoaks is a soap aimed at younger people so it's very trendy, and populated with a lot of teens and twentysomethings but that doesn't matter. A soap is a big deal to get cast in.

Annie has worked hard for this and she really deserves it. She's been filming for about a month now and is stupidly happy and excited. Her life is really going to change and she's ready for it. I am really going to be pleased and proud to watch her journey! I don't think fame will change her adversely. When the news hit the media yesterday, what was she doing? Fitting a new toilet seat!
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Had a nice evening last night catching up with an old friend, Colleen. She always remembers my birthday and forgot to send a card this year so we went to Starbucks in the bookstore for a nice long natter.

Supposed to have that last gasp winter storm overnight tonight. Wonder if i can get away with planning a work from home day tomorrow? Chances are my coworker will as well if her son has no school. I should take the laptop home just in case the busses aren't running though they probably will be. It takes an awful lot of snow and whiteout conditions for our busses to stop.

Nine books finished since last time. One short one, one i'd been working on for awhile, reading it on my laptop now and then. Currently reading 1Q84, I appear to have all three "books" in the one ebook version. Should I count finishing each as a separate book or just wait until it's all done? Maybe I should since each "book" is about 300 or so pages. Delving into a Margaret Atwood as well.
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Work is busy which is good. It makes the days go by but it also makes it harder to get to the gym early enough to do cardio before i meet the trainer on those days. Inevitably someone will come to my desk about 3:30 or i'll be in the middle of something. I meet the trainer at 4 some days and like to try to get there to do at least 15 minutes on a bike or a treadmill. If i am meeting him at 4:30 it's ok most of the time.

note to self, get a lottery ticket for tomorrow night. Dad asked me to buy a ticket on his birthday every year though he's not sent that little winning magic down from wherever he is to grant me more than the occasional free ticket win yet. I actually bought a Bingo scratch ticket the other day, won $3 on it so i got another one and am sitting here with a $6 win on that one. I will use the proceeds of that to get the Lotto Max for tomorrow night. I don't regularly buy lottery tickets or scratch tickets, just once in awhile. The most i ever won was about 100$ on a Max ticket "twist" option (where random numbers over three lines are "circled" so you don't have to get the numbers all on one line)

Good friends of mine got married this morning in Manchester. Nobody knew! Or very few people in the online world of friends at least and we're in contact on an almost daily basis so i'm surprised he didn't let it slip! He did say they were taking some holiday time but not that it was a honeymoon.  It would have been a Registry Office do with just their immediate family and a few close friends I assume. I would have liked to have known so i could have sent a card that would have got there about now rather than 2 weeks later but i wasn't the only one that didn't know so i don't feel left out ;)))  I did know they were engaged, just not when they planned to do the deed. I'm really pleased for them, they're a really nice couple and very good people.
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I'm a bit sad today on behalf of a good friend, J. She called me last night and told me her beloved husband died very suddenly of a heart attack that morning. I don't know any other details but there was no warning. He'd been feeling fine and always seemed healthy though my doctor would say that there would have been signs or there was a problem even if he didn't realize it. This happened to another friend of mine about 10 years ago and she'd told me that then.

This couple was very close, you could say soul mates and you wouldn't be wrong in the least. They had been married 24 years as of last week. I met her in a Coronation Street chat room back in the mid 90s when the chat rooms were busy. The room was filled every day most of the day, you could always find someone to talk to and J. was usually there. She really is the life and soul of the chat room and was always there for everyone else. Nicest person you could ever meet. She has also not had great health over the years. She'd had a brain tumour not all that long before i met her and had it operated on, survived but it left her with epilepsy which isn't always well controlled and it tires her out a lot. She's also not really been well lately, a nasty virus she says, that's caused the weight to drop off her like a stone. I'm a bit worried about that thinking she's not told us everything but that's her business i guess.

I've only met her husband a few times but she always talks about him. He was a police officer and she always joked about him, calling him Rick the Dick. For other reasons too, she would imply ;) He actually did do some private investigation after he retired from the police force.

Right now she's in shock, obviously. She asked me to contact our chat room friends, which i did via email addresses i had and through facebook. A group of us chatted on FB last night and several of them called her straight away. I do know a couple of our group have had the same thing happen with their spouses so I hope they reach out to her. Some of them that live near enough are planning to go to the funeral. (She lives near Toronto) I know she'll get through it and she's probably stronger than we all think. They had no children though he has some from a first marraige. I don't think she's got siblings but still has her mother. I hope they take care of her and keep an eye out for her because i do worry about the epilepsy. Stress like this will be bad for it.

Spare a thought for her if you can.
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So... retirement do yesterday at work for a man i've worked with for 24 years. There was an in-office cake and gathering and a party at Cheers after work with a stupendous turnout and lots of faces from way back! Gosh what a shock to see one of them at least. There were a few others that we don't see much but who do come to these things now and then. Good party but i don't tend to stay late at them because i don't tend to drink a huge amount and by 8 or 9 everyone's getting pretty legless and if you're relatively sober it stops being as much fun.

The cake was incredible. It was made by a local fancy restaurant, Scanway and had shaved white chocolate all over it and it was white layered with fresh strawberries. Oh wow!. I painted him something from a photo he took in Ireland and gave it to him last week. Graham added in the figures of his wife and daughter, something i would have been crap at attempting and overall it made a really good painting.

Photos of the painting )

Today, i went to the community centre where the mother of a friend of mine wanted to do a practice run for teaching a painting class. There were three of us, two of us had painted before and one never. I think the "teacher" decided that she probably won't teach after all but it was fun to sit and chat and paint for the morning and part of the afternoon anyway. This was my effort.
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Many years ago, a very good friend of mine, [ profile] naturalbornkaos, used to send me short stories he'd written for a creative writing class. I always enjoyed reading them and would offer criticism. To be honest, though, I never found a lot to criticize. The stories were always good! I may not have the appropriate critical eye for that sort of thing but I know he appreciated the feedback anyway. Over the years, he'd post some of his stories on his LJ. He's also had a horror novel published, Filth Kiss, which, admittedly I did not read because it was a bit too graphic for me. [ profile] gramie_dee did, however, and pronounced it excellent.

Fast forward.

He's published a book of his short stories, they're weird, wonderful, and sometimes scary and I shall be getting my hands on a copy soon. In the meantime, you could always have a gander and buy one!
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I've been on LJ since 2002 i think. Same username the whole time. I am still pretty good about keeping it up because i like to write and it's not just about letting other people know what's on in my life, it's also for my own records. I don't keep a paper journal anymore so i still like to witter on, post recipes, rant about the news, etc.

I've met lots of nice people through LJ. There are some i've never met face to face, some only once or twice and some a few times. I feel quite fond of many of my LJ friends and look forward every time i get the chance to meet up with one/some. The person that introduced me to it was [ profile] naturalbornkaos who then left it for a bit but returned. In fact, i may have been the one that sent him the (re-)invite back then when you needed one to join. He's probably the only one i met pre-LJ, other than my family members that joined later.

Major changes that LJ has witnessed in my life include meeting and falling in love with [ profile] gramie_dee though LJ wasn't instrumental in this. Also, my father's illness and death was significant. I think there has only been on drama, and I'm not going into that as it's over and done with long ago. LJ has been a place for me to post travelogues and photos from my travels as well.
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I get the Movieentertainment magazine with my subscription to The Movie Network (pay tv movies) in Canada. In this month's issue was a very tongue in cheek article on predictions for 2011. Here's the full list. The one that had me chuclling the most was "Tom Cruise's latest attempt to regain his popularity will see him on Dancing with the Stars. Defying all industry predictions, it will turn out to be the lowest-rated episode ever." Ha.  Oh and "The list of superheroes to base movies on will become distressingly thin. Tobey Maguire will vow to make people forget Spider-Man when he accepts the role of Mighty Mouse, directed by Ridley Scott." *snork* I can picture it, too!

Actress Emmy Rossum is playing Fiona in the American version of Shameless, starting up in January. Even though the trailer gives me a lot of serious doubts, i think she might be the one bright spot in it. She's the only one on the brief glimpse in the trailer that looks like she really suits the part so far.

Had a lovely meal at Moxie's last night with my friend D. and we exchanged gifts. She gave me a really pretty floral brooch in coral shades with sparklies. I'll have to take a pic of it. Our meal was good, and as always, i shouldn't have had dessert because i was so full after! She's got a Sony ebook reader so we're going to get together next week and i'll give her that ebook library i've got.

Really looking forward to spending time with my family over Christmas. I stay over at Mom's for a couple of nights and the three kids (I say "kids" because it's easier to say than "my nephews and niece" but they aren't kids anymore really. They're adults and lovely ones, too!) anyway the kids stay over as well for Christmas morning. Well, two of them live there already but the third comes as well. It's nice to get up on Christmas morning to a houseful! We can't open presents until sis and R. get there, though, so it's breakfast first and then sitting looking longingly at the gifts under the tree, while texting L. to get her to hurry up!
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I'm getting an ebook reader for Christmas, the Kobo one that Chapters/Indigo sponsors (and Barnes and Noble sells in the US). It will read ePub books which is the standard for ebooks as well as pdf files. I will be able to borrow from the library if i want as well. I also did some judicious searching online and have found a few downloads of ebooks, many hundreds and after weeding through them to discard the ones i defiinitely don't want, i still have nearly 1000. I doubt i will read them all, there are many that may not really be my thing but there's a lot that i probably will read. Not all older classic books either, there's some newer ones and many of the books or authors are ones i though i might like to read or re-read. I'll have a good library to pick at when i've read any that i've bought or borrowed from new releases.

I officially get the ereader tomorrow night when [ profile] gramie_dee and i exchange our Christmas gifts at our annual webcam "party". I'll get my annual song t hen as well. Stay tuned here and on Facebook as well for a link when it's ready for public listening. He's quite pleased with the results of this one this year so i expect great things!

We had our office Christmas lunch and afternoon do on Friday. The food was really good, done at a local hotel. The organizers did up some little games like a Bingo sort of thing and another one where you get snippets of songs or dialogue from movies or tv shows and you had to guess which ones they are. I suck at Bingo so i didn't do very well there. I did ok on the guessing game but missed out by one in participating in the tie breaker. Ah well. I'm working this week up to Friday noon when the offices close down and then am off for a week.

I had a visit from my best friend J. today. She drove down from Moncton. My other friend, T, who makes up the third side of our triangular bestfriendship wasn't able to be there, in fact, i think they probably passed each other on the highway as T. was off to Moncton to her partner's family's Christmas get together. T and I will meet up on Thursday and exchange our gifts. J and I had a lovely long chat all afternoon. She moved east from Edmonton in the summer so we will get to see each other a bit more now as Moncton is only about 3 hours' drive or a little less if it's not winter.

2010 books
33 was that one about Catherine de Medici that i mentioned in the last book post.
34: The Sign by Raymond Khoury This was good. We start at a remote location where there is a scientific research crew. The head of the crew argues with someone and is killed and a witness is chased as he runs away. It seems as though he drives over the edge of a cliff in his hurry. Two years later, we are in the Antarctic where a news crew is covering the disintegration of an ice shelf as part of the larger environmental disaster the world is hurtling towards. Suddenly a glowing symbol appears in the sky. The news crew gets the scoop but nobody really knows what this symbol means. It happens again shortly after over Greenland where another environmental problem is ongoing. Is this sign religious? nobody knows. We move to Egypt where a monk, a very well known religious man, is in a cave in the mountains and has covered the walls with a drawing of this same symbol, but he's been doing that for months, long before the symbol appeared in the sky. We also follow the brother of the man that presumably died and he is on a mission to prove that his brother didn't die and might have something to do with this sign, whatever it is. Slowly we discover that the sign is being projected or man-created. There's good guys and bad guys, people that use and get used. It was a good read. I'd read more of this guy's books. I think i did read one of the ones he wrote about the Templars as it happens and he's done a few more.

35: Official 50th anniversary book of Coronation Street - Sean Egan. Lots of pics, focuses on many of the individual actors, brief summaries of the major storylines up to mid 2010.
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Inspired by [ profile] ang_o's latest post about summers when she was growing up, of course you start thinking about your own childhood summers.
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Melted butter dripped off my toast onto my top this morning. Luckily i was still home and could change.

Embarassing moment:
Go and pick up a carton of milk and a carton of Orange juice. Ask for a bran muffin. It's just under $5.00. Look in (new) wallet. No fiver in the usual place. Ok. Look in wallet proper for a larger bill. Nothing.
I could have sworn i had cash.
Forget that for the moment, i had to pay with my debit card.
I hate doing that for under 5 dollars.
Needs must.
Walk out of the shop, but i have to look again in that (new) wallet.
Realize there is now a zipped change section on the outside of the (new) wallet so i look in there and see.... a five dollar bill and a couple of two dollar coins. Ah.
Look in the wallet again and realize the bill section is divided into two sections. And yep, in the back section is the cash, $50. Phew!
New wallet, yes, just bought it on Saturday.
Obviously still not used to where i have to put things in it in relation to where i used to.

My Personal Fitness Dragon is on holiday this week but i promised i would not slack off. Thus i am going after work today as usual and then am meeting a friend from out of town for dinner. I've met her face to face before though she's mostly an internet pal. When i went to Toronto a couple of years ago for a photo seminar, she offered to pick me up at the airport and then drove me to Niagra Falls for lunch. What a star! she and her husband are in Halifax this week for the Men's Curling championship tournament, the Tim Horton's Brier. I don't know if her husband is coming to dinner or not, she didn't know if he could tear himself away from the rink or not :)
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Today's topic is to post a photo that makes me angry or sad. I don't really take photos that make me angry and i can't think of any i've seen around the net lately that do either. Photos that make me sad are photos of people that have died. But yet, they also make me smile a bit too, remembering them. I guess it's more of a sentimentality-sad. Today's photos are my dad, my good friend Carole, my cousin Eddie. Eddie died this time last year, in fact yesterday was the anniversary of his death. It still makes me sad thinking of him because he was far too young and far too sweet a guy. Carole also died too young, in her 50s but had been ill for several years. I'm just glad she went peacefully in her sleep though it was unexpected at the time. And Dad, of course, again too young. I think of all three of them a lot, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear.
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Provincial election day today. I forgot my voter card but i have ID so that'll be ok. Poll station is convenient, on the way home from work. I'm going to vote, are you? I don't even care how you vote (well, yes i do but it's none of my business!) but make the effort!  I overheard a young woman on the bus this morning saying she wasn't going to bother, it didn't mean anything to her. It does though. People don't realize how much that a government does that affects your daily life. Our bus fares are going up. One of the reasons is the higher cost of fuel, and aside from the world price of oil, one of the other reasons fuel is so high is the amount of taxes on it, taxes the government sets.

I haven't posted too much, not a lot to say really. We had a family birthday for my nephew on Sunday and this weekend there's a flat warming party for one of my cousins that i may go to and a graduation party for another relative. I don't know him really but it's a good reason go get together and see family that i don't see too often. A former coworker is visiting Halifax in a couple of weeks so there will be an after work drinks do to catch up with her for those of us that knew her when. She decamped to the balmy breezes of Florida and loves it there.

Season 2 of Ashes to Ashes finished last night in the UK. here be spoilers and speculation )


May. 13th, 2009 10:33 am
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We went to the Martin Mere waterfowl wetlands yesterday under blue skies again. I figured it would be nice but we really enjoyed it more than we expected to. They have a section where the birds are raised and clipped so they won't fly away but might attract wild birds as well, preserving a lot of rare types of waterfowl from all over the world. They have it set up in sections by area of the world, ie. Australasia, South America etc. Ducks, geese, various types of water birds, some quite odd looking. This fellow is a crane but i forget the type just off the top of my head. He kept popping his head up or sideways looking for me to throw a bit more grain behind the fence and was so quick it was very difficult to get a photo of him where he wasn't in motion! Later on we walked by another area and these two Hawaiian geese walked right up to us, assuming we had food so i put some down and they snapped it up and were right at my feet looking up at me, the cheeky things! I ended up actually feeding them right out of my hand! They didn't bite or nip, it was pretty cool, watching these two black beaks going at the grain in my hand then looking up for more. They followed us a bit when we walked away too.
Crane Hawaiian Goose

The other half of the preserve is the mere, the wetlands which is an excellent spot if you are an avid wild bird watcher. They have little "hides" in various parts of it where you sit inside and watch out through the narrow windows. We didn't spend a lot of time there as there wasn't a lot to see, jusr various birds flying around but we couldn't tell if they were anything specific. Some times though the mere is filled with thousands of migrating swans. That would be something to see!

Last night we headed out for a curry meal with friends which was wonderful if all too brief. they were going to be away the weekend or we could have organized something then and spent more time with each other. Still, any time together is quality time! Just taking Graham's dad to the shopping precinct today and out for fish and chips for a treat and tonight going to see the new Star Trek movie. Tomorrow is just puttering around, maybe running a few errands.
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Seems the US soap, Guiding Light, is being cancelled and will end in September.  This is a show that started off as a radio soap opera in 1937 and went to television in 1952 so it's 72 year run breaks all records for anything! There's another soap, As the World Turns that's been on television since 1956. Coronation Street, which was never a daytime serial, probably wins for longest running primetime serial/soap, coming in at 48 years and counting. It's 50th anniversary is December 9, 2010.  There's a man on ATWT that has been playing the same character for just a few months longer than Bill Roache has been playing Ken Barlow on Coronation Street though Roache is the one in the Guinness book for it.

I've stopped getting the daily paper delivered. I've been reading less and less of it and at home, the papers just pile up on weekends unread half the time. I am going to read it online by subscription there. I tried setting it up this morning but it wasn't working so i don't know if the work firewall was preventing it or not. I'll try from home on the weekend. If i subscribe, i can see the whole paper, not just the main stories that are on the newspaper website. 

Countdown to the trip now that the Corrie event is over. I leave on the 29th! W00T! 27 sleeps to Manchester, 26 until the day i leave but i usually count the higher number because i have to fly overnight and there's always a faint hope i might sleep on the plane!

Hoping to go out tonight with my mate Tracey in celebration of our birthdays that were in March. "Oh we have to get together..." so this time i said, let's decide on a definite date because we'll be more likely to do it, unless something does come up. Tonight is the designated date and it looks like it's still on so i must see what's playing at the movies.

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Attended a lovely baby shower for [ profile] tammiehayne yesterday. I think me and [ profile] blueberrymoon were the only other two lj-rs there that i know of. The shower was in the community room at the local Superstore grocery store which was a great idea! Lots of room, sunny and bright, nobody having to crowd into a living room to see the presents being opened or balance plates on their knee, no worries about spilling something on the nice carpet or new furniture. Lots of good food and fun. I don't go to many baby showers anymore as all my friends have done with that so when i do, there's always new and interesting items that they make for babies that i hadn't seen before. And the clothes and little shoes!! I love that they're making bright colours and patterns for baby clothes rather than just the pastel shades. One set was bright yellow with Winnie the Pooh decorations including a little hat with Pooh ears on it! Very cute! The odd gift was a hand mixer from Adam's best friend but that had to do with her doing all this baking and mixing by hand because her electric mixer was broken.

a couple of photos through the cut and more here.
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Popped over to see [ profile] blueberrymoon who was having an open house to show off and sell some of her prints and things. I picked up the Parisian cafe i'd been wanting and a couple of purse size mirrors for add-on pressies. Mom and i went to Staples after that and i found a nice new computer chair, all fabric with fabric covered arms. I always seem to get the ones with molded rubber and after awhile the rubber starts breaking off in chunks. I know the fabric will wear after awhile as well but at least you can put a new cover over it. I have to put it together so i'll do that tomorrow. It was on sale, down from about $169 to $99. Result! We checked out Penningtons where i failed to get a pair of jeans. They didn't have many and most of what they did were the petite length. No good for me. The store didn't seem to have much which is unusual. We picked up some bits in the bulk barn and now am home for the evening. It's sunny out and a little cool but i've got the window open to freshen up the place for a few minutes.

Lol thanks Sis, for pointing me to this site. Silliness really but kind of fun too! You upload photos and size them into a photo that has one or more faces cut out so yours will fit in.
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I can has good frienz ;)

My best mate Tracey knew i was feeling down now [ profile] gramie_dee has gone back home and she called me to let me know that Q104 radio was replaying the Stones concert, the very one she and I went to and she thought it might cheer me up a bit. It has, some. :)

Meanwhile, i'm tracking his flight.
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My friend Denise and i have been going to see the local Shakespeare by the Sea company perform in Point Pleasant Park for years. We don't get there every year but we've gone to quite a few. They perform in a little clearing that's sheltered so it isn't too breezy but since it is quite near the mouth of the harbour, it can get a bit chilly at night once the sun goes down but it can also be blazing hot in the afternoon performances. This summer they're doing a version of Cinderella as their family show (yes, i know that's not Shakey), and Midsummer Night's Dream which we've seen several times before. They've done that before a few times as well. I guess it must be quite popular. I like it but it's not on my top list. As a percentage, I probably haven't seen all that many Shakespeare plays done live either in the park or on stage, maybe about a dozen, and have seen quite a few various versions on screen.

Anyway, the third play they are doing this summer is Othello. I know the story more or less but I'd never seen it all before. The company bagged two very excellent actors for the lead characters of Othello and Iago, just superb, especially Jeremy Webb as Iago. He had very impressive skills, body language and seemed very comfortable with the dialogue. Troy Adams played the Moor and again, did a very good job. Just excellent but Iago was the star for me. The rest of the lead players weren't too bad either but paled in comparison because the other two were so good. The play is put on in front of the ruins of Cambridge battery, an old remnant of a fort that used to be there guarding the harbour. the camp chairs are lined up on either side of a center "stage" and actors sometimes use the walls as towers and upper floors of houses. There are minimal sets, just some boxes and benches that get moved around. I notice the company has a good set of lights for after sundown. I haven't gone in the evening for quite awhile so that was new as were the two porta-potties. There probably could have been some better fight scenes, which seemed a bit rushed whenever they were on but that was really my only complaint. They use modern dress for the most part. Old Canadian military combat uniforms for the soldier scenes, the women in floaty skirts and lacy tops.

When i first started going, they were suggesting a 5 dollar donation. It's now a 15 dollar donation and if you donate more than 20, you'll get a tax receipt becasue they're a non profit organization. They held a raffle last year and it raised a good amount for them so they're doing it again this year, a trip for two to London with tickets to the Globe theatre, air fare, two nights in a hotel and $500 spending. It's well worth the entry fee though. These are all professionals. It's not an amateur hour or school play. It's a bit dark coming out of the park, though. No lights on the path and it's uphill-ish most of the way back to the parking lot but there was a full moon so it wasn't too bad and lots of people walking along. A few smart people brought flashlights.

With the performance, and a nice pub meal before hand, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. One of the two nice days this week. Back to the rain tomorrow.
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I mentioned that my friend Tracey was making Guinness Steak and cheese pie for me. She brought it over last night and oh boy was it tasty!! I'm having the rest for supper tonight. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver At Home and here's the recipe. She cooked it in a slow cooker but you can do it in the oven in a dish.

Was digging through my desk drawers looking for a box of paperclips which i did not find but i did uncover a cd that had Paintshop Pro on it. Result! I'd thought it was long gone and Graham was going to send me his copy (You don't have to now, sweetie, if you've not put it in the post yet!). I couldn't install it at home before because it kept crashing but with the new upgrades, i think it will work ok.

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