tvordlj: (Gene Hunt)
I'm going to the mall after work.
Am I mad? Am I in a coma? (cue Life on Mars theme tune and Gene Hunt striding across the parking lot, shooting the tires out on a car that's just stolen his parking spot).

Seriously though, the mall right after work is not the seventh level of hell it usually is this time of year, especially on a Saturday. The suppertime hours between about 5 and 6:30 are usually not too bad, it's the breathing space between the day shoppers and the evening ones, I find. Now, with school out next week, that will probably change but this week, and on a Tuesday, i should not have any trouble (knock on wood).  And it's not as if i am really looking for anything in particular, I just wanted a quick look around. If it's too crowded i'll back away from the mall quickly, fire up the Quattro get on the bus and go home.

Currently reading The Night Circus and really enjoying it. It's a world of enchantment and magic with a dark undertone.

I watched Atlas Shrugged on the weekend. Not bad. I think it would read better than it watches and I may put that on the "to read" list. I am sure i read it years ago but it's been awhile.

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