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My neice sent me this today. I mostly don't post or repost cutesy pics that are all over the net because everyone sees them over and over eventually but i wanted to make sure i didn't lose this one. I love it! It's cute but more so, it's a great idea, making doggies out of cupcake icing.
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When you buzz my apartment, it rings through the telephone so i know it's someone at the door because the call display says "Aberdeen House". I checked my phone when i got home, and that was on it, from this morning. Aha! thinks I. the postman has been, I bet. No card in the mailbox so I'm thinking that the superintendent must have picked up the parcel. Sure enough, tonight he comes a-knocking. Two parcels! I bought a book on eBay, a biography of Jean Alexander who played Hilda Ogden on Corrie for many years and my prints from Kodakgallery came too. I upload my trip photos to albums there and then pick out ones i want printed and order them from that site. It takes a few weeks to get here but the price is pretty decent. I am sure i can now get them just as cheap locally except all the places that are cheap for prints are places that are awkward for me to get to without a car. I don't print as many photos as i used to but i still like to have my trip albums and some other photos of family and friends.

I've got a bid on a teapot on eBay. The ceramic lid of the container i store my teabags in, fell out of my hand and broke the handle on my teapot. The next most useless item after a chocolate teapot is a teapot with no handle. (or spout, i suppose). The one i want is one they don't make anymore. This one that was made by the Pyrex company. It's tempered glass with a metal band around the middle. We had one growing up and it always seemed to make a really good cuppa. Or maybe it's just that nostalgic thing. Last year Mom found one at a flea market for $25.00 and that is actually very good because most times i see them, they want a lot more for them. I was going to wait until we go to a market in a couple of weeks but there's no guarantee i'll find one so i had a browse round eBay and found this one. For the price i'm willing to pay plus the shipping, it'll come to about the same amount, a little less if my current bid holds. If i get outbid, oh well, they still have them listed on there lots so if i dont' find one at the flea market, i'll try again.
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Have also uploaded three photos from tonight Here in the LJ pics area :)
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I've been storing my photos online at KodakGallery for a few years now, when it was first called Ofoto. All free. Or so i thought. I got an email from them a couple of weeks ago that said I only get free storage if i make a purchase once a year. Now i have purchased from them in the past. Once, an archive cd, i've also ordered a few prints from photos other people have stored in their galleries, and i don't remember if i've received a similar email before that prompted me to purchase any of these. Anyway i have far too many photos and galleries and it would take forever to re-upload them all to a new site not to mention all my links that would have to change. Just a warning for anyone that's using them, then. They didn't say there had to be a minimum purchase so i suppose if you use them, you could order a few prints and get away with that. Their prices aren't unreasonable although the archive cd price is pretty high. I have a good burner and do my own now though have so many photos that i have to put travel photos on one cd and the other photos on another one and then i make a backup cd of my files and other miscellanea on a third. I think it's time to start thinking about a dvd burner lol

I keep photos on Fotopic.net as well but there's a limit to how many galleries you can have for a free user. There's also LJ which has a photo section for paid users. There are lots of free galleries out there. I've used a few in the past including Webshots and Yahoo. Well i'll bite the bullet and order something or other off Kodakgallery, grudgingly. I guess they have to make their money somehow and in the past, two different companies i used both went tits up although at least they gave fair warning and i managed to save the photos in their appointed galleries to my hard drive. I use photobucket to store photos i want to link to LJ, on a temporary basis.

I also have an account at Snapfish because i had to in order to view some shared albums. Anyone use that? Do they make you purchase stuff to keep your photos there for "free"? I've used Yahoo photos and i'm not keen on their format and i avoid using microsoft anything if i can help it.

Edited: I do have my own website and webspace through my isp and there are photos there, just not set up in nice galleries. I could i suppose do that but my space is still limited.

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It's very interesting that overwhelmingly people think the first, black and white passport photo was more likely to get me through customs than the colour one that actually looks more like how i do on a daily basis. I always think that a photo on a document like a passport or driver's license should reflect how you look if someone was to compare it to your face on the spot without saying "put on/take off your glasses/hat/whatever". On the other hand, the unflattering, baggy eyed look of the B&W would probably be closer to how i look upon arrival after an overnight or really long flight ;) My driver's license picture is really bizarre because my hair was really long and curly. It looks very little like me lol I remember that i got my hair all cut off quite short about a week after that was taken. It doesn't expire until early 2007 when i will get a new photo done. No point paying extra to get one done now. It's only hair.

Anyone locally know where you can get the pieces of pictures frames that you can put together? There used to be a craft store in Burnside (before Crafts Canada) that had the pieces in various sizes so you could snap together a wooden frame in a custom size. I made the mistake of buying a canvas to paint that is 9x12 which is an awkward size and you just don't get ready made frames that size. Buying the four sides as separate pieces would be ideal because it makes transporting the painting to the UK much easier than having it in a frame already. I can construct it once i'm over there. I'd prefer to get the frame here as giving someone a painting and then having them have to find a frame is a bit tacky. There aren't as many craft stores around it seems. I will check Loomis Art supplies since i'm already downtown and a lunchtime walk up there is always nice when the weather is good. [livejournal.com profile] blueberrymoon?

The CAO of HRM is going to be the CEO of the Ambulance services. That's going to be quite a challenge but if anyone can do it, he can. Well done, Mr. MacLellan but their gain is our loss. He's probably the best CAO we've had though Don Murphy ran the City of Halifax really well too.

Elsewhere in the news, the woman that has been appointed the next Governor General of Canada is coming under fire as there are hot rumours that she is or has been in the past a Quebec Separatist. If true, it's not really a good thing to have someone representing the Queen who espouses the breakup of the country (Quebec separatists want the province of Quebec to be it's own sovereign state which would effectively cut the country of Canada in two parts). However it might also be a smear campaign because i can't imagine the Prime Minister not making sure everything was above board with the appointment. I feel bad for the woman, Michaelle Jean, who must be very hurt by it all and it must really take the excitement out of the prestigious job for her. It's a lot of controversy and even if it's not true, i have a bad feeling that they're going to rescind it because of all of the bad publicity.
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OKA, a trio from Australia are playing at the Panhandler Buskerfest and luckily i happened upon them 5 minutes before a show. One of the songs on their newer cd is the title of this post and also the title of the cd. They played it, combined with another song i think, techno percussion and sounds mixed with Native American flute, Yadakie (aka didgeridoo), a traditional log drum, and some vocals echoing down the didge. Fantastic! I bought a cd last year and bought another one this year. They sold quite a few i think during that hour playing in the sun.

Matt and Stu
Chris on flute

The waterfront was jam packed though, buskermania has barely begun. ERghhh the crowds are even worse on the weekends and later in the evenings. Ah well, i guess we should be glad it's bringing the tourists in and money into the economy. Funny, i didn't mind the crowds around the Tall Ships nearly as much. This one guy, Silver Elvis was cute. Two buckets at his feet said "Cash activated" and if you tossed a coin in a bucket he'd move around and "robot" dance to taped music.

I went on a photo quest after work, to find the last four "Lobsters in the City" for which i will probably manage to get photos. Two right in the mall, one in the Metro Center box office made of all beer caps and one more at the Brewery Market. Full gallery of my photos (plus i think one or two that i didn't actually take) here.

Another hot perfect summer day. Sunny, breezy. It's cool in my apartment and i've got a cuppa and some watermelon. I'm ready for the weekend. :)
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Digby and Grand Pre

Grand Pre is a national historic site in the Annapolis Valley, the heart of Acadie, the French settlements in Nova Scotia. The British under General Winslow deported the French settlers under appalling conditions starting in 1755. The national historic site was created in the early years of the 20th century and includes a church that was built as a memorial. There are acres of grounds, some gardens and some marshy dykeland across the road. There's a very good visitor center with research facilities.

Digby is a fishing town on the Fundy shore of the Annapolis Basin. It's famed for scallops. There is a lovely waterfront, a few historic houses and churches and you can always plan on getting excellent fresh seafood here. [livejournal.com profile] aditi_ lives here and [livejournal.com profile] sammantha and i went down for a visit last weekend. We drove through pretty Bear River, a lovely little village full of craft shops, then went to Grand Pre before coming back home.
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Last chance at a computer before i get home on Saturday so.. quick update.

Where was i?
Did i tell you about cooking a veggie lasagna for Graham and his good mate Malc on Saturday?

How about meeting up with a couple of my friends for Sunday lunch and going to the museum called Urbis...

yes ok, i did tell you all that... sorry...

Well Sunday night we had dinner next door with his Dad who put on a lovely spread, big plate of dinner at 7:30 and then brought out a bite to eat about 11.

Monday we took the bus to Newton Heath where his good mate Dale and his family including their German Shepphard Saxon. Quite the hugest GS i've ever seen and he's like a big puppy! We had a lovely visit and a meal and we lucked out and got the bus back that takes us right here instead of having to take one into the city center and back over to Salford. Good timing there.

I've developed a cold but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse than a bunged up head at the moment. I imagine i will run it's course. It's definitely *not* like what i had the last time so though i may be a bit 'poorly', i'm not going to be seriously ill.

Today we went back into the city center (they don't call it 'downtown' like we do). I wanted to go on the observation wheel and the weather, though it rained this morning, cleared up so there were good views. We had lunch and then did some shopping. I got some digital prints done and a roll of film developed though i wanted the digital files onto a cd, they got it mixed up and put the roll of film on the cd instead. I'll just wait until i get home now and put it all on cd for graham. I brought the memory card reader but his computer doesn't recognize all the 'drives' or memory slots and the one mine is in, isn't the one it does 'know'.

I got some more Lush stuff.. face cream...and i got new dress boots (not winter type boots really ). We sat in a very noisy Starbucks for an hour killing time and then took the bus out to Chorlton for a pub quiz, meeting my friends John, Nikki and Annie. But the quiz wasn't on because there was a football game on (soccer that is). We had a good visit anyway though and are just back here, having a late snack. I am pretty much all packed up again and we're off to London tomorrow morning. I'll see some of you tomorrow night and the rest of you Saturday when i get home :)))

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