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PC guy wasn't feeling well so he is coming Monday night if he's feeling better. Everything is mostly set up now, but i do have a few things to ask him.

Went to brunch today with my cousins at the Athens restaurant, which has been in Halifax a long time. It's moved locations a couple of times but this is the first time I've been there. They were really busy for Saturday brunch. The food was good but the service was slow, probably because they were so busy. They do have a buffet on but we all ordered from the menu. The problem with buffets is you are tempted to eat too much and then feel so bloated. I've only just got back to sort of eating regularly after being sick and overloading like that wouldn't be good. I had my favourite, Eggs Benedict with spinach (so it was actually Eggs Florentine) and it was quite good. Oddly, it wasn't served with toast though i suppose because the eggs are on an english muffin, that's why. They only have home made bread, too, rather than serving bought loaves. Anyway, brunch was quite good and we enjoyed ourselves.

My cousin Cath and I then did some errands and I bought the bluetooth speaker i wanted for the wedding venue. It was even on sale a bit so that was good. Left it at the shop while we then went to the flower shop to talk about wedding flowers. Cath has really good ideas and was a great help. She knows a lot more about picking out flowers and what goes with what than I do. Between her suggestions and the florist's, I think what they came up with is going to be really nice. The flowers are not traditional types for wedding bouquets but they'll be a bit more casual. I knew the colours I wanted and what will go with the dresses and I know what I don't want so they worked with that. She seemed confident the budget I had in mind wouldn't be a problem, either. I don't know what these things cost so i pulled  a number out of the air that seemed reasonable for what I knew I would be getting (two bouquets, a table arrangement, varous minor buttonholes and corsages) and she thought that was do-able.

By the time we were done, so was i. My back was a bit sore and my boots were hurting my feet. I hate boots and have worn them more this winter than most years. It's just been too slippery and difficult to walk in just shoes, even though just getting on and off the bus. We're having another storm tomorrow so there's no end in sight.
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Storm day today, Been at it for over 3 hours so far, though sounds a bit like it's starting to mix with rain at the moment. Still some pretty big snowflakes zipping down, though. Luckily of course, it's Sunday and most of us don't have to worry about getting to work. My favourite kind of storm day. Yeah, it's nice having the day off work for a storm but it's also nice knowing you don't have to worry about it at all. Let it snow.

And because of the forecast, yesterday there was even more traffic on the roads than a normal Saturday and the grocery stores were insane and so were the liquor/beer stores. God forbid you didn't stock up on booze, bread and milk for that one day you can't get out to the shop when they've been forecasting this all frigging week with the grocery stores and booze stores open late every night anyway. Because I was out and had to go to the post office in the drug store, I did get a few things in that store which didn't have long lines at the cash at all. Most of what I bought I didn't *need* but they had my favourite teabags on sale, I picked up a box of cereal which i did need, some pop, and come chocolate covered digestives which I also didn't need but ... you know...

Let it snow. Doesn't seem at this point we'll get as much of it here as they were doom and gloom forecasting. On the coast we often get less or it turns to rain. Inland and up in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton always gets mountains of it. I'm very glad I don't live there!

Enough of that.

Day 7 - Four memories you won’t forget
1. The day my dad died
2. The day I met G. face to face for the first time
3. Being with my best friend at the birth of both of her sons.
4. The day I got tangled up in the Christmas Tree.

Further thoughts on that florist yesterday. The more I think of it, the more it kind of irritates me that she was reluctant to do the wedding as it's the day before Mother's Day. Ok, yes, small shop, busy day. She'll "make an exception" since we're a small wedding. And I do understand, especially if it was a large wedding,  but it just feels like, wait, you're thinking of turning down business?  Maybe I'm overthinking it. Wouldn't be the first time for that! I'll call her on Tuesday and see what she has to say. She's not the only flower shop in town. I went there because first, it was convenient to where we were at the time when we realized the big grocery store flower shop didn't do weddings anymore, and second, because they'd done the funeral flowers and we'd liked the job they did. I can't remember what they cost but they must have been reasonable. Supporting local business is good but I think most of the flower shops around here are local and independent anyway. I found another flower shop in the downtown area that might be a good alternative, too. I may call them first just to sound them out before calling the other people back.
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There are only three sleeps until Graham arrives. And I'm freaked out because there's a volcano in Iceland that may or may not erupt and spew ash through the atmosphere. Sometimes the news articles are worrying, sometimes they are slightly more hopeful... Mainly because the scientlsts don't know, either, what's going to happen. Ain't Nature mad? All it needs to do is stay under that glacier for three more days. After that, I don't care. Everyone send positive vibes, please, for the cork to stay firmly in for the rest of the week, k? Thanks.

My niece's wedding is Saturday. They had the rehearsal yesterday and she's excited! They're having it at a marina out on the deck overlooking the bay so I may have to rethink my dress. Even if it's hot in the city, it could be chilly on the water so I might wear the dress I have that has short sleeves rather than a sleeveless dress.

New season of Doctor Who started this weekend. I will enjoy Peter Capaldi though the first episode was a bit disjointed mainly because post-regeneration, this time in particular, he's very confused. Maybe because the regeneration was so draining and powerful (unexpected, enough energy to blow up space ships etc. ) Some great lines from the Doctor about eyebrows, mirrors and being Scottish. Was a bit confused that Clara was surprised at the regeneration and wanted him to change back. I know seeing it is different than knowing it happens but she did see three doctors together and one storyline had her going back in time to save each of the previous regenerations so she had to know the implications. Bit of a "wtf" moment there but otherwise good.

I will be happier now that he's settled down and settled into a new personality. Loved that he told her bluntly he is not her boyfriend. Didn't expect the phone call. It was a nice touch and just what she needed to get her head around it all. Interesting concept that the choice of who the Doctor morphs into may be what the companion, or even what he himself will need to be for this regeneration. Can't always be about the companion because he doesn't always have one when he regenerates. I would love to see the return of River Song but the last time we saw her she was "dead" (living in the software of the library planet) so I guess that won't be an option any more. I also notice that they're releasing the first episode on DVD in just two weeks!! Geez!

Loving the Outlander series so far. Heard some complaints from some people saying it's too slow. It is a bit but because I love the books so much, i love seeing how it's all coming to life. It's so much better than having to jam it all into a 2 or 3 hour movie and losing huge chunks of it. They change some things but they're not jarring changes and so far, the storyline is keeping well to the book. Diana Gabaldon is very happy with it so that's the important thing. It's already been announced there will be a second season. That will be interesting to see how they do it because Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber, jumps back and forth through at least half of the book, while Claire researches to find out where Jamie went after Cullodden once she discovers he didn't die there. In the book we see flashbacks to her marriage in the ensuing years as her and Jamie's daughter grows up and flashbacks to how Jamie survives as well until they finally meet again, 20 years after Cullodden.

I've got my wedding outfit, even though it's the backup plan. The dress i had planned to order ended up being discontinued. There's always a chance they'll bring it back again and if they do, I'll order it but i found something else just in case and i have it now. It's going to be a long skirt and top, fancy, deep sapphire blue. That's all i'm saying, no links. :) It's a bit darker than I expected but it'll be nice anyway and the flowers will brighten it up, too. It's probably a better match to the blue in the Union Jack anyway which is what Graham plans to wear as a vest/waistcoat. I might see if i can find red shoes. Buying shoes is always difficult for me because my feet just don't fit them well, not nice shoes anyway.
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Very quiet weekend due to a good sized snowstorm on Saturday. While it wasn't quite as bad in the city as they said it would be, it was still over a foot of snow. The rest of the province away from the water got it a lot harder, as did other areas of the east coast. The winds were really high too and that caused damage. We are supposed to get a little more tonight and then it's turning to rain. Which is also typical.

I spent the weekend mainly catching up on video and stuff i'd recorded, and reading. Made a nice chicken soup in the slow cooker on Saturday and had that to keep me warm as well.

Wow, I just read that Pope Benedict will resign at the end of the month. I don't really mind one way or the other but it is significant in that it's been 600 years since the last time one quit. He says he's not strong enough to continue. And then you think about little John Paul II who kept going even while he was ill. I suppose, at 85, he probably isn't strong enough to do the job. There's been a lot of pressure on the Catholic church with the corruption and abuses being uncovered all over the place. I don't think anyone should get their hopes up, though, the church is never going to change it's main points of reference (i.e. no women priests, abortion, same sex marraige etc)

In Canada, the cell phone companies have a lock down on people. If you go with the pay as you go plan, you *must* top up regularly to keep your service and if you go for a contract, most of them are locked into 3 years. You can't get unlocked phones easily and roaming fees are scandalously high. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommuncations Commission, aka CRTC, is having hearings this week on things like that. The main issue people are griping about is the three year contract and the high fees you have to pay to get out of it early. One of the reasons there are longer contracts is so that people don't have to pay up front for the expensive phones. You always see advertising for a smartphone for nothing or under 100$ with a 3 year contract. It subsidizes the cost and you cant' get a smart phone without a contract, I don't think. And that's probably fair because the data plans would probably be astronomical if you paid as you used them. Or not. But then why have a smart phone if you aren't going to take advantage of it?

I don't have one. I have a phone that has a little keyboard for texting. I pay as i go, though the way i do it, i pay 100$ but that means it's good for a year rather than have to pay every month. It works out a little cheaper than the cheapest monthly top up. I really don't use a phone a whole lot so I get away with the least expense I can manage. The CTRC does have the ability to recommend rules and regulations for things like that. I have my doubts but they may do something useful.
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First full week since Christmas. Five day weeks always seem so long! ;) We've had our Earned Day Off plan at work reinstated since mid-last year so now I can look forward to every third Friday off or thereabouts, depending on when I need to take the day. For instance, If i have appointments or something else i need a day off for, i can always schedule it around the EDO. I'm heading to England next Tuesday night, so instead of taking 5 days vacation, i can take 4 and an EDO because i'll be able to put in enough time before then to make up the hours.

I undecorated my Christmas tree yesterday. I miss the pretty lights in the corner! It was so much easier to do now that the lights are all part of the tree!! I've still got to get the pieces back into garbage bags and put all the stuff back into the storage room along with my new suitcase. I"m taking my rolling carryon with me as i won't need the big case. Basically i'll just need to pack socks and underwear enough for the days and a few tops and an extra pair of pants or jeans.

I did order some things from Evans, which is a plus size store in the UK that does send to Canada. I didn't have it delivered to Graham's though i suppose i should have but they did estimate it should get to me before I leave. I'm dubious but hopeful. If it does get here, there's a couple of things i'll take with me from that lot, if they all fit and look ok. Two of the items are long tops/short dresses that i plan to wear with leggings but if they don't fit, they can't be returned to the store because they were special collection online only things. I reckon they will be ok, though. They're a little different than I usually wear so i might be a bit out of my comfort zone but i'll just have to take a deep breath and go for it. It's nothing radical, just wearing them with leggings is a bit iffy for me as my legs aren't the best. :\ but if the hem is down to the knee, it might be ok. You can't really tell from the look of the photo and even the measurement of the garment could still end up laying at a different length. 

Meanwhile, one of my goals at the gym is to work up to at least 15 minutes on the eliptical trainer. I used to be able to some years ago but can't now. I did manage 4 minutes with another minute slowed down on Friday so we're on the way there. It's a great machine for cardio, not as boring as the treadmill and a much better workout than the bike. I can only do it with music though. That's the motivator that moves my feet!

Really looking forward to this mini-vacation next week even though it involves a lot of travel for a few days. Looking ahead to the long term weather forecast, Tuesday is supposed to be clear so if that holds, i'll get away ok. good thing, too because Wednesday looks to be a real mess of rain and freezing rain! Monday the 21st for the return journey should be ok too. It's hard to really count on the forecast that far out but we'll see. A few prayers to the weather Gods might help. 9 sleeps until i arrive!
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It seems to look very much like there will be a transit strike starting Thursday until whenever. Even though, according to the news, the management has given way on the two main points that the union was arguing over, the union hasn't made any motion to go back to talks again. So what really was their agenda? Take that and want more and more? I"m not defending either side because as far as I think, both sides have their own agendas. You get both sides talking and the truth is somewhere in the middle all murky and cloudy. The public that's dependent on the transit is stuck in the middle and a victim to both sides.

Anyway, I was going to travel with my cousin and work a shorter work week with Fridays off. That sounds good on the surface but it does make for a long day. A carpool came up at work today so i'm going to do that instead but i can call my cousin in case i do need a lift in an emergency. There will be three of us sharing and the two passengers are just paying the same cost as a bus pass would be. We do have to commit to a full month though because the driver will have to buy a parking pass. If the strike is over before the end of the month, or even, if there's a miracle and it doesn't happen at all and she can't take the pass back, i'll still go with her because i've said i would and it won't cost me more than a pass anyway. If the strike doesn't happen or ends before the month of the pass ends, i can always go home by bus if i need to go to the grocery story or something. Door to door, it's a good arrangement. I would like to pay her a bit extra, really, as it's not really covering her gas much. She drives in from out of town, which she does anyway but she parks and takes the ferry across the harbour to downtown. Now she'll have to go a bit further, sit in traffic and pay bridge fare. I was thinking i would give her a roll of dollar coins or two rolls of quarters which would pay the bridge fare for 2 weeks.

We're also going to get a crap load of snow tomorrow. they're saying 5 - 10 cm. *sigh* i hate winter.
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I think I owe my soul to the Grocery store! Yeesh! I really was out of everything. I asked Mom to take me yesterday and it cost me $188!!! Today I've got a pork with peanut sauce stewing in the slow cooker. That's the difference between finding the last can of soup in the cupboard or having toast for supper!

It snowed on Friday and it made rush hour traffic hell. It took over a half hour just for my bus to come, during which time i stood there dodging snowflakes in my eyes, hair in my face, and i think somewhere along the way i must have got something in my eye or rubbed too hard because all weekend my eye has been sore. It doesn't feel scratched, though, it feels like someone poked a finger in my eye and it's bruised almost. Owie.

It didn't snow a huge amount but the snow clearing efforts this time around really seemed to be shoddy. I live on a bus route and it's usually in pretty good shape after the kind of snowfall we just had, which wasn't really all that much, about 5 cm or maybe 10 at the most depending on where you were in the city.

I caught up on the other two episodes of Sherlock (UK). Wow, really good! The guy that was playing Moriarty was stunningly good, unhinged and brilliant. Sherlock survived the fall somehow. Must have taken lessons from John Stape off Corrie!

Corrie in the UK is going to be good tomorrow night. Tracy Barlow is going to be bitten by Karma. Friday's 2 episodes were really good, too.

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We have been getting so spoiled with the weather. Mostly it's not really been all that cold, with temps mainly in the single digits on the plus side or just into the negatives. Then when we do have a few colder days like this week, you really feel it worse. Everyone complains but then you remember, it *is* January after all!

Then there's that 100 foods to try before you die meme going around. list below, bolded the ones i've tried. Seems i've not been around much! There's a couple i'm not sure if i have so i left it off the list.
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It started to snow lightly by mid morning. It never did come down hard but it kept up. From our new work location, we can look out on a hill and watch the cars and even busses skidding up the hill! Heard through the day about lots of accidents and very bad traffic. First snowfall of the year always brings out the stupid in so many drivers. By the time i left, about 4:10, it didn't seem like the traffic was all that bad but i waited almost 40 minutes for my bus. I think the one i wanted just never showed up and I caught the next scheduled one. As expected, it was packed!! Sardines in a can! But the driver was friendly, inviting everyone on the "Party Bus"! The traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, in fact it was even slightly better than usual at that time of night. Didn't even stop once on the bridge coming across. I guess a lot of people will have left early and schools were canceled mid-day, too.

On the plus side, too, my new coat was great! The hood stayed up, the wet stayed out and it was nice and cosy. I'm glad i had gloves though because the pockets won't be very warm. They don't seem to be lined. Pretty much just good for holding my gloves! By the time i got home, it felt like the snow was turning to rain. Here in the city we really didn't get a lot of snow falling, but away from the harbour i think there was more, and even more in other parts of the province.

So yes, the new office space. Very nice. But cold. I did email someone to see if the temperature could be investigated. Why on earth it is so chilly in November I don't know. Some people don't like the orange and lime colour scheme on the walls but i quite like it. I always do like bright colours.
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We're finally all in the newly renovated office space. I'm quite pleased with my space, it's very large. Larger than i've had for the most part, ever other than the time we had open plan type spaces where we shared a desk with our cellmate. That always made it feel more open though the actual work and chair space wasn't that large. This is a very good size and having the window makes it feel bigger, too. Mind you with the AC coming out of the wall it's also cold. We're going to see if that can't be ratcheted down a degree or two. It's not summer-cold but it's chilly. I was a day delayed getting unpacked because of the two day course this week. Everyone else was in yesterday. I popped in before the training to make sure everything was there but the phone and network wasn't working until this morning anyway.

I"m all unpacked now and decorated. I need a couple of things to hang heavier items but i may see if the office supply catalogue has that sort of thing. Otherwise i'll go myself to Staples and pick up a few things. I've also inherited a keyboard wrist rest that i didn't have before, and a white board which was in the temporary space so i appropriated that along with a wall clock.

And today is our first snowfall of the year. It's been coming down lightly for a few hours now and the roads are getting slick. The view i have out the window is to a hill and we're having fun watching to see who can't get up and who's skidding up and down. The bus even had trouble as it was pulling away from a stop outside but he got straightened out and on his way. It may turn to rain or it may not. Don't know if we'll be told we can go home early or not. Sometimes they do but it's usualy about 30 minutes before our usual afternoon quittin' time so it's not that much of a help, traffic wise. By then the busses are packed with people and it's hard to get one that will let you on.

Meanwhile it's lunchtime and I should get something to eat.
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Good heavens it was cold yesterday! It was only 10 degrees when i left for work at 7 and it didn't get a whole lot warmer through the day, maybe 14 or so tops. When i left work, it was trying to rain, those big fat raindrops and it was windy and cold. I thought the heavens were going to open up before the bus came but the weather gods at least let me get home before that happened. I did chuckle though, as there was an outdoor Metal fest concert going on from mid afternoon to the night headlining Metallica. I sincerely hoped that metalheads wouldn't rust and that the headbanging and moshing would keep them all warm. I expect they mostly all had a good belly full of "anti freeze" to get them started anyway. Apparently the traffic at rush hour was horrendous but it didn't seem to affect my bus going away from the downtown core and across the bridge. I expect if you had to cross the peninsula, it would have been as the Garrison Grounds were smack in the middle by the Commons.

It's almost equally miserable today but the sun should come out for the weekend. Did i mention i'm having my mom's car over the weekend, too? I think i did.

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Two days of sun. TWO. We may get one or two nice days in a week or 10 days lately. Today, back to fog. And tomorrow. I did at least sit out in the sun in the Parade Square yesterday to soak up some Vitamin D. That'll have to sustain me for awhile. It might be ok on the weekend, probably not great, but ok. *sigh*

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Bloody freaking cold out there today. Halifax is usually fairly reasonable for temperatures. Only a few days here and there that it's super cold or hot as the ocean tends to limit the extremes. Today was one of them, at least for us it was pretty chilly. The average temps were around -16 to -18 C. and the windchill sent it down to about -30. It's only supposed to last a few days this time around.

I was supposed to go to a meeting at another office this morning and since it was in Dartmouth i told them at work i'd meet them there rather than go all the way to work just to turn around and come back again. I planned on taking the bus. or busses. It would have taken three but it wouldn't have been so bad had it not been so cold. Who wants to wait around for busses in temps like that! Not me, so i called for a taxi. I am going to see if i can get the money back as they would have given us taxi chits if we hadn't had drives from people. I got back to work with one of the other coworkers.

After work was the gym and man oh man waiting for the bus after that was brutal! You know how time flies when you're having fun and it slows to a creep when you're watching a pot boil or something? It's even slower when you're waiting for a bus in the arctic winds!

Good soup weather. I made a turkey soup on the weekend with homemade turkey broth. IT's not bad but i think i should have had a bit more salt in the broth as it's a little flat. Probably better for me, though.
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Everyone panicked and a lot of businesses, stores and offices closed early because of the storm. I left about 4 o'clock and it wasn't that bad downtown. Hardly anything on the ground, but slippery with slush though when i did finally get home, there was a bit more on the ground here. Since then there's been more come down and my power was out for almost 2 hours but it's no major blizzard here in the city by any means though it is now a typical winter storm.

It was however a pain getting home. Most of the busses passed us by as they were filled to the doors and windows. I saw my own bus heading down the road and thought yessssss but alas, before it go to the stop where i was waiting, the driver changed the sign to Next Bus Please! Damn! It was pretty full, too. One bus came by that was empty, it was going in a direction i wasn't. And three more came in a row all for the same route so a few of those weren't very full either. Again, though, no good to me. I took the first one that came along that had room that was going to Dartmouth and figured i'd wait for my bus to come across the bridge from there. MIght have a better chance of getting on if people got off at the terminal there first. As luck would have it, it wasn't long to wait and i did manage to get on it. No seats free until over half way home but that's ok. I really hadn't been standing a long time. I was talking to one lady who'd been making her way from the other side of the city and it'd been 3 hours. Her feet were wet and when she finally got on our bus she was shaking from the cold. Hot bath for you, missy.

In all, it took me about an hour to get home and that isn't really all that bad overall. Not a lot you can do about it in January.

It was so quiet while the lights were off (mind you, the next street over had theirs on, bastards!) and the sky outside looked more white-grey. Now that all the lights are back on, the sky almost looks pink with the reflections of the lights against the stormy night sky. I had lots of candles on and i fired up my eReader and got comfy. I'll have to reset my bedroom clock and i had to do that on the computer too.

2011 tea tasting
Having another one of my teas now that i can boil the kettle. It's a green tea with flavours of toasted-walnut pineapple, almond and coconut and it tastes almost like candy! Very nice and comforting! Rating 8.5/10


Jan. 12th, 2011 10:35 am
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Halifax is in waiting for it's first proper storm of the season. Ah but the weather says there could be a bit of rain along the coast too. Does that mean we'll get snow and then rain and it'll amount to nothing? Inland will get the snow for sure and whatever it ends up being, it'll be a mess. Supposed to start this afternoon so it'll be a pain in the arse going home. My trainer has already emailed to say "we'll see" regarding the weather so i emailed back and suggested we just reschedule. I had planned to make an appointment to get my hair done on Saturday over here anyway so i can do both if he wants to reschedule and stay home today.

2011 tea tasting
Vanilla Oolong Apparently full of antioxidants so it was good for me! The vanilla made it smell all homey and nice. I drank it black because it seemed more of a "green" type tea than a black blend, at least when it was brewed. It might have done ok with a little milk, i don't know. Rating 7/10

2011 books:
3. Hello, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea - Chelsea Handler
Yes another ebook finished. I had a few on the go and was switching back and forth depending on what i wanted to read at the time. Chelsea Handler is a stand up comedian with Jewish and Mormon roots. This book is a series of anecdotes from her life apparently. Some of them are quite funny but others are really not to my taste at all. I'd say they were in poor taste but lots of comedians do schtick that's in poor taste or even offensive so i hesitate to say one or two topics offended me. It's a personal taste, though. Your mileage may vary but i think it was enough to possibly put me off trying any more of her books though, as i said, some of it was chuckle-worthy.
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The 6:00 a.m. news on the radio said that one of the bridges was closed due to an accident overnight. Hmmm... There's two bridges that cross Halifax Harbour and if one of them has a problem, it's usually traffic hell so i thought it would be wise to take the earlier bus. Right. You know what happened of course. Though there were a lot of cars, the bus just sailed through and over the bridge. I got to work early so enjoyed a nice, quiet breakfast.

I'm amazed at how much snow is hitting Europe and the UK! On one hand, it's amusing to see how badly the authorities deal with it, busses not running, trains suspended... which baffles me, really. The amount of snow isn't blizzard proportions though it's a healthy snowfall but certainly not enough to stop a train in Canada. Our busses will go out on the roads in most conditions though freezing rain/ice storm will keep them off or blizzards with white out conditions too. But for the most part, our city busses are pretty reliable. Still, that brings me to the other hand..I do realize that most of Western Europe doesn't get winter weather in quantities and doesn't have the road equipment to deal with it.

We're fairly lucky where i live, on the Atlantic coast. We get more rain than snow or if it snows, it will rain within a week. Oh sure sometimes we get really snowy winters where the snow sticks and there's heaps of it. You put your snow boots, hat and mittens on and get on with things. Take yesterday.... It was initially forecast for 5 to 10 cm of snow which would turn to rain and then we'd get a huge rain and wind storm over night. Not. One. Flake. Not that i saw, anyway though it was cold enough for it. We did get the rain and wind. People never seem to be ready for a large storm of either rain or snow because 9 times out of 10 the doom and gloom forecasts turn to nothing much at all. That's the advantage of living by the sea where a storm can blow off course very easily. It's the forecast of  a 30 or 40% chance of some snow which will turn into a big storm because it can blow straight onto the land instead of blowing away just as easily. Inland and away from the water, and up on Cape Breton Island... they get more snow than we do right on the water.
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I tried a new recipe yesterday from Canadian Living magazine which usually has pretty good ones. They are all tested, they all work and they all taste great (if you like the ingredients, obviously). This one i tried wasn't really top notch. But to be fair, it was from the results of a competition from readers i think, using the processed cheese spread Cheez Whiz. Now i like that, once in a long while, on toast. But it's processed and a bit salty. This recipe was a "brunch" type thing with cooked sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms and you have chunks of grainary bread and some shredded cheese with egg and milk and you bake it. It calls for turkey sausage but i couldn't find any so i used mild Italian. I find the end result a bit salty which is probably the Cheez Whiz mainly. I think i would make it again but leave that out and maybe add a bit more shredded cheddar or maybe add some shredded Swiss cheese. I'll finish the leftovers as i don't want to waste it but if i make it again, i know what i'll do with it. In the meantime i still have half a good sized jar of Cheez Whiz to use up on toast.

Yeah, that kind of pissed me off too. The small jar, 250 ml. would have done the recipe and given me a little extra for a taste. $4.99!!!!!!!!! The next size up, 500 ml? $5.79!!!!! WTF? Doesn't really make sense there would be so little difference in price. I think the small one must have been mispriced or something. I got the large one, yes it cost more but there's more leftover and it just narked me to pay 5 bucks for such a small jar.

So today and tomorrow there is rain and high winds. And the bus didn't show up this morning. Bastard. If it's not going to show up, it'll be when the weather is worst. Rainy or snowy or really cold. I expect it just broke down. We only had a 20 minute wait for the next one and there was a shelter to get out of the rain so, yeah, it wasn't all that bad but it's annoying because the next bus that comes along will be more crowded.

And three people remarked this morning that they'd seen me on the Corrie documentary :) Two bus regular passengers and one of the Starbucks barristas :) This week on UK Corrie should be a bit less of an emotional roller coaster in the aftermath of the disaster that hit the Street last week on screen. Good stuff all of it, lots of drama, great acting, leaving you with no doubt that things are going to change for a lot of the characters' lives. More actors will be leaving the show in the next few weeks as well, though these ones at least, won't be dying off. I think we've probably had all those now.
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Hurricane Earl whooshed through town earlier today leaving a mess of downed tree branches and power outages in its wake. It didn't feel so bad to me but that's because i'm in a brick apartment building and the wind wasn't buffeting my side of the building. I can certainly see the wind and rain outside but it didn't feel so bad from inside. However, there were a lot of power outages and a lot of trees and branches down. The weather was pretty wild for awhile. My power only flickered a couple of times and by about 2:30 i thought i was home free. The storm had passed, the rain had stopped, the skies were sort of clearing. Still a bit of wind but it was over for all intents and purposes.

And then my power went out.


And it wasn't just a flicker this time so i decided to go have a little nap. I'd be up since 7:30 so i drifted off for a couple of hours but by 5:30 and 6 it still was out. I made a sandwich and had a drink and lit a candle in the windowless kitchen. And though i did have a magazine, i was still bored and the apartment wasn't cooled down a whole lot. Turns out my mom had power and a cool breeze so i decided to come out here for the night. Cool breeze, lights, internet, company, no brainer! Especially the cool breeze! The power company line said my area probably won't have the power restored until tomorrow morning. It may be on earlier but they're not going to say that. They probably gave the same estimated time for everyone that calls!

I followed the hurricane coverage mainly through the feeds on facebook and twitter and on their website. They did a good job of pooling all the information in one place. It's funny, hurricane season starts in the late spring but we only seem to get the worst storms in the fall. Hurricane Juan was the end of September. this wasn't nearly as bad as that one was, it was only just a hurricane category 1 and often it was only a strong tropical storm. They determine it by the speed of the wind. Juan was a 1 but the damage it wreaked was like a 2 or even a 3. It sure sounded worse too. One thing i did notice is that there was no thunder and lightning, not at my end of the city at least. That's unusual. Juan was crashing and banging and flashing for an hour or more.
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Gonna be a little cooler today. It's only predicting a high of 32 :o\   Each night gets more difficult to get sleep even with the ceiling fan on full tilt. Hurricane Earl is blasting through tonight and tomorrow morning though it won't hit us here in Halifax full on. We will get a tropical storm with lots of wind and rain and that should cool things down. I may just sleep through it! 

I stopped in the grocery store after work to pick up some bread, juice and stuff for sandwiches in the off chance we lose power. I expected the store to be really busy but it wasn't at all. I suppose they will be tonight. Everyone goes into a last minute panic, especially remembering what we went through with Juan in 2003. Some people had no power for 2 weeks because of the damage. Mine was off for 2 days i think. This won't be as bad as we aren't getting the eye of the storm through here. That'll hit southern NS and go up the Bay of Fundy apparently.

And oh, this could be interesting. There's a "Hog Wild" motorcycle convention in Digby this weekend, which is smack in the line of the hurricane. There will be 80 to 100 thousand visitors, many of them camping in tents. Eek! They aren't cancelling their event and really, it's only going to be a real problem the one night and day. The rest of the weekend will be fine! The local area will be setting up emergency shelters anyway. I do hope they all stay safe.

Someone remarked that Canadians seem to complain about the weather a lot. Well, yes. Though it's more that it's a topic of conversation rather than a constant complaint though it often is that, too. Weather makes such an impact on your life, why wouldn't it be talked about? And we on the coast don't often get the real highs and arctic lows for more than a few days at a time so we aren't used to it. Naturally there are complaints :)  Really, though, this summer has been really nice. Not much rain at all and the heat waves like this week have only hit one other time that i can think of earlier in the summer.

I'm taking my paperwork to the passport office after work today. Renewal time and hoping they won't bitch at me too much for losing my old one. Yes, my old one seems to have gone walkabout and i can't find it anywhere. This virtually guarantees that as soon as i get the new one, i'll find the old one somewhere. I may possibly have thrown it out inside my broken-zip money belt but i do remember checking it before. It's the only thing i can think of that *might* have happened even though i don't think that's what i did. So I can't do the quick and dirty passport renewal that they brought out since the last time, i have to go through all the bother of getting a guarantor and also getting a document sworn and signed for the lost one. At least the guarantor doesn't have to be a doctor or lawyer or priest or something else "special". You just have to have someone that has a passport that has known you more than 2 years. The sworn document was easy, too. We have a legal department on this floor and having a lawyer sign it isn't contingent of them knowing you for any amount of time. They just have to be able to take your oath that what is in the document is the truth. Sorted. I'm hoping that at 4 o'clock on a friday before a long weekend with impending hurricane will make for short lines at the passport office. But i have a book just in case.

The Nova Scotia International Air show is next weekend and it's back in the city at the old Shearwater base. It was there for years but the military decided to scale that base back and wasn't maintaining the runways so the air show went first out near the airport, then they tried having it in the southern part of the province. Last year the weather wasn't good and the attendance sucked. I would say the 3 hour drive from Halifax and the Valley and other parts even farther away makes a bigger difference. The year before that it was cut short because of a tropical storm and the year before that it was cancelled because Shearwater was repaving a runway (though i thought it was at the airport ... never mind)  This year, they're offering a $5 discount off the entrance fee if you take the bus but even that, according to the paper, is still going to cost $15. Wow! It sure has gone up since i last went! They'll have extra busses put on for it and considering how much traffic increases along those roads, it's well worth it. I may even go. I haven't been for a number of years and it would be a good little photo project if the weather cooperates.

Something else i read in the paper to do with a dog that was rescued from a car in a grocery story parking lot. The dog, a daschund, nearly died. He was in the car for about 20 minutes when a passer by got him out. They didn't say if the guy broke into the car but i suppose he must have. The SPCA were called and apparently the owner was "quite surprised that it was such a serious concern and that the dog became so ill so quickly". My god there are some morons out there! In a heat wave like this, even with a window cracked open, the inside of that car would have been unbearable for an animal!  It didn't say whether the owner was fined but he should have been! 

2010 books

Sep. 1st, 2010 11:21 am
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24: Quentins by Maeve Binchy
I haven't read her in awhile and though i didn't think i'd read this before, parts of it are familiar. It could be that i've read it before, it could just be that her books are much the same, but also a lot of her characters and even references to their storylines appear in many of her books so it could just be that. It's about a young woman who gets involved with a married man, completely duped by him and finds out he's a financial scammer. Meanwhile she's helping friends work on a documentary about a local restaurant, Quintens so you get the story of that, plus the people that work and dine there regularly. It's pretty much typical Maeve but I do like her books for the most part.

Hurricane Earl is still expected in some form. Now they're saying it *could* hit land a bit west of the province but they really can't be sure. In any case, we'll have a stormy day probably Saturday. The grocery stores are already insane with people stocking up for a seige. Most of us really don't need much. An ice pack to keep the freezer cool, bread, juice, water, batteries and stuff to make sandwiches which you can keep cool in a picnic cooler with another ice pack if you have to.

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