Apr. 10th, 2017

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Looks like a lot of people are drifting over to Dreamwidth and abandoning ship here. I had a DW account years ago and deleted it so I created a new one. it's tvordlj (L not a number 1) over there. I've added a few of you that I could find. Feel free if you like. I"ll probably cross post for a little while. Nice that you can import all your LJ content, though, which I have done and await it's completion. There's a lot of it to I don't expect it to be done too soon.

It's not like i use this site as frequently as I used to but it's still nice to see if anyone is around and touch base, as well as blog some stuff now and then. I like keeping track of my books, reviewing movies sometimes and generally chatting about life stuff. It's as much for my own sake as anyone reading or not reading. I have my blog for books and reading related stuff and my travel blog both on Wordpress but I like to keep them both on topic.

Anyway, last one here before I make the jump

Weekend was pretty good. Got Mom's car and busted the bank at Costco on Saturday, with a small grocery run as well. G. had a Skype interview with a friend over in Copenhagen, Dave Ingrahm who used to be the singer in a number of well known bands including Bolt Thrower. He wanted to do the interview and put him on his own radio show Autopsy Report. Dave has a net radio show called Metal Breakfast Radio. Saturday night Graham had a guest list invite to a gig at an all ages club that we have here. It wasn't really a hot bed of activity unfortunately. The band he was set up to interview was called Double Experience and we did that outside the venue against the graffitied wall which was bright and colourful. It was too noisy inside. They are from Ottawa and they have developed "nerd metal" because they're very much into sci fi and gaming and things so a lot of their lyrics are long that line.

we stayed for the gig, though the first band that was on was absolute shite. They weren't more than kids, really. The second band was a bit better, they could at least all play the same thing at the same time but they couldn't sing.
Also unfortunately, the sound system wasn't very good. That wouldn't have helped those first two bands much in any case.

Double Experience, though, were really very good. Not really metal, just nice and crunchy and hard. They were only a three piece band with the drummer being a session guy, not their regular one, but they were really good. Lots of enthusiasm even with the 2-3 dozen in the crowd. THey still gave it their all. G. and I stood off to one side because most of the "crowd" were just young, we feeling like granddad and grandma! Never mind. The music was good even with the bad sound system. I'd definitely go see them again. I guess because it was an all ages club they have an early night. We were out of there by 9! I don't think there was another set and the one they did wasn't very long but you have to give them credit. Apparently, they're going to be going to Montreal's Comiccon, too, which is a coup for them.

Sunday night we went out to dinner with a dozen old friends so that was a nice evening, too, if more age-relateable :)

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