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Yesterday was nice, our usual Corrie get together. We had it at a new place for us, out at Key Largo in Sackville. Good venue. large and open so everyone can see and a sound system so they can all hear. Except another largeish group came in a little after us, just as we were starting our program so it got quite noisy while they were all ordering and such. Anyway that wasn't tooooo bad though while we were having a meeting afterwards, they put the music on the sound system and that was a bit loud. The manager was quite nice, though, and turned it down and really seemed keen for us to come back again sometime. It's a little out of the way for some people even though there's a bus. The bus service on sunday is a bit crap though. Lots of free parking and disabled access which is good because there's a lot of older members that attend.

This morning i met with the personal trainer at the gym. She's my age but she thought i was about 10 years younger. :) I told her my goals and she's starting me off fairly easily, with a total of 20 minutes cardio between walking and the bike and then some stretching. Next week she's going to add on the core work, for abs and a bit of upper body work. I need to strengthen my back first and foremost which is where the core exercises come in and build up some stamina and energy so the cardio will take care of that part. I didn't do much today but i think my shoulders are a bit sore just from some of the stretches! Anyway, it'll be good to get back into an activity routine again.

Took the car back to Mom and we went down to the country to visit my aunt. Later we dropped into Wal-Mart so she could return something. I picked up a few little grocery items there that i couldn't get or forgot the other day. I'm in for the night now. I did get out to Sears on Saturday when Mom brought the car over to me, i wanted to check out the Pacific Coast pillows like my sister has but the one i wanted wasn't on sale. Will be next weekend though so i'll go back then. Back to the grind for the next month or so. The next holiday weekend is the July 1 weekend and Mom and i are going to try for Saint John again then. Maybe third time will be lucky!
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First night's sleep on my feather bed mattress topper. Very comfy i must say. Now i think i need to sort out new pillows. I find i have trouble with pillows. Most pillows seem to start out nice but then go flat and hard after awhile. I've mainly used feather pillows which at least i can scrunch up or use two and i have a water filled pillow but that's really not the best thing either. I don't want one that is too high but not too flat either. Any suggestionsfor something that isn't going to cost me a huge amount?

Quite awhile ago someone who was a contractor at work wanted to buy my old monitor, 17 inch, slightly green tinted. He seems to be finally getting around to coming over today to get it. I think. He hasn't called yet. It will be nice to get it out of the way but God/dess knows if he'll show up. I asked him to email on my Yahoo account but he hasn't yet so i should check my work email.

Did a rather nice painting this morning. I've not taken a photo of it yet but i will later. What *am* i going to do with all these paintings that are mounting up in the corner! There are two that i am definitely going to keep and one that is already earmarked as a gift for [ profile] gramie_dee's dad, but no idea about the rest.

Am watching Pride and Prejudice, the Colin Firth series. Am of two minds whether to see the new movie they're making. They used Chatsworth House for some of the location shoots i think which is cool because i've been there. But Kiera Knightly just doesn't do it for me.

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