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Awesome video of Berlin, they used a photography trick called "tilt shift" and fast motion to make everything look miniature and fit it to some classical music by Liszt. You could watch it several times and catch more and more in it. At the end, you hear cheering, and I felt like cheering right along with it! There are some other really good urban travel videos on the Guardian (UK) travel site which is very good.

Little Big Berlin from pilpop on Vimeo.

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Trentham Monkey ForestA few people have asked me about the apes in the Trentham Monkey Forest. I had shot some video clips so i put them together and uploaded them to YouTube (and Facebook and Flickr). In other news I am up too early this morning. I woke at 6:30, and finally gave up and got up at 7:30. It is, however, a lovely day so i may call Mom later and see if she wants to go out somewhere. I should also wash my balcony windows.

So my trainer has been off sick with a bad back, turns out to be two herniated disks! ow ow ow! She's been off work, doing some physiotherapy and resting it but called me last week. She said they've taped her up and are going to allow her to work, as long as she doesn't do too much. She figures she can still train with the people that already know the moves. If she tells me to do a particular thing that i already know how to do, she doesn't have to show me and can stand or sit and keep me going. She can't teach the spin classes she'd been doing, which is probably what aggravated it in the first place after the initial injury. We'll see how it goes. I did start back to the gym again this week so it won't be a total shock to my body next week when we meet.
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I wasn't sure what to blog for this day of the 30 day blog thing. I'm not really a youtube junkie like some people. There's some good stuff out there, of course. Most of the ones i have saved as favourites are either Coronation Street related (no surprised there) or Achmed the Dead Terrorist. That's a ventriloquist act that's quite funny. The one i'm going to blog today is one of the funniest Corrie scenes i've seen. Be WARNED though, there's a honking big hairy spider in the scene, might be a radio control one or not but if you have any squicky feelings about arachnids, avoid. Alec, who owns the pub, has a health inspector in checking the renovated kitchen and the spider is crawling across the countertop. It had been in a jar on display but had escaped a few days earlier. Alec is trying to hide it from the inspector and ends up having to squash it. Ew. Yes. I know.


I had a good workout on Monday at the gym. I seemed to get through the sets a bit easier, doing more reps and/or with heavier weight on some of them. The trainer noticed too. One more session, today, before Christmas and i'm borrowing Mom's car for a few days and will get to the gym with that next week a couple of times. That's the plan anyway. We'll see how it all pans out with other stuff going on and weather conditions. Christmas Eve we only have to work until noon. I don't have a lot of stuff to take to Mom's because i carried over the bigger things the other weekend.

I also made a nice curry the other night though hotter than i expected it to turn out. First time i used the vindaloo curry paste though so i'm sure that's hotter than the biryani that i normally get. It was a pork vindaloo from Jamie Oliver's book and i simmered it a long time to reduce the liquid more. That would have concentrated the spices too. I had the leftovers last night. Yes, on top of the cinnamon candies. No wonder i woke with a sore mouth!
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We have a dancing MacPass. Yes, really! Halifax has two toll bridges, the MacDonald and the MacKay. The pass is a square yellow thingy that is attached to the front centre of the windshield (windscreen) and it's scanned at the toll booths. Your bank account or credit card is then charged for whatever you used that month. We thought the dancing MacPass was er... amusing.
Shortly after that, a coffin drifted by with a flag across the roof and it was followed by the Halifax Goff community. My nephew was a bit "wtf?" but hey, the Goths have Pride too yannow!
The other clip in the vid was a float with everyone playing drums and tom toms.

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Not really of any interest to anyone other than immediate family but this video was originally shot by an old type movie camera, Super 8 maybe, which my grandmother always had when we were around. This is [ profile] sammantha and her oldest son when he was a little over a year old. Quality is not good because the original movie film was not in great shape when it was filmed by a video camera and then i took that tape and transferred it to digital. Still, i've managed to preserve it. I've got it on Youtube but it seems to make the videos a set size which is too large for this and makes it all pixelly. Anyone know whether there's a way to set Youtube to only use the original size of the video? This clip is on Facebook but this embed t hingy is supposed to work.
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We had quite a lot of snow last night and as my windows are drafty, the wind whistling through them woke me up. It usually doesn't but it was louder than usual. We didn't get as much snow today as they called for at least, so the streets are slowly getting plowed out. I cooked up a nice pot of spaghetti sauce mmmMMMMMMmmmmmm *nom nom*

That' Elf Yourself is proving quite popular and By popular demand, the disco version though i still think the barn dance one is the funniest. I got it as a facebook app. but it's a bit hard to use there because the application window hides some of the options so i was going bllind at first. It kept a copy of all the photos i uploaded, even the duplicates that i did because i didn't think it kept earlier versions.
Without further ado....
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[ profile] grammardog posted this and it made me feel good. It's a light pop song by Mika called Big Girls (You are Beautiful) and we don't get songs like this too often. It shall be added to my favourite list along with Fat Bottom Girls by Queen :)

In other news, the sun is out but it doesn't look like it's going to stay around. Still. First glimpse this whole weekend and today's a holiday Monday here. The city is celebrating its birthday and the fireworks have been put off two nights already. Not that I'll probably go. Fireworks here only last about 10 minutes. Hardly seems worth it. What is kind of cool, though, is they set up a fireworks "waterfall" off the bridge over the harbour.

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