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Can you stand another weather post? We've really had Snowmageddon today. Sunday's storm was a lot but overnight and most of today was the mother of storms for this year, probably this decade. The last time we had this much in a day was in 2004 with "White Juan". It was called that because it came a few months after Hurricane Juan caused a lot of damage here. The snowstorm was pretty nasty as well, shutting everything down that could be shut down. Today, too. They decided last night to pull the busses today, reevaluating through the day. They haven't been on the road all day.

It looks like the plow has been on our street but it's probably only just passable. The parking lot outside had a lot of buried cars though I can see a lot of them seem to have been cleaned off and people are clearing around them. Looks like a plow has gone up the centre as well. It hasn't plowed out the driveway to the underground parking in the building, not as of a half hour ago or so. I went downstairs to take some garbage to the garage and have a look. The bank is still blocking the street at the end of the driveway. I went to the lobby, expecting to see us completely snowed in but a maintenance guy was out there making a start on the shoveling, bless him. I noticed a woman coming in from the street, over the snowbank and trying to get to the building. She went down into the snow a couple of times up to her arse. When she got to the cleared spot, she gave the guy a big hug! I wonder if he'll actually shovel a path out of the bus stop. If not, I'm not sure how we can get to the street to get to the bus tomorrow. Could be tricky.

My mother's driveway is completely buried. I think my nephew is going to clear a path to the cars and dig one of them out. My brother in law is apparently bringing the snow blower to come in from the road. Once one car can get out, he can clear more around the other car. There's just no place to put the snow!

We haven't had snow like we've had this winter in a long time. We usually get a few good snowstorms but spaced out. Since February, it's been one or two a week and a couple of them with nasty freezing rain on top of it. This is just the icing on the cake as it were. Tomorrow should be interesting.
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Day 10 - One person you can trust
Graham. But then there are a number of others as well.

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Going to see Bryan Adams sing tonight. Looking forward to that. Good straight up rock music. Loved his 80s Reckless album.

Reports still coming in from the "Lost" City of Moncton in New Brunswick, which really got a pounding in the storm over the weekend as did P.E.I. On top of the over 200 cm of snow they already had, the weekend dumped another 70 cm on them. And winter isn't over yet. But still, snow is a heck of a lot easier to move than the freezing rain over all the snow we got turning the banks into near-concrete consistency.  Also saw a funny photo showing Han Solo and Luke Skywalker on some sort of beastie in the snow, with the caption "We're going to Tim's. Want anything?" Tim's being the venerable Tim Horton chain of coffee shops here in Canada. Always open.

Our bus stop got plowed out overnight. Now if the building people could make a concerted effort to shovel out the walkway. Ok it'll be difficult, it's all frozen but it can be done.
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I am thus reminded why i never bothered to get another car. My legs are wet up to my knees. My hair is a sweaty mess. My glasses are finally de-fogging. My broom is the worse for wear. Yes, folks, i had to dig out the rental car this morning using my booted feet and a broom, not owning a shovel. Grrrrr.... Actually it didn't go that badly, the car wasn't buried but there was quite a bit of snow on it and i had to kick the snow out from around the tires and in front of the car. Took a bit of trying to get it out of the parking spot but it wasn't too bad after a second kick at the snow from around the tires. Drove it around the block to the parking lot behind my building where many spaces were plowed out so i have a clean place to park for now.

Have picked up and tidied a bit, taken many bags of trash and compost and newspapers to the parking garage. Have finally peeled off all the little wrappers from the caramels so i can melt them and make candy. That's the next job. I will have to get some groceries before i make the artichoke dip as i have no parmesan cheese in enough quantity.

Back to work.

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