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2016 has been pretty good for me. I know some people had a sucky one and I hope I have been supportive wherever possible. For me, this year has been one of the better ones, the highlight being Graham finally moving to Canada and gaining residency status. Nobody close to me died this year, though I have a feeling 2017 might not be so kind. I have one aunt who is visibly failing and that will be difficult whenever it happens.

I always make a goal to do/try/see new things. Some years are a stretch and all I can say is that maybe I visited a town I hadn't been to before but this year had a couple of cool firsts, we went whale watching and to a local sci-fi fantasy convention, Hal-con. Whale watching was overwhelming. The boats do not putter close to the whales, they have to stay at a specific distance and they do, cutting their engines so they float there while the people on board can watch but if the whales are curious and decide to come up to the boat to check things out, they have no control over that and we were very lucky in that respect. Hal-con was good fun and I think the next time we will go for the whole weekend and spread out the events. There were other things that were new, mainly new places visited including a cafe here in Halifax where you can sit and play board games!

Work was ok this year, nothing really exciting but nothing really bad either. I think 2017 might be interesting with the chance of using some new training we got last year. My coworker has just left so I do hope that isn't going to cause too much extra stress. I've already told my manager that if they expect me to do it all, they'll be looking for 2 positions to fill instead of one. They do know I can retire any time.

We are planning to go on a trip in November to celebrate G.'s birthday (a milestone) and our belated honeymoon. We'll be visiting Vancouver and Victoria which are not new to me but new to him and then flying to Hawaii from there for 4 or 5 days. That's the real honeymoon part. I've got Aeroplan miles for the east to west coast flights and the husband of my best friend has offered to get us tickets at a discount for Hawaii so that's excellent news if he can manage it. With the money saved there, Maybe we can book a hotel a little above the budget we'd planned. The Tall Ships will be here in the summer which is an event I always love.
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And in my reading life, I usually try to read at least 90 books. This year I upped the goal to 95 and went past that though to be fair, a handful at least were novellas and very short books including a couple of graphic novels which I can burn through in one sitting. Having said that, I've never read graphic novels before so that's another first. I'm going to try out an audio book this year, too as part of a challenge on Goodreads in a group I follow for fans of Canadian Literature. I don't know how successful that will be since my attention tends to drift listening to things like that. I guess audio books aren't a first actually, because I have downloaded a couple of books and radio plays in the past and that's how I know my attention drifts. I will have to make more of an effort. I've also started borrowing ebooks from the library, something I had been planning to do for years even though I'm still buying books, too! At year's end I have three books on the go and I won't finish them by tonight. Still, I think I'll still count them in 2016 books since I've read over half of at least two of them already and a good third of the other one.

And to wrap up my book list...

I read quite a few Christmas themed books as part of a Goodreads challenge and tried to make sure most of them were a bit different than the usual feel-good sentimental stuff.
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Christmas was lovely as always and just that more special this year because G. is finally here to share it with me and my family. I think we showed him a really good family Christmas and he says he felt part of it all. We have been Skyping with his family for a couple of weekends now, though it means getting up early to be online by 8 a.m.! We talked to them later on Friday afternoon but again early on Christmas day. I think the Skype chats will be pretty regular from now on, now that his nephew has a laptop and has figured out how to work it all!

Christmas Day gift opening was fun as always. We always take turns opening a gift so everyone else can see what it is. G. was very surprised at his new suitcase and totally shocked when I gave him the acoustic guitar! He'd been joking that it must be a new bike or train set since I had left it at my mom's and he guessed that he could figure out what it was by the shape. True. So I just kept referring to it as his bike from then on. He had no clue it would be a guitar and was really pleased.

He did a major art project for my family, depicting them all as Game of Thrones characters, merging it all into a poster and calling it Game of Schmoes. I think it's the best thing he's ever done.  See? We had everyone open their posters at the same time and they all loved it!

We had dinner at my sister's, and all pitched in so my brother-in-law and sister wouldn't have to work so hard, he still hobbling after knee surgery and she being a lot more tired from looking after him. A visit to my aunt in the evening rounded off the day. Oh and at my sister's, my brother-in-law's daughter, partner and their newborn twins were there!! We all got to have a hold of the lovely little 2 week old babies, those that wanted to at least.

We came back home on Boxing day, borrowing Mom's car and yesterday went to my cousin's open house gathering. Tonight we're going to visit friends and have a board game night and will take the car back tomorrow. We'll fit in a grocery run and a Costco run either today or tomorrow.

All in all, for me, 2016 has been a stand out year with Graham moving here and us living in the same place on the same patch of land after all these years. He seems quite content and says though he does miss some people, the other other thing he misses is a good chippie! That and a few foods we don't get here easily. I did figure out how to make mince  pies for him!

and so on to the traditional LJ meme. I will post my month by month run down over the weekend and finish up my book list, it's mainly for my own records really.
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